Holiday rentals and lettings in Rio de Janeiro

Holiday rentals and lettings in Rio de Janeiro

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Highlights in Rio de Janeiro

  • Monuments and memorials
  • Parks and nature
  • Stunning beaches
  • Samba, food and relax
  • The most incredible carnival in the world

Prices and availability

Current Holiday letting prices Rio de Janeiro

£113for 22 Jun - 29 Jun
£147 annual average
Average price per week

Current holiday letting availability Rio de Janeiro

50%for 22 Jun - 29 Jun
61% annual average
Percentage of available lettings

Holiday rentals and lettings in Rio de Janeiro

Beachside and inland holiday rentals

Rio is a vibrant and seaside city that offers different accommodation options. If you stay in Ipanema or Leblon, you will be near the beach and the lake, surrounded by some of the best restaurants in Rio and great ocean views. In Copacabana and close to the beach you can opt for many holiday rentals options and a variety of good eateries around. Barra de Tijuca and Western Rio is home to good lettings close to wonderful beaches and a laid-back vibe to enjoy Brasil’s way of life. Botafogo and Urga are further away from the beach, with a great nightlife and where locals enjoy a good meal, a cocktail or a samba beat. Santa Teresa and Lapa are also far from the beach area but these neighbourhoods are the epicentre of Rio’s samba night vibes. Pick your stay and come to Rio!

Holiday rentals in sunny Brazil

Holidu will help you find the ideal accommodation during your holidays. Browse the options and find the ideal stay for your family, a trip with friends or a romantic honeymoon with your soulmate. Enjoy the good weather and the sun rays waking you up in the morning. Take a dip in the swimming pool or enjoy a quiet afternoon reading your favourite book in the garden, swaying in your hammock. Get yourself a caipirinha, turn the radio on and enjoy the vibes of Rio from the comfort of your lounge. Spacious rooms and common areas for up to 12 people in well-equipped properties with everything you need during your stay. Rio is just one click away!

Holidays in Rio de Janeiro

The area and getting around

Discover Rio

Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful and vast seaside city with renowned beaches, a granite peak and a 38m statue that has become a symbol of the city and Brasil as well. The shanty towns of Rio, also known as Favelas, are also a part of Rio most people know about besides, of course, the food, the music, the Carnival and some of the best beaches in Brazil. Enjoy exploring the city and the different sites on your own car or by public transport, although the best way to discover the wonders of the city is on foot.

A wonderful holiday destination

Sparkling blue skies, golden sand and a cold drink, Isn’t that what everyone is aiming for when planning their holiday? In Rio you will find all these ingredients for this perfect combo! A city that offers cultural visits, natural environment, one of the greatest green areas you can see and an explosion of flavours so you get to know the Brazilian way of life. Explore Rio at your own pace driving your car and at your own pace to truly enjoy every minute of the ride and the outskirts of the city. Get ready for an adventure!

Travellers and activities

Rio de Janeiro for carnival lovers

Carnival is a festival not to be missed if you visit Rio de Janeiro! This big festival integrates all of Brazil's cultures and traditions together with great music. The best samba schools are the stars in these competitive parades with flamboyant costumes, samba dancers, loud music, striking colours and festive vibes. Join the celebrations and the street parties called “Blocos”, held by samba groups, and mingle with locals to the sound of music in the most illustrious party in the whole world and also the greatest show on Earth! Don’t let others tell you what it’s like. Come and see it yourself!

Rio de Janeiro for beach lovers

Lay down and work on your tan in Copacabana, one of Rio’s most popular shores, brimming with great eateries, a lavish atmosphere and the lovely Atlantica Avenue made of mosaic tiles. This confluence of land and sea is a showcase of soccer players demonstrating their skills, tourists lining up for a caipirinha and the beach vendors selling their wares along the long stretch of golden sand. Ipanema is another iconic beach with a vibrant atmosphere to sunbathe, watch games of futevolei or frescobol and have some yummy shrimp skewers. Close to the beach, you have a great offer of local culture, art galleries and varied shops. And about 20 miles west of Ipanema, you find Prainha, Brazil’s little beach, a remote and quiet paradise featuring rolling hills and a verdant rainforest as its backdrop. During the week there aren’t many tourists. There are no lifeguards on this beach and the currents are quite strong for swimming. Ideal for sunbathing and having a picnic. Bring your own food as there aren’t many restaurants around that area.

Rio de Janeiro has the bluest skies on the planet and it is scientifically proven!

Top 5 travel tips in Rio de Janeiro

1. Contemplate one of the Seven Wonders of the World

The statue of Christ the Redeemer is a masterpiece included in the list of Wonders of the World you must visit. Rio de Janeiro is a picture-perfect destination with iconic beaches and man-made wonders like this one. Atop Mount Corcovado lies this colossal image of 98 feet (30 m) tall and 92-feet-wide arms that were built without any scaffolding! Finished in 1931, this magnificent statue made out of Swedish stones has been watching over the citizens in Rio and it has been visited by millions of travellers. Definitely a must-see to tick off your list.

