Cottages in Rock

Cottages in Rock

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Popular Cottages in Rock

Cottage for 6 people, with garden, child-friendly in Rock
per night
Cottage for 6 people, with garden, child-friendly
6 pers.2 bedrooms350m to the beach
(13 reviews)
Cottage for 6 people, with pets in Rock
per night
Cottage for 6 people, with pets
6 pers.3 bedrooms30m to the beach
Cottage for 8 people in Rock
per night
Cottage for 8 people
8 pers.4 bedrooms70m to the beach
Cottage for 6 people, with garden in Rock
per night
Cottage for 6 people, with garden
6 pers.3 bedrooms650m to the beach
Cottage for 6 people in Rock
per night
Cottage for 6 people
6 pers.3 bedrooms70m to the beach
Cottage for 8 people in Rock
per night
Cottage for 8 people
8 pers.3 bedrooms150m to the beach
Cottage for 6 people in Rock
per night
Cottage for 6 people
6 pers.3 bedrooms70m to the beach
Cottage for 8 people, with garden in Rock
per night
Cottage for 8 people, with garden
8 pers.4 bedrooms60m to the beach
Cottage for 10 people, with garden in Rock
per night
Cottage for 10 people, with garden
10 pers.4 bedrooms0m to the beach
Cottage for 8 people, with hot tub and garden in Rock
per night
Cottage for 8 people, with hot tub and garden
8 pers.4 bedrooms600m to the beach
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Highlights in Rock

  • Adorable cottages
  • Water sports
  • Fun for everyone
  • Doom Bar Beer
  • Camel River
  • A beautiful town

Most popular amenities for Cottages in Rock

Internet 12
Pets allowed 3
TV 12
Garden 5
Parking 8
Washing machine 12

Other property types in Rock that might be interesting:

Cottages in Rock

Adorable cottages near the sea

Whether you want to spend time relaxing in beautiful and comfortable cottages or feeling adventurous, Holidu has exactly what you are looking for. From Pityme to Stoptide and from Brea Hill to Porthilly you will find the best cottages to spend a real quality time. You will be amazed by all the breathtaking scenery the Rock Coast has to offer. The beaches, the river and the sunsets surround the entire area giving an impressive and special shine. This makes Rock an incredible destination for many types of activities practically all year round.

Wonderful cottages for all needs

The town of Rock has so much to offer visitors that you will find wonderful cabins for whatever you need. Whether you travel alone, as a couple or as a family, you will find accommodation. Rock offers from comfortable one-bedroom cottages ideal for people who enjoy travelling alone, two-space rentals perfect for couples, to impressive 4-bedroom properties, near the sea, with a garden, a place to relax and even accessible to pets, perfect for families. Interior styles range from modern cottages to vintage-style cottages, with internet, television and parking. Are you ready to book at Rock?

Travellers and activities

Rock for families

Especially in the warmer months Rock is a beautiful place to visit with the family: In the town you have the possibility of going to the wonderful beach that is pets-friendly, taking a ferry ride or getting to know the surrounding towns. In addition, an activity that is perfect for the whole family is visiting the National Lobster Hatchery which is a charitable organization dedicated to the proliferation of the European lobster. There, you and your family will be able to learn a lot about the breeding of marine species, their conservation and even the market to which they are directed. In an extraordinary guided tour you will become a great connoisseur of the world of lobster farming, you will know, for example, about the association that this hatchery has with some fishermen from whom they receive female specimens with eggs, make them spawn in the institution, conserve the larvae until they are young locusts, and then they make sure to release them in places where they have the most potential to grow. It is a visit full of knowledge that your children will enjoy very much.

Rock for lovers of water sports

The beautiful town of Rock exploits all its potential because of being in front of the sea and having among its assets a river like the Camel, if you are in Rock, especially in the summer months you will have the possibility of enjoying the most water sports. Fun and exciting water sports. You can bet on light boat races, rent all the equipment for water skiing, rent a sailboard and jump into the water in a windsurfing race and even cover considerable distances in a sailboat. In addition, the Rock Sailing Club, organizes recreational sailing events in various categories, open regattas and competitions of all the water sports that we have already mentioned and as if that were not enough, the Club has a beautiful restaurant overlooking the sea where you can enjoy local food, have a beer and meet many people who profess love of the sea and sports. Undoubtedly, a wonderful place for lovers of water sports. What are you waiting to come to Rock?

Despite being known primarily as an expensive tourist town, Rock has a huge row of dunes on the banks of the Camel River that are designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest for their flora and geology.

