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Discover your own Portugal with a large selection of villas, holiday lettings and holiday rentals. Use Holidu’s simple search function to uncover dream villas or holiday lettings today and explore Portugal’s vast coastline, discover a beautiful city and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture!

Things to know about Portugal

Villas in Portugal: Discover the Country of Contrast

With villas and holiday lettings in Portugal, there are countless possibilities to stay in the south west of the Iberian peninsula. The country offers buzzing cities, impressive mountains and a coast which stretches for miles beside the Atlantic. Whether a sunny beach holiday, a hike in the mountains or a trip with the whole family – there is lots to discover for everyone. The cool north of the country is also known as Portugal’s garden – you can expect beautiful hiking and

cycle paths which draw you to an easy going hiking or cycle holiday. The hillsides of the region are renowned for winegrowing and Portugal’s inland mountains are ideal for climbers or hikers aiming to conquer new challenges. If you book one of the many villas, holiday lettings or apartments in Portugal now, you will receive a comfortable accommodation to suit your tastes – you will have the unique opportunity to discover this fascinating country up close.

Alfama District in Lisbon
Alfama District in Lisbon

Villas and Holiday Lettings by the beach or in a city

Sandy beaches which stretch out for miles along the Atlantic coast await your arrival - a large variety of comfortable villas, holiday rentals and holiday lettings in Portugal can be found in the Algarve, which is especially popular among Britons and can be booked with Holidu. You can find yourself in this famous region, right by the nicest beaches in the country. Delicious delicacies from the sea greet you in tranquil restaurants when hunger strikes: Freshly caught fish, shrimps and muscles are merely examples of courses on offer. Not only does Portugal offer tranquil beach destinations -

towns & cities certainly have a lot on offer as well. If you opt for one of the many villas and holiday lettings in Portugal, then you have the possibility to discover a city during your trip which you can call home. The famous city great for shopping in Portugal, Porto for example, awaits you with historic buildings which date back to the days of British colonisation and voyagers. Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon is also certainly worth a visit – Portugal’s famous voyaging age is omnipresent here and it is renowned for its beautiful architecture. Make sure you have a camera however, you will certainly need it!

5 travel tips which shouldn’t be left out when booking your Portuguese Villa or Holiday Letting.

Colourful alley in Porto
Colourful alley in Porto

1. The cities of Porto and Lisbon should, if possible, be placed on your list of places to view. Choose an apartment or a villa with immediate proximity to reduce the travel time.

2. The small blossomy Island of Madeira is ideal for golfing or for hiking trips. With a comfortable villa in Portugal, it isn’t much of a challenge to get to the Island as ferries travel from various coastal towns and cities.

3. Book a villa in Portugal in the Algarve as this region has stunning beaches. Additionally, the region offers you a large portfolio of water sports - examples include surfing, water skiing and banana boating.

4. The south of Portugal is a paradise for divers. If you don’t fancy making the journey by yourself, you should get into contact with a diving group and share your experience within a group. There are a number of diving schools for beginners who also offer courses for those on holiday.

5. During your stay in a villa or holiday letting in Portugal, you shouldn’t ignore the fascinating urban art which is displayed throughout Portugal. Whether on walls of buildings or as eye catching street murals – they are a permanent fixture of Portuguese culture.

Villas and Holiday Lettings by the beach

Portugal offers the opportunity with its unique landscape and geographical position to allow you to escape from the everyday and rediscover yourself. With Holidu, you can conveniently search for countless villas, holiday lettings and holiday rentals available to suit your personal tastes and preferences. Decide on how many rooms your accommodation should have,

the location of your villa or apartment: whether you prefer a tranquil beach resort, a secluded getaway in the mountains or an apartment at the heart of the hustle and bustle of Portugal’s cosmopolitan cities. Additionally, you have the opportunity to opt for a dream villa or holiday letting with a pool, internet access, a TV and a garden with Holidu’s search tool – rediscover yourself and book today!

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