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Most popular Villas in Galicia

Villa for 8 people, with pool and garden as well as hot tub
8 pers., 4 bedrooms, 70m to the beach
O Grove, Pontevedra Province
£347per night
Villa for 17 people, with balcony
17 pers., 6 bedrooms, 250m²
3 reviews
Maside, Ourense Region
£180per night
Villa for 12 people, with pool and garden
12 pers., 7 bedrooms, 3.4km to the beach
Culleredo, La Coruña Province
£454per night
Villa for 6 people, with garden
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 400m², 40m to the beach
1 review
Cangas, Pontevedra Province
£345per night
Villa for 14 people, with garden and pool
9 reviews
O Pino, La Coruña Province
£531per night
Villa for 6 people, with garden and pool
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 240m², 20m to the beach
Rías Baixas, Galicia
£165per night
Villa for 15 people
15 pers., 6 bedrooms
Cospeito, Lugo Province
£399per night
Villa for 12 people, with garden and pool
12 pers., 5 bedrooms, 500m², 750m to the beach
8 reviews
Paderne, La Coruña Province
£315per night
Villa for 6 people, with pool
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 250m², 300m to the beach
Porto do Son, La Coruña Province
£325per night
Villa for 12 people, with hot tub and garden
12 pers., 6 bedrooms, 350m²
1 review
Vila de Cruces, Pontevedra Province
£164per night
Villa for 20 people, with garden and pool
20 pers., 10 bedrooms
Mondariz, Pontevedra Province
£499per night
Villa for 8 people, with garden and hot tub as well as pool
Brión, La Coruña Province
£781per night
Villa for 6 people, with garden
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 175m², 6.6km to the beach
1 review
Ortigueira, La Coruña Province
£233per night
Villa for 8 people, with garden
4 reviews
Valdoviño, La Coruña Province
£134per night
Villa for 8 people, with pool and garden
2 reviews
Sanxenxo, Pontevedra Province
£438per night
Villa for 10 people, with pool
Sanxenxo, Pontevedra Province
£294per night
Villa for 5 people, with pool and sauna, with pets
Ortigueira, La Coruña Province
£105per night
Villa for 23 people, with terrace and pool
San Sadurniño, La Coruña Province
£1,307per night
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Highlights in Galicia

  • Rich and delicious cuisine
  • Fantastic beaches
  • Lovely cities to visit
  • Camino de Santiago (Pilgrims’ Way)
  • A land of wines

Most popular amenities for Villas in Galicia

Pool 596
Internet 1,567
Pet allowed 701
Balcony/Terrace 1,220
TV 2,189
Garden 1,229
Parking 1,897
Washing machine 2,149
Heating 1,625

Other property types in Galicia, that might be interesting:

Villas in Galicia: Most popular destinations

Villas in Galicia

Inland and coastal destinations

The Galician essence of Celtic origin is impregnated in most of the corners of every town, hamlet and village. Find beautiful and traditional villas in urban areas such as A Coruña, Ferrol, Fisterra, Vigo and Santiago de Compostela. Enjoy the beaches and the summer in Sanxenxo, Moaña, Muros, Cangas and Rianxo. In the provinces of Lugo and Ourense, the lush green vegetation will surround you and the scent of the eucalyptus will invite you to enjoy your villa in the middle of natural sites and incredible views. Find your villa in Galicia and start planning your holiday!

Traditional villas and modern villas

Galicia is a very traditional part of Spain where the villages and towns keep the essence of its past years. Find exclusive and traditional villas enclosed in large gardens with big fences, slab facades and the traditional white windows. Close to the cities, modern villas are also available for short and long stays. Fireplaces in the kitchens, cosy lounges, fully equipped kitchens and some of them with the traditional “cocina económica”, a very old cooker and stove that was powered by lighting the wood, and the marble countertop around it, as a table where families used to gather every day. Fantastic gardens and private pools to enjoy the lovely summer weather are also some of the features you can select in the Galician villas.

Travellers and activities

Galicia for foodies

If you enjoy food and tasting new flavours, discovering new recipes and finding out about the cuisine of different cultures, Galicia is a paradise for your senses. The rich Galician cuisine is based on fish, shellfish, meat, vegetables and fruit. Some products are known worldwide such as the Padrón peppers, Pulpo á feira or empanada. But Galicia has a long menu to offer you. During the Antroido (Carnival), indulge in filloas, rixons and orellas. Try some callos and buñuelos for Easter. Have a sea feast and eat some Mejillones al vapor, a good mariscada, Galician caldo, smoked chorizo and the exquisite lamprea. A sweet treat is always welcome so you must have a piece of the incredible tarta de Santiago or Pedras de Santiago. You will never have enough!

