Have a canine adventure in the Canaries - Puerto del Carmen holidays with a dog

Have a canine adventure in the Canaries - Puerto del Carmen holidays with a dog

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Puerto del Carmen with a dog: bring your pup to a paradise island!

If you're looking for year-round sunshine just a short flight from the UK, it's hard to beat the Canary Islands. Puerto del Carmen is one of the best destinations, a charming town on the eternally sunny island of Lanzarote. Next time you consider an island getaway, why not bring your dog with you? On this dog-friendly island, you and your pup are sure to have a holiday to remember!

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What to know before you go for a dog-friendly holiday in Puerto del Carmen

Why should you take your dog to Puerto del Carmen?

Nestled in the south of Lanzarote, Puerto del Carmen is a popular tourist destination thanks to its great weather. It's an excellent choice if you're looking for some adventure. Lanzarote is a small island, and it'll take you just over an hour to drive from the far south to the north. This means that the entire island is easily accessible from your pet-friendly holiday lettings in Puerto del Carmen, giving you endless opportunities for walkies. Where will you take Fido: to one of Lanzarote's pet-friendly beaches, or for an unforgettable walk through a dramatic, otherworldly volcanic landscape? Spain is known as a country where people usually welcome dogs, so when you finish the walk you can relax on a terrace with some tapas while your pup snoozes at your feet.

Where are the best places to go for a walk around Puerto del Carmen?

For hikers and dog walkers, Lanzarote has some stunning, dramatic scenery left by past volcanic eruptions. Try talking a walk up to the top of the Caldera Blanca, a breathtaking crater. You can go all the way around the rim of the crater, which will take about three hours; if you'd rather have a shorter walk, just go up to the top, enjoy the views, then head back down. Another great volcanic walk is at the Caldera de los Cuervos, a volcano which was actually destroyed by the force of its eruption in the 18th century. The side of the volcano was completely blasted away, so you can explore its interior; this trail is just over 4 km, and will take about an hour to complete. If you'd rather stay closer to home, there are also some fun dog walks in Puerto del Carmen. The most famous is the route from Puerto del Carmen to Playa Quemada, which is gentle and has sea views all the way, but at 15 km it may be too much for many dogs. You can cut it down to a more manageable 4 km by finishing in Puerto Calero.

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FAQs: Pet-friendly holidays in Puerto del Carmen

What's the best time of year to take my dog to Puerto del Carmen?

Summer in the Canary Islands is a lot milder than it is in mainland Spain. You can expect daily averages of 25°C in July and August, which isn't so bad for humans - but can be deadly for dogs, particularly those with longer fur. Given that the summer months are also the busiest, you might prefer to wait for another time of year for your dog-friendly getaway to Puerto del Carmen. In Lanzarote, the coldest months, December and January, still see daily averages of 17°C, so the weather is never particularly cold. Any time from autumn to spring is a good time to bring your pet to Lanzarote.

Where are the best dog beaches around Puerto del Carmen?

In mainland Spain, many beaches allow dogs on a seasonal basis. That's not the case in the Canary Islands, where the year-round good weather means that humans may still want to enjoy a dog-free beach even in winter. Luckily, there are some dog beaches near Puerto del Carmen for you and your pet to explore. Playa de las Coloradas is near Puerto del Carmen, in the south of the island, and permits dogs from 7:00 to 10:00 am, and again from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Playa de Guacimeta, located near Lanzarote Airport, allows dogs at all times of day. It has calm waters, ideal for pups who love to splash around.

Where can I find a dog park in Puerto del Carmen?

Although Lanzarote is a small island, there are a few dog parks near Puerto del Carmen for you to try. The closest - and the best - is the Parque Canino in Playa Blanca, a little to the south of Puerto del Carmen. Spread out over 2,000 square metres, this modern park boasts some agility equipment which will let your pup blow off some steam on a fun obstacle course. There's also a dog park in Arrecife, with agility equipment set in a sandy area.

Can I bring my dog to a café or restaurant with me in Puerto del Carmen?

As a rule of thumb, dogs are usually allowed on the terraces of cafés and restaurants, both in mainland Spain and in the Canary Islands. There are some exceptions, so always check with the waiter before you sit down. Very few restaurants allow dogs into the dining room. Given the sunny weather and year-round pleasant temperatures in Puerto del Carmen, that probably won't be a problem - this is a place where it's always nice to eat outdoors! The majority of restaurants and bars in Lanzarote have terraces, so you'll always find somewhere you can eat with your pet.

What essentials should I know before I take my dog to Puerto del Carmen?

Although Spain is a dog-friendly country, there are still some important laws to consider. You must keep your dog on a lead in public, unless you are in a designated area; some breeds must also be muzzled. You will need to carry bags to clean up after your dog or face a fine. You may also want to take a squirty bottle of water to rinse off any wet patches, as Spanish dog owners do. Watch out for protected areas where birds tend to nest; these are strictly off-limits to dogs, so make sure your pet is well under control if you go near one of them.

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