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Most popular Villas in Canada

Manor for 10 people, with garden and hot tub
10 pers., 5 bedrooms, 359m², 10.3km to the beach
2 reviews
Nova Scotia
£114per night
Villa for 8 people, with garden and hot tub as well as pool
8 pers., 4 bedrooms
1 review
£191per night
Manor for 16 people, with hot tub and garden
16 pers., 5 bedrooms, 222m²
20 reviews
Kamloops Region, British Columbia
£581per night
Villa for 30 people, with garden
Muskoka, Ontario
£781per night
Villa for 8 people, with pool and garden
8 pers., 3 bedrooms, 139m²
20 reviews
Victoria - Vancouver Island, British Columbia
£188per night
Villa for 50 people, with terrace, with pets
1 review
£767per night
Villa for 4 people
4 pers., 1 bedroom, 2.8km to the beach
7 reviews
Capre Breton Island, Nova Scotia
£131per night
Villa for 14 people, with hot tub and garden
14 pers., 5 bedrooms, 789m², 5.7km to the beach
British Columbia
£902per night
Villa for 6 people, with balcony and balcony/terrace
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 213m²
20 reviews
Kootenay National Park, British Columbia
£176per night
Manor for 16 people, with hot tub and pool as well as garden
16 pers., 8 bedrooms, 1,833m²
£1,552per night
Manor for 10 people, with balcony/terrace
11 reviews
Lewiston, New York State
£533per night
Villa for 8 people, with hot tub and sauna as well as garden
8 pers., 1 bedroom, 74m²
20 reviews
Kimberley, British Columbia
£86per night
Villa for 6 people, with garden and sauna
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 180m², 6.1km to the beach
5 reviews
Nova Scotia
£181per night
Villa for 18 people, with garden and sauna as well as hot tub and pool
18 pers., 8 bedrooms, 696m²
Caledon, Ontario
£1,256per night
Villa for 4 people, with balcony/terrace and sauna as well as pool
Victoria - Vancouver Island, British Columbia
£169per night
Villa for 30 people, with pool and sauna as well as hot tub and garden
30 pers., 7 bedrooms, 929m²
6 reviews
£397per night
Villa for 5 people, with balcony/terrace and pool
5 pers., 2 bedrooms, 12.1km to the beach
1 review
Prince Edward Island
£183per night
Villa for 4 people
4 pers., 2 bedrooms
Rideau Lakes, Ontario
£153per night
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Highlights in Canada

  • Incredible outdoor activities and nature
  • The Great Canadian Trail
  • The best Northern Lights spots
  • Adrenaline spikers

Most popular amenities for Villas in Canada

Pool 4,778
Internet 22,554
Pet allowed 3,650
Balcony/Terrace 16,360
TV 21,544
Air condition 12,626
Garden 6,811
Parking 20,421
Washing machine 18,736

Other property types in Canada, that might be interesting:

Villas in Canada

Urban and countryside villas

Canada is a vast territory with a myriad of destinations to choose from. Urban lovers can find villas in and out of the most popular cities including Toronto , Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec or the capital, Ottawa. The natural landscapes and incredible settings are a paradise for those wishing to stay surrounded by nature. Find your ideal villa in The Yukon, the Canadian Rockies and Whistler. The Niagara Falls is one of the major attractions and if you want to be based nearby, find your villa in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Hamilton, Etobicoke or Scarborough.

Beautiful and spacious villas

In Canada you can find large accommodation for big groups or families that want to travel together with other families. Check the villas that can accommodate up to 18 guests. These villas feature several rooms and bathrooms, open floor kitchens, large lounges with fireplaces, sliding glass doors and panoramic windows to enjoy the views. Generous patios and gardens and large extensions to enjoy outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, kayaking, birdwatching and many more. Enjoy your villa in Canada!

Travellers and activities

Canada for nature enthusiasts

Although being a big place, Canada is far from empty! Within a few hours from any urban centre you can enjoy natural wonders all over the country. Admire waters plunging vertiginously into deep natural pools like the incredible Niagara Falls, The Horseshoe Falls, Athabasca Falls, Virginia Falls or the Bridal Veil Falls. The mountains of Canada are impressive and big and in Whistler, snow enthusiasts can enjoy the best winter sports including skiing, mountain biking and hiking. The Bay of Fundy is home to the highest tides in the world where the water has shaped an incredible landscape. And last but not least, Canada also can offer the visitor its own “dead sea”: Little Manitou Lake. Not far from Saskatoon, this small lake contains beneficial properties for the body and the skin thanks to the high concentration of mineral salts, potassium, silica and magnesium. The briny water will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Go for a float!