Galicia for beach lovers

The coastline cherished by the Atlantic Ocean boasts some of the most incredible beaches on the west coast. Spend the day on a splendid sandy beach and relax by the shore. Take some time for swimming, stroll along the promenades, have an ice cream or read your favourite book under the umbrella. Go to the impressive As Catedrais Beach, Playa de Riazor, A Lanzada, Costa da Morte or the incredible Cíes Islands. You won’t be disappointed.

Did you know the end of the world is in Galicia? Well, in Finisterre, to be exact. This was once thought to be the end of the world and the westernmost point in Spain.

Top 7 travel tips in Galicia

1. Visit the charming town of Cercedo

Cercedo is one of the most beautiful villages in the region. A secret corner in the very heart of Galicia. Here you can enjoy the tranquility and peace that is breathed in the towns of the interior. With cows grazing, beautiful rivers and majestic mountains around a day in Cercedo will take you to a different time.

2. Go to Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the most stunning Gothic Cathedral, the impressive Praza das Praterías, stroll around the Alameda Park and enjoy the traditional taps along the Rua do Franco street in the heart of the Old Town. Get a coffee at the cafe of the Hostal dos Reyes Católicos or enjoy a multicultural gastro-scene at the indoor Mercado la Galiciana. Fall in love with this unique city and the lovely black stones used in silver jewellery you can buy.

3. Walk the Camino de Santiago

There are many ways to get to Santiago and the most traditional one is walking the Camino de Santiago. This pilgrimage, known as The Way of St. James too, is a network of pilgrims’ ways leading to the cathedral of Santiago, where the remains of Saint James the Great are buried. This network is made of several ways so you can choose the one you like. Plan your route and pick from the English Way, the Portuguese, The French Way, The Northern Way… Choose a stage of the way or walk the whole distance to enjoy the most special journey of your life. Meet people from all over the world, share experiences and end up in Santiago to get your stamp, your certificate and the shell. Bo camiño!

4. Explore the Galician coastal beauty

Ría de Muros e Noia, Ría de Arousa, Ría de Pontevedra and Ría de Vigo are four inlets on the southerwestern coast of Galicia, known as Rías Baixas. Every corner of these towns will make you enjoy the traditional food of the country, including the famous albariño, an incredible display of traditional architecture and monumental wealth and the purest spirit of the most traditional lifestyle. Indulge in what the sea offers, admire the rugged cliffs by the shore, walk the promenades and enjoy a pleasant afternoon taking in the views that will make you fall in love with Galicia.

5. Visit the Pazos

Galicia is full of Manor Houses called Pazos. Some of them are still inhabited by the owners and they allow visitors at certain times of the day. Mainly built between the 17th and 19th centuries, they are one of the musts in your visits around Galicia. Pazo de Oca in Estrada, Pazo de Rubianes in Villagarcía, Pazo de Mariñán in Bergondo, Pazo Quinterio da Cruz in Ribadumia, Pazo de Baión in Vilanova de Arousa or Pazo Sistallo in Lugo. Some Pazos produce wine like Pazo de Rubianes in Villagarcía, some others have been refurbished and now used for banquets, weddings and christenings like Pazo de Adrán in Santiago.

6. Galicia, a wine experience

Discover the secret of Galician wines through the vineyards of the Rías Baixas, O Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra, Valdeorras and Monterrei. Here, wine is culture and art. Visit and have a wine tasting at any winery of your choice, settled in hidden mountain landscapes, historic cities and seaside towns. Take a sip of Albariño, ribeiro, mencía, treixadura, godello and pair it with the exquisite delicacies of the Galician cuisine. Enjoy a unique experience and let your senses get carried away by the hints and the perfume of its exceptional wines.

7. The most beautiful fishing village

One place you have to see before leaving Galicia is Combarro. This small fishing village is a small resort by the sea with granite-paved streets, traditional houses perched by the small cliffs, independent shops selling all sorts of Galician souvenirs and the emblematic “cruceiros” and “hórreos”. The cruceiros are these monumental granite crosses and you will see eight of them here. The hórreos are the traditional elevated corn houses, also made of granite in Combarro, used for drying the corn or the fish. In the rest of the country, you will see wooden hórreos rather than granite ones, as they don’t have to be preserved as much as the ones by the sea. Enjoy a day in this picture-perfect village.

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