2. Transform your kitchen into a Carnival of flavours

Colours and flavours are not only in Brazil’s carnival but also in its food. The Brazilian cuisine is a combination of indigenous, European and African elements with a particular touch of Portuguese influence. Make some farofa as a side for almost any recipe. Bake or buy some broa, a bread with a sweet touch ideal for having with soups. Acarajé will be the ideal fast recipe with prawns you can find in almost every corner. Feijoadas and maniçoba are an ideal combination of beans and meat. A touch of sugar, egg yolks, coconut, butter, and lemon are the main ingredients of quindim, a delicious dessert of Portuguese and African influence. Indulge yourself and turn your days into tasty and colourful bites of incredible delicacies.

3. Explore Tijuca National Park

The expansive urban rainforest of Tijuca National Park is a playground for outdoor lovers. Its natural beauty features different terrains, great waterfalls, varied wildlife and more than 1,600 plant species. This park is divided into three main areas - Forest, Gávea and Carioca Range - and offers a myriad of activities. Carioca Hill is home to the Christ the Redeemer statue whereas the forest is the ideal place for hiking or having a picnic. Are you a bit of a daredevil? Then Pedra Bonita and Gávea are your destinations! Practice some hand gliding or test your ability in rock climbing. Enjoy nature and views like never before!

4. Get to the top of Sugar Loaf

Sugar Loaf rises 396 m above the water and it is a landmark peak in Guanabara Bay. It was named after the resemblance of the peak to the shape of refined loaf sugar. Get on the cable car to the summit and admire the dazzling views from above. They will take your breath away, especially the sunset. For adventurous souls, the way to the top can also be done on your own as long as you are an experienced rock climber, with your own gear and with the help of an experienced guide that will lead you through the trails until you reach the summit.

5. Get immersed into musical heritage

Visit Pedra do Sal. This part of Rio is known as “Little Africa''. Here you can get into the roots of musical heritage. This is the birthplace of Samba, a musical style created by the slave community that lived here once. Enjoy the rhythm of the music as you walk along (or maybe sway) to the notes coming out of every corner, Monday and Friday night the street parties draw rivers of music lovers from all over. Get yourself a caipirinha for really cheap prices and let your feet feel the rhythm as you enjoy the vibes.

Information about holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro

🏡 Holiday lettings available: 1402 properties.
💳 Discount available: up to -46%.
🌙 Minimum price per night: from £27.
⭐ Most popular amenities: Wi-Fi, air conditioning and balcony.
🐾 Pet-friendly: 382 properties.
📶 For workation: 95% of the properties.
🏊 With pool: 337 properties.

FAQs: Holiday Rentals & Lettings in Rio de Janeiro

Which services can you typically find at the holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro?

Out of all of the services available on Holidu, it appears that the holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro have everything that travellers wish for! Here, holiday lettings generally are equipped with a variety of facilities, the most popular being: air conditioning (93%), Wi-Fi (92%), and balcony (40%)... What more could you want?!

How do travellers usually rate holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro?

The holiday lettings here receive a lot of positive reviews from holiday-makers. 35% of the holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro have an average rating of 4.5 stars!

Are the holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro suitable for holiday-makers and their pets?

Definitely! In Rio de Janeiro, 35% of the holiday lettings accept them, and 20% also have a garden!

Do the holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro tend to come with Wi-Fi?

Of course! According to Holidu's database, 92% of holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro include an internet connection. So no need to panic, you will be able to access your emails and favourite social media sites at any time!

What are the prices like for holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro?

The majority of holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro (68%) cost less than £100 a night. Therefore, this destination is perfect for reserving a budget-friendly holiday letting!

Do the holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro often have a swimming pool?

For sure! Judging by last year's information, a large portion of holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro have access to a swimming pool. It's the ideal destination for you to spend the summer months!

Are the holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro suitable for holidays with the whole family or rather for an escape as a small group?

According to the information collected last year, 72% of holiday lettings accept up to four guests. Approximately 42% of the holiday lettings here have at least two separate bedrooms. This is the perfect destination for going in a small group on holiday!

Are the holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro the best option for a luxurious trip?

By looking at Holidu, we say that the holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro are often the ideal option for those who want to enjoy a luxurious weekend. Here, 26% of the accommodations have a swimming pool, 20% have a garden and even 17% have a sauna.

Are you able to enjoy a beautiful view and spend time outside at the holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro?

40% of holiday lettings have a balcony or terrace, and 36% have a view. However, this does not represent the majority of properties here, so availability can be limited. If this is important to you, you should start your holiday planning early. Also, don't forget to use the filters that suit you the best to be sure to find the holiday letting that is perfect for you.

Are you interested in finding out which are the best times of the year to make a trip to Rio de Janeiro?

The facilities found in the holiday lettings in Rio de Janeiro show that it is a holiday destination that can adapt to all types of tourists and times of the year. This is because there are varied options, from a swimming pool to air conditioning. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy Rio de Janeiro when you feel like it.

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