Top 7 travel tips in Rock

1. Go play with your dog at Rock Beach

Rock Beach is the number one place of tourist movement in the whole town, thanks to the fact that practically everything happens there, you can enjoy a pleasant walk along the shore of the beach in one of the most beautiful beaches in England, do water sports, drink the sun and one of the most requested activities by modern tourists, you can walk with your dog on the beach since this is pets friendly. So do not waste your time and even more so if you are with your family and come and enjoy this spectacular place with your children and your pets.

2. Drink a Doom Bar beer where it's brewed

Most of the people do not know it but Rock, is the place of manufacture of the famous Boom Bar beer that consequently owes its name to the Dune located in the town. In the factory you will be able to do an incredible guided tour where you will learn about its history, the facilities from the yeast tanks to the trucks, the processing area and many of the staff; Likewise, you will learn about the making of beers that the factory offers, and you will even have the opportunity to taste various types of beers. The Doom Bar is the best-selling beer in the United Kingdom and at Rock, you will be able to know in detail the process of its realization, do not wait any longer and go check it out.

3. Travel by ferry on the Camel River

The ride is already a traction in itself. Enjoy a relaxing ferry ride where only pedestrians and cyclists can attend, appreciate the wonderful view of the immense Camel River, talk with family, friends or acquaintances while the ferry moves forward is really a great experience especially for lovers of these ships. Go to the ticket office, ask for a map of the city and enjoy this unique tour

4. Get to know Padstow Harbor

On the west bank of the Camel River is a small and picturesque town that is worth visiting. Padstow Harbor is a classic tourist place where it is common for many tourists to go to enjoy the views, the accommodations, the sea and the activities that the town offers. Much of the town's charm can be seen in the clean and orderly streets, in the classy decoration and in the huge number of restaurants where you can enjoy local food. It is a beautiful place that is definitely worth visiting.

5. Enjoy a delicious family dinner at The Dinner Room

This is a small but cosy restaurant that has among its charms that it is located in front of the bay, where there is often a lot of movement of boats and athletes. It enjoys the credibility of the critics for its attention and its excellent food, so whatever you order you are guaranteed a beautiful experience. We suggest eating the fish of the season to enjoy the town with the fullness of the locals.

6. Get to know a medieval church built on a boardwalk

To the south of the Rock is the small but charming settlement of Porthilly which is a town worth visiting because it has the solemnity of those places that combine perfectly medieval style with advances of modernity. It is also essential to visit the church of San Miguel which is a 13th century church that is built on a boardwalk and marvel at its beautiful architecture and the way it is preserved to date. In the cemetery to the south of the church there is a medieval four-hole cross worthy of admiration for its historical value and beauty.

7. See the outstanding dunes for yourself

The famous Rock Dunes are an attraction worth seeing for yourself. The truth is that the landscape of the dunes surrounding practically the entire east coast and other towns in the region is worth appreciating and photographing. The place, which was declared of high scientific interest, has a rich flora, a diverse fauna and approximately 3050 hectares of dunes.

FAQs: Cottages in Rock

Which types of facilities are offered by the cottages in Rock?

In regard to the facilities offered by Holidu, it appears that the cottages in Rock contain everything that holiday-makers dream of! Here, the cottages generally have a variety of amenities, the most popular being: Wi-Fi (88%), garden (46%), and fireplace (21%)...Pretty cool!

How are the cottages usually rated in Rock?

On average, the cottages have rather positive comments. Judging by the Holidu data, 42% of cottages have a rating of 4.5 stars. A percentage relatively high which allows us to confirm that you will easily find the ideal cottage for a wonderful holiday!

Are the cottages in Rock child-friendly?

Judging by the Holidu data, 33% of cottages in Rock are suitable for holidays with children, it will therefore be easy to find the ideal cottage for you and your children.

Are the cottages in Rock pet-friendly?

Yes! In Rock, 21% of the cottages welcome them with open arms, 46% also have a garden!

Do the cottages in Rock mostly offer an internet connection?

Of course! According to Holidu's database, 88% of cottages in Rock include an internet connection. This means that you will be able to stay connected at any time!

How much does it usually cost for cottages in Rock?

A high percentage of cottages in Rock (50%) in general cost less than £100 per night. This is the perfect destination for finding an affordable cottage!

Do the cottages in Rock often have a fireplace?

Good news! According to Holidu's data, many cottages in Rock have a fireplace. Therefore, it is the perfect destination for a winter trip!

Are the cottages in Rock suitable for holidays in large groups or rather for an escape as a small group?

According to Holidu's database, 75% of cottages accept up to four people. Approximately 83% of the cottages here have at least two separate bedrooms. This is the ideal destination for families of four!

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