B&Bs in Padstow

B&Bs in Padstow

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Popular B&Bs in Padstow
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per night

B&b for 2 people
2 pers., 1 bedroom, 12m², 350m to the beach
(129 reviews)

per night

B&b for 2 people, with view and garden
2 pers., 1 bedroom, 15m², 250m to the beach
FREE cancellation
(125 reviews)

per night

Bed and breakfast for 2 people, with view
2 pers., 1 bedroom, 250m to the beach
FREE cancellation
(395 reviews)

per night

B&b for 2 people, with view
2 pers., 1 bedroom, 250m to the beach
(140 reviews)

per night

B&b for 2 people, with garden and view
2 pers., 1 bedroom, 21m², 950m to the beach
(176 reviews)

per night

B&b for 2 people, with view and garden
2 pers., 1 bedroom, 250m to the beach
FREE cancellation
(234 reviews)

per night

B&b for 2 people, with garden and view
2 pers., 1 bedroom, 9m², 450m to the beach
FREE cancellation
(264 reviews)
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Highlights in Padstow

  • Coastal city
  • Wonderful beaches
  • Fun water activities
  • Cultural sites

Most popular amenities for B&Bs in Padstow

Internet 116
Pets allowed 39
Balcony/Terrace 69
TV 117
Garden 99
Parking 87

Other property types in Padstow that might be interesting:

B&Bs in Padstow

Comfortable and relaxing B&Bs very close to the beach

There is no doubt that England has some truly beautiful places for your holiday, but if you don't know which destination to visit, Holidu here shows you an option like no other. In the coastal parish of Padstow, Cornwall, you'll find the perfect place to relax and enjoy the bustling and fun-loving atmosphere of the local community. Here you can enjoy beautiful seascapes, a busy harbour, historical and cultural attractions and fun outdoor activities. And now, as accommodation is very important when travelling, there are many B&B options for you to consider. These beautiful and cosy B&Bs offer you a place of rest and relaxation, in buildings with traditional, English-style facades. In addition to this, many of them are just a few metres from the beach, so getting around will be much easier.

Modern B&Bs with everything you need for your holiday

The B&Bs available in Padstow are quite modern, with spacious rooms and all the essentials for your comfort. From nice, fully equipped bathrooms, appliances of all kinds, television, internet connection and heating, to parking and a small courtyard to hang out in. Most of them are located not only close to the beach, but also close to tourist attractions, shops, supermarkets and restaurants, so you won't have to go far to get what you are looking for. Don't miss out on what Padstow has in store for you! Book your B&B now.

Travellers and activities

Padstow for beach lovers

Because it's a coastal area, you'll have plenty of options to enjoy the sea, and here are a couple of good locations. First up is the beautiful Harlyn Bay, which is considered one of the best family beaches in the city, with golden sands and a wide expanse for everyone to enjoy themselves in comfort. It is popular with those looking to surf the waters, as well as those who enjoy activities such as kayaking. There is certainly something for everyone on this beach. Another beach worth visiting is Constantine Bay Beach, which is especially popular with surfers due to its high tide. But if you're looking for something more relaxed you can also go and lie on its white sands, explore among its natural rock pools, swim in its refreshing waters, or go paddle boarding.

Padstow for culture lovers

In addition to the beautiful beaches and natural scenery, Padstow is also a place full of culture, so there are many interesting places to visit. One of them is Prideaux Place, a beautiful manor house completed in 1592 and which has belonged to the Prideaux family ever since. With its Elizabethan architecture, this house has around 81 rooms! All of which are virtually intact and decorated as they were in those days, and that you can see on the tours available on the premises. The next place to go is the Padstow Museum, which is just a short walk from the town's harbour. It was established in 1971 to record life in Padstow, especially its history as a fishing village. Here you will find all sorts of artefacts, handicrafts and knick-knacks relating to the boats used by the fishermen, as well as their tools and general commemorations of their life here.

The climate in Padstow is normally warm and temperate. However, there is a significant amount of rainfall throughout the year.

Top 7 travel tips in Padstow

1. Have a drink at Padstow Brewing Company

It is an award-winning independent micro-brewery established in 2013 by owners Caron and Des Archer. Here you can not only taste their amazing beer, but also have a guided tour of their facilities, ingredients, and the tools they use to create their beverages, which also include cider.

2. Have an exciting day at Retallack Aqua Park

If you're looking for a wonderful day out, Retallack Aqua Park is the place to be. It's a floating water park with a variety of attractions, including large trampolines, a climbing wall, beam bridges and an obstacle course. Have fun with your family or friends and try to overcome all the challenges that this park has for you.

3. Explore the fantastic MacDonald's Farm

This tourist park, and family run business, is a perfect idea for a relaxing but adventurous day out. Located in a fairly quiet area of Padstow, you'll be able to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city and have fun with all the activities on offer. See the interactive farm, go horse riding and try the delicious food available in the restaurant.

4. Discover the beautiful Tregirls Beach

This popular beach is accessible on foot, but despite its popularity it is not usually very crowded. With a low tide and a large expanse of golden sands, this beach is especially ideal for a long walk or to bring your pets along for a stroll. Many people consider it a hidden gem, the perfect place to be alone and relax.

5. Pay a visit to St. Petroc's Church

It is one of the oldest Anglican parishes in the county. It was built between 1469 and 1472 and today most of its original structure remains. One of the highlights of the church is first an 11th century Norman baptismal font and a series of carved sculptures of the merciful.

6. Meet the Trevose Head lighthouse.

This iconic lighthouse was inaugurated in 1847 and is located between large cliffs in the northern coastal area. With a height of approximately 150 feet, its structure is generally hidden by the thick fog, but at the same time it adds a touch of mystery to this fantastic lighthouse.

7. Don't miss Padstow Harbour

You can't go to Padstow and miss its iconic harbour. Take a stroll around this beautiful tourist area, where you can see all the different boats and yachts that are moored there. There are plenty of places to sit and admire the seascape, as well as a variety of restaurants and all kinds of shops, so you're sure to have a good time.

FAQs: B&Bs in Padstow

Which types of amenities are offered by the B&Bs in Padstow?

Among the amenities you can find on Holidu, it appears that the B&Bs in Padstow contain everything that holiday-makers search for! Here, the B&Bs generally have a variety of amenities, the most popular being: Wi-Fi (100%), garden (40%), and balcony (40%)...Pretty cool!

How are the B&Bs usually rated in Padstow?

The B&Bs in this destination have many good reviews from holiday-makers. 80% of B&Bs have a rating of 4.5 stars, which implies that here, it is possible to find the perfect B&B for your next holiday!

Are the B&Bs in Padstow suitable for holidays with children?

Judging by the Holidu database, 10% of B&Bs in Padstow are suitable for holidays with children, so you won't have a problem finding the ideal B&B for you and your children.

Are the B&Bs in Padstow suitable for travellers and their pets?

For sure! In Padstow, 10% of the B&Bs accept pets, 40% even have a garden!

Do the B&Bs in Padstow mostly offer an internet connection?

Of course! According to Holidu's database, 100% of B&Bs in Padstow have an internet connection. It is therefore no problem for you to will be able to stay connected throughout your stay!

How much does it cost on average for B&Bs in Padstow?

According to last year's data, there are few B&Bs in Padstow costing less than £100 a night.

Are the B&Bs in Padstow suitable for stays with friends or better for a holiday as a small group?

According to Holidu's database, 100% of B&Bs are made for couples. So this is the perfect destination for travelling as a couple. Ready for a weekend away together in Padstow? You are only a few clicks away from reserving!

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