Canada for natural phenomena lovers

Do you love looking at the most natural and impressive phenomena the nature has to offer? Canada can provide the best northern lights viewing points in the world, even close to the city. The northern lights are the result of the disturbances caused by solar wind in the magnetosphere. The Northwest Territories offer the best aurora borealis viewing ever! This incredible phenomena fills in the sky with bright reds, yellows, blues and greens. In Yellowknife, also known as the “Aurora Capital of North America'' you find a great choice of options to admire the northern lights. Get on a husky-pulled sled, stay in a tepee in Aurora Village and watch the lights around the firepit or enjoy the show from a hot tub as the lights shimmer and loop across the sky.

Did you know Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is the second coldest capital in the world after Moscow?

Top 7 travel tips in Canada

1. Explore fantastic wine regions

Spain, France and Italy are big names in wine but Canada is home to large vineyards producing excellent and quality wines, with several varieties of grapes. In Nova Scotia there is a plethora of vineyards but you can experience the Good Cheer Trail tour visiting the winery and a craft brewery. In Quebec, the Brome-Missisquoi area is home to the fantastic Wine Route that connects 21 vineyards and the Lake Erie North Shore and Pelee is a southern spot with 10 more. On the shore of Lake Ontario, Prince Edward County is also growing in popularity, as well as the fertile soils of Niagara-on-the-Lake. The West Coast offers great wine tasting in 15 wineries in the Cowichan Valley alone.

2. Hike the Great Trail or part of it

The great outdoors in Canada are home to amazing hiking areas. The Great Trail is the most incredible system of waterways, greenways and roadways that stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic. These trails are ideal for cycling, horse riding, hiking, cross-country skiing and paddle. The incredible wilderness, the great variety of landscapes and both urban and rural settings embody the greatness of the terrain and the ethnical diversity. Those craving for an outdoor adventure, Canada is the right place and the Great Trail network offers 24,140 km of recreational nature, weaving its way across the country. Choose the part of the trail you want to do and start planning your route. Remember to always have a navigation system with you! Pack your bag and get ready to explore the incredible Canadian territory.

3. Enjoy an urban adventure

Adventures can happen everywhere in Canada! Most cities have unique experiences for you to enjoy. If you are seeking thrilling adventures and the wild side of the cities, Canada is an extensive playground with a myriad of choices to choose from. Hike the challenging slopes of Grouse Mountain to get mesmerising views or ski on them during the winter season. Edmonton is known for its surf and the West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark and to raise your adrenaline levels, try the Flowrider indoor surfing experience. Want to spike your levels even higher? Head to Saskatoon or Regina and jump out of a plane in tandem dives and watch the views form a very different perspective. After the experience, you will have the opportunity to get it all on a DVD and share it with everybody!

4. Visit the popular neighbourhoods of Toronto

Every big city has its different neighbourhoods and Toronto offers five trendy ones you should visit. In the Old town, you will find the best foodie destinations to treat your senses and raise your taste buds trying some delicious cheese, fresh produce and excellent Canadian wines. Then, the Distillery Historic District is a pedestrian-only neighbourhood with heritage buildings, art galleries, entertainment venues and lots of shows all year round. But the Entertainment District gathers celebrities and fans at the annual Toronto Film Festival and lots of clubs and bars are full of music, great atmosphere and energetic vibes. Yorkville is the fashion district of Toronto whereas Chinatown is the ideal spot to immerse in Asian culture and food. Finally, Queen West is home to great music venues, lots of shopping and historic buildings.

5. Nova Scotia: Explore Halifax

Spend some time in Halifax, one of Nova Scotia’s big cities. Stroll along the waterfront boardwalk, go shopping or visit some museums. After a day of sightseeing, you can stop for a bite and indulge in delicious Canadian food including poutine, Nova Scotian donair and butter tarts. Tour around the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site or the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21.

6. Manitoba’s cultural experiences

Manitoba hosts a wide offer of art events and festivals and is home to great historical landmarks. Check the Winnipeg Exchange District and its wonderful architecture, along with restaurants, shops and a great nightlife atmosphere. Music lovers can enjoy the Winnipeg Folk Festival that celebrates for four days, varied musical genres including gospel, country, folk and roots amongst others. Festival du Voyageur is the opportunity to move into cultural and Aboriginal roots through a tour that includes live music performances, a recreation of fur trading and a tasting of fortified wine.

7. Make the most of spring in British Columbia

Spring is a colourful season full of blooming and in British Columbia you can be the witness of one of the best springs ever. With the snow on the slopes and a warmer weather that allows you to hike and explore the great outdoors, cycle or go kayaking and paddling in the waterways. Hike around Vancouver or go to Victoria, the Garden City, and admire the annual Flower Count, starting in March, where every district lines the main streets with roses, geraniums and lovely petunias to be the Bloomingest Community. The show of colours is just incredible! The Butchart Gardens are also a unique show of 300,000 colour bulbs that will captivate you. Whale watching, end of season festivals or bear watching are some other great activities you can enjoy during the spring.

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