Bring your pooch with you! It's time for a Benidorm holiday with a dog

Bring your pooch with you! It's time for a Benidorm holiday with a dog

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Benidorm with a dog: see a new side of this legendary Spanish resort

Benidorm is an almost mythical holiday destination, with thousands flocking to its famous beaches every year. When you travel there with your dog, you'll see it in a whole new light. There's more to Benidorm than nightclubs and bingo; there are also wonderful trails to walk on and miles of coastal scenery to explore. Bringing your four-legged friend doesn't just mean enjoying a fabulous holiday. It also gives you a chance to see Benidorm in a new exciting way.

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Why should you take your dog to Benidorm?

The gorgeous beaches of the Costa Blanca are a major attraction - and they're good fun for both humans and dogs. There are four official dog beaches in Benidorm, so you'll always have somewhere to take your pup for a walk. When you choose holiday lettings in Benidorm, you're opening the door to some of Spain's most beautiful landscapes. You've got great coastal areas to explore, as well as inland zones; there's a wonderful national park in walking distance from the town. Plus, Benidorm is part of the Valencian region - in other words, the birthplace of paella - so you're bound to eat well on your holiday here.

Where are the best places to go for a walk around Benidorm?

The Serra Gelada National Park is one of the best places for epic scenery. You can get there on foot from the centre of Benidorm. It takes about four hours to cross the entire Serra Gelada range, so only fit, active dogs should try that. However, there are a number of other trails in the park that you can enjoy, some of which will take you along epic 300-m cliffs. Be warned that this park is also popular with cyclists, so you'll want to make sure your dog is comfortable around them. Some of the most famous dog walks in Benidorm are in the park. The walk to La Cruz, a cross perched high above sea level, is only about 2.6 km long, but it's all uphill. A walk to the picturesque white-washed walls of the Albir lighthouse is around 4.5 km for a round trip, and is pretty gentle.

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FAQs: Pet-friendly holidays in Benidorm

What's the best time of year to take my dog to Benidorm?

Temperatures in Benidorm are very hot in summer. Daily averages in July and August are around 25°C, and most days see highs of 30°C or more. It's also the busiest time of year, when the town fills up with holidaymakers from across Europe. If you want a stress-free holiday with your dog, it's best to go at another time of year. The temperatures are still pleasant in spring and autumn, with averages of about 20°C from April to May and September to October. Check the dates before you travel and be aware of any local festivals. The annual Fallas celebration, which takes place in March, sees an enormous amount of fireworks and pyrotechnic displays. It can be extremely upsetting for dogs, so it's not a good time to bring your pet to Benidorm.

Where are the best dog beaches around Benidorm?

Most beaches in Spain welcome dogs in the months from October to May. However, there are some that prohibit dogs all year round, so keep an eye out for local signage or you may risk a fine. For an easy life, stick to the four official dog beaches in Benidorm. L'Olla, Punta del Riu and Barranc d'Aigúes all welcome dogs at any time of year. The fourth dog beach, Xarco, may be the best for a nice day out. There are rock pools that water-mad dogs will love to splash about in, and there's a nearby lighthouse which makes an ideal end point for a walk. Remember, if your dog is of a breed that Spanish law considers dangerous, he must wear a muzzle in public; that includes when you're on a dog beach.

Are there any dog parks in Benidorm?

There are four different dog parks in Benidorm for you and your canine companion to discover. All of them are quite small, but two - Pipican Park and the park on Carrer Brasil - have some agility equipment for dogs to use. The local climate means that you won't find much green grass in these parks; instead, they usually have a sandy surface for your dog to dig around in.

Can I take my dog with me to a restaurant or café in Benidorm?

Yes. Most Spanish restaurants will allow dogs on the outdoor terrace, but not in the dining room. You should always ask before sitting down, as some restaurants are not dog-friendly, but may not have this signposted. There are a few eateries that allow dogs inside, with La Murada bar being one of the most famous. This is not common, but the good weather all year round means that you and your pet will both usually be comfortable out on the terrace.

What laws should I know about before I bring my dog to Benidorm?

Before travelling, check that your dog is not classified as a potentially dangerous breed; dogs that fall into this category must be muzzled at all times when out and about. You'll need to bring a lead, and keep in mind that dogs are only allowed off-lead in specific, designated areas like dog beaches and dog parks. Whenever you're walking your dog in Benidorm, be sure to bring bags to clean up after him. If you fail to do so, you'll face a fine. You're likely to see Spanish people squirting bottles of water over wet patches that their dogs have left on the pavement. This is not strictly a legal requirement, but it's considered good manners, so you might want to follow suit.

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