Have fun in the sun with an Albufeira holiday with a dog

Have fun in the sun with an Albufeira holiday with a dog

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Bring your fur-baby with you for holidays in Albufeira with a dog

Albufeira is an excellent destination for anyone who loves beaches. This town, in Portugal's gorgeous Algarve region, offers sunshine, fabulous weather and some of the most picturesque coastlines in Europe. There's plenty here to entertain both humans and dogs - so don't leave your pooch at home! Try a dog-friendly holiday in Albufeira and you'll see a whole new side of this Portuguese gem.

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How to plan your dog-friendly holiday in Albufeira

Why should you take your dog to Albufeira?

If you love your dog, then leaving him at home while you go gallivanting around Europe's finest beaches can hurt. Luckily, it's easy to find dog-friendly holiday lettings in Albufeira. This is a beautiful area, known for its immense natural beauty. If you've got an active dog who loves to run around, there are great options for walks - both along the coast, where you can enjoy gorgeous views from the clifftops, and inland. Got a lazy pooch who prefers to just chill out? Most cafés and restaurants will welcome your four-legged friend to their terraces, so you can sit together and watch the world go by.

Where are the best places to go for a walk around Albufeira?

There are currently no dedicated dog parks inside the town, but there are some great dog parks near Albufeira. What's more, the city council has announced plans to open a huge dog park soon - so watch this space! Until then, you visit the Parque Canino in Faro or in Olhão. The latter is far bigger, with four square kilometres for dogs to run around. Both parks have canine agility equipment and fresh water dispensers. It's best to do some research before taking your dog for a walk in Albufeira's natural surroundings. Many of the most popular routes require decent physical fitness and have little shade, so they can be toughgoing. One of the best for dogs is the Planalto do Escarpão. The full loop is almost 8 km long and takes about two hours to finish, but you can do a shorter section if you prefer. Crossing the Ponte de Paderne, a medieval bridge, is a particular highlight. There are also some nice walks along the cliffs near the city.

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FAQs: Pet-friendly holidays in Albufeira

What's the best time of year to take my dog to Albufeira?

It's best to skip the summer for your holiday with your dog in Albufeira. There are two reasons not to travel in July and August. First, it's just too hot for your pet. While human travellers might be very happy with daily averages of 24°C, most dogs wilt in the heat. Secondly, the summer months are the busiest period in Albufeira, as holidaymakers from across Europe descend on the Algarve. With hundreds of adults and kids everywhere you look, your dog can easily become stressed and uncomfortable. That's why we recommend travelling in the spring or autumn. There's a daily average of 19°C in October and 18°C in May, and your dog won't have to deal with so many crowds.

Where are the best dog beaches around Albufeira?

There is only one dog beach in Albufeira, Praia de São Rafael. It welcomes dogs all year round, and is also a great spot for snorkelling, as the waters here are teeming with fish. However, it's worth keeping in mind that some sections of Praia de São Rafael are clothing-optional. Unexpected naturism can come as a bit of a shock, so prepare yourself in advance! If you'd rather keep your clothes on, don't worry; nudism is popular here, but it's not mandatory. Travelling to Albufeira in the off-season means you'll have more options for dog beaches. All beaches in Portugal welcome dogs during the quiet season, which is roughly from mid-May to late September.

Can I take my dog on public transport and into restaurants in Albufeira?

Yes. Portugal is a very dog-friendly country, with around one-third of households having a pet pooch. The law is equally dog-friendly! Dogs are allowed on buses and trains, although they must be clean, free from any diseases, and under control. Your dog will need to either be kept on a lead or in a suitable dog carrier. When it comes to restaurants, most are quite accommodating. Cafés and restaurants in Albufeira usually have an outdoor terrace where dogs are completely welcome, although dogs in the dining room are a rare sight. Some restaurants will even provide you with a bowl for your dog to enjoy a cold drink while he relaxes under your table.

What should I be aware of before taking my dog to Albufeira?

Portugal does not have canine rabies anymore, but some wild animals, especially bats, may still have the disease. Because of this, dogs will need to be fully vaccinated for their own protection before they can travel. Your pet must be at least four months old and have his own pet passport and microchip. Some breeds of dogs, such as rottweilers and pit bulls, are considered dangerous under Portuguese law, and may not be allowed into the country. Others must wear a muzzle while in public.

Are there any laws about dogs in public in Albufeira?

Yes. Pay careful attention to your dog when you're out and about, and make sure you're carrying poo bags! If you don't clean up after your pet, you face a fine of at least €25 and up to a hefty €7,000. You'll also need to keep your dog on a lead most of the time unless you're in a designated area like a dog park. This is especially important in the Algarve region around Albufeira, as the area is known for its rich bird life, and free-roaming dogs can present a serious problem. Be particularly careful if you're travelling in autumn. Between September and November, the area hosts a remarkable mass bird migration.

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