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Most popular Villas in Albania

Villa for 7 people, with garden
7 pers., 2 bedrooms, 120m², 400m to the beach
£46per night
Villa for 6 people
6 pers., 1 bedroom, 40m to the beach
£38per night
Villa for 5 people
34 reviews
£66per night
Villa for 5 people, with balcony
5 pers., 3 bedrooms, 150m², 50m to the beach
£107per night
Villa for 8 people, with garden and pool
8 pers., 4 bedrooms, 740m²
£206per night
Villa for 6 people
6 pers., 2 bedrooms, 900m to the beach
£285per night
Villa for 6 people
22 reviews
£37per night
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Highlights in Albania

  • Fabulous beaches
  • Amazing food
  • Stunning countryside
  • Historical buildings
  • Great outdoors

Most popular amenities for Villas in Albania

Internet 282
Balcony/Terrace 208
TV 272
Air condition 298
Parking 215
Washing machine 229
View 113
Heating 236
Elevator 58

Other property types in Albania, that might be interesting:

Villas in Albania

Find a villa in the beautiful Albanian Riviera

Along the Albanian Riviera there are four main places where to look for a nice villa. If you are looking for a beach town with good restaurants and great nightlife, stay in Ksamil. If you are looking for a good base to explore the whole Riviera, look for a villa in Himara. In Dhermi you can also enjoy the beaches and the nightlife and finally, in Saranda you will be able to catch the most amazing sunsets. Look for your villa today!

Cheap and luxury villas close to the sea

Albania will give you the opportunity to choose what villa suits your needs. You can find affordable villas in popular destinations like Qepos, and luxury ones with extra amenities to enjoy a chic holiday by the sea. Choose villas close to the sea with amazing views, lovely terraces and outdoor areas to enjoy the lovely weather during the summer months. Spacious rooms can accommodate your family, friends and your other half. Fully equipped kitchens and comfortable lounges make these villas a second home away from home. Ready to book it?

Travellers and activities

Albania for beach lovers

As the frost melts away, endless sun-drenched afternoons by the sea is the best option to spend some fabulous time in Albania. Slip into a blissful feeling listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, bask in the sun, take a dip into the turquoise waters and enjoy a delicious ice cream waiting for the sunset. Enjoy the laid-back beaches of Himara like Spile or Livadhi Beach. Between Dhermi and Himara, Gjipe Beach is regarded as one of the best beaches in Albania. Find the most colourful and intense blue waters in Porto Palermo or enjoy the beaches in Borsch and Qeparo with the most beautiful olive groves as a backdrop.

Albania for hiking lovers

The Albanian Alps offer plenty of trails for those who like to be in touch with nature and surrounded by stunning landscapes. One of the most popular hikes is the one from Theth to Valbona. Challenging but rewarding, this hike will take you through valleys, lush green areas and remarkable scenery for about 8 hours. Every 2 or 3 hours you will find streams for water as well as little cafes to take a nibble. Enjoy the beautiful Albanian countryside!

Do not set your clock by Albanian buses, called furgons, as they only depart when they are good and ready to go or full. So do not expect any accurate timetables!

Top 7 travel tips in Albania

1. Visit Tirana

Tirana is a must if you visit Albania. Visit the medieval Castle of Petrela and the Fortress of Preza. Wander the streets lined with Ottoman architecture and Soviet Era buildings. Discover the National History Museum and admire the city’s meeting point, Skanderbeg Square, named after a national hero whose statue stands in the middle of the square. Walk along the parks and go to the beach for a lazy day under the sun. Discover the natural beauty of this Balkan country.

2. Have a 360º beer

Spinning around and having a cold beer while having sweeping views of Tirana? Is that possible? Yes! The Sky Tower bar is a unique experience in Tirana that allows you to sit and have your favourite drink and admire the city from every angle as the platform slowly goes around. Have a fabulous rotating experience!

3. Go camping in the wild

What’s the best wild adventure you can think of? In Albania you can enjoy an incredible view every morning. Park your camping van in one of the many free camping areas along the coast and swim in crystal clear waters, unwind in desert beaches and enjoy fantastic sunsets. Some of the spots we recommend you to explore are Orikum Beach, Rrjolli Beach, Durres, Divjaka-Karavasta National Park.

4. Visit the city of a thousand windows

Berat is popular because of its traditional white Ottoman houses and the castle on the hilltop. Within the walls you can visit the Byzantine churches, the Red Mosque and the Onufri National Museum. Visit the partly refurbished medieval bazaar of the Ethnographic Museum, an 18th-century old house and wander around the city narrow cobbled streets. Take in the history within the walls of this beautiful village.

5. Take a dip into Benja Thermal Pools

Looking for a relaxed afternoon? Drive out the small town of Permet and just a couple of miles up the road reach an ancient bridge and you will find the Benja Thermal Pools. Layers of stones shape these wonderful geothermal pools where the warm water invites you to take a dip and relax admiring the views. Unwind in a unique setting and enjoy an outdoor spa experience.

6. Yummy burek!

Breakfast, lunch or dinner time is always a good time to have a burek! Coming in many shapes, this fabulous pastry filled with meat, cheese and spinach is one of the greatest bites you can find at any of the bakeries all over the country.

7. Enjoy the Albanian cuisine

The Albanian gastronomy is mostly influenced by the Ottoman Empire. Meat and veggies are the staple, along with pulses, bread, rice and heavy stews. The country can be divided into three main gastronomic areas. The north is ideal to taste meat and vegetable casseroles, delicious carp from the lakes, sudjuk (similar to salami) and the fried dough known as petula. Central Albania is ideal to have some poultry and fresh fish such as perch or grey mullet. The traditional method of baking meat in yoghourt is one of the highlights you don’t want to miss. For cattle and dairy products though, southern Albania is fantastic and it is very well known for its soft and hard cheeses, olive groves and citrus. Along the Albanian Riviera, the star of the show is the freshly caught fish and in the area of Berat, figs are the main product. Fig jam and dried figs are always a good present... or a good nibble! You choose!

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