Villas in Livorno

Villas in Livorno

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Villas in Livorno

Idyllic Italian getaway

Expect to see extraordinarily beautiful countryside with saffron-coloured rolling hills, iconic cypress groves and sun-splashed al fresco spaces in this unique heritage region situated in the western part of central Italy. Food lovers are in for a treat with simple, rustic, delectable regional seafood fare and fine wines. Hikers and cyclists can wander along coastal paths with breathtaking views while the stunningly beautiful rugged coastline and lovely beaches make the Tuscan west coast of Livorno a perfect spot for summer holidaymakers. To fully enjoy the scenic beauty, local gastronomy, and unique experiences, renting a villa in Livorno is the ideal choice, allowing you to immerse yourself in the charm of this captivating coastal region in Tuscany.

A taste of Tuscany

Enjoy an unforgettable family or group holiday with access to all the best sights, beaches and Tuscan day trips that are all within easy reach of your home base in the Livorno vicinity! Choose from several elegant, spacious and luxurious villas in Livorno with everything you need for a brilliant holiday, perfect for 2, 4, 6, 8 or even 9 guests! Some of these accommodations are located about 4 km away from the beach, while others are only a couple of metres away. While in Livorno, consider visiting Elba, a short ferry ride away. Experience the island's beauty and history, and look into staying at charming villas in Elba for a memorable accommodation experience.

Renting a villa in Livorno offers a delightful experience. Enjoy comfort, privacy, and charm in a unique coastal setting in Tuscany, along with:

  • Private pool
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sea view
  • A/C
  • Parking

Who would love to visit Livorno?

Livorno for art and history enthusiasts

Book a villa in Livorno to explore Tuscany's world-renowned art cities of Florence, Pisa, and Lucca, all within easy driving distance. These strikingly beautiful historical towns offer a glimpse into Tuscany's opulent art heritage, housed in various museums and galleries. Wander through quaint, cobbled streets amidst the warm, glorious hues of a medieval paintbox for an unforgettable taste of this magnificent region of Italy! La Riviera Italiana, along the Ligurian coast, also hosts cities and towns rich in historical and artistic heritage, making Livorno not the sole destination for history and art lovers. The good news is it's a short distance from Livorno, and you can rent a villa in the Italian Riviera if you want to spend more time enjoying this.

Livorno for food lovers

IIn Livorno, delightful local cuisine isn't just for adults. The Mercato Centrale offers frati, a breakfast doughnut, perfect for the whole family. The signature cacciucco, a seafood stew, and Triglie alla Livornese, red mullet with tomato, are common choices. Street food stalls offer torta di ceci, a special pancake. Also, try the ponce alla Livornese, a blend of rum, coffee, and lemon. Following seafood, relish castagnaccio, a chestnut flour cake. For a complete family experience, consider staying in family-friendly villas in Livorno to relish these local delights and explore together.

Did you know that Livorno is best known for being the Tuscan coast's leading seafood destination? Livorno's signature dish is the fish stew caccuccio, although you'll also find dishes such as riccio (sea anemone linguine), riso nero, (cuttlefish ink risotto) and totani (baby squid) on the creative menus of its osterias!

What you shouldn’t miss in Livorno

Top 7 travel tips in Livorno

1. Visit Fortezza Vecchia

The Fortezza Vecchia holds an imposing and prominent position on the waterfront by Livorno´s port and is a great place for a stroll down memory lane to the time when the city was watched over by a Medici era fortress. Enjoy the wonderful smell of the ocean and the fresh sea breeze and be sure to climb the tower that offers you a chance to gaze out over the beautiful city and harbour panorama and Isola di Gorgona!

2. Stroll along the Terrazza Mascagni

For a delightfully elegant Italian Riviera stroll head to the Livorno waterfront for a walk along the splendidly elegant, neoclassical Terrazza Mascagni. This marvellous, impressive checkerboard promenade offers you numerous vantage points to gaze out over the ocean and you can even spot the Tuscan archipelago on the horizon! This is the perfect place for an evening stroll as you can head to nearby Viale Italia and enjoy a refreshing cocktail at one of its stylish bars as the evening lights begin to twinkle! Consider the option to rent a villa in Livorno for a splendid stay.

3. Lunch in the Town of Luca

Look no further than the red tile roofs and burned ombre and ochres of beautiful Lucca just under an hour north of Livorno where some of Tuscany's most legendary examples of Romanesque architecture can be appreciated. Climb the top of the Guinigi Tower or stroll or cycle along the wide, tree-lined walls that enclose the city. Browse market stalls and admire the gorgeous, shimmering, golden exterior mosaics of the church of San Frediano! Most restaurants in Lucca offer the delicious, local pasta speciality, tortelli lucchese and visitors are in for a treat with other local dishes like rabbit and salt cod! To explore nearby places around Livorno, such as the charming Lucca, opting for affordable accommodations is key. Discover comfort and savings by renting affordable villas in Livorno, enabling you to fully enjoy nearby destinations without spending much on your lodging.

4.Take a history trip to Florence

With Florence just over an hour west you can easily take a day trip to this fabled Tuscan city. Marvel at the gigantic, marble-fronted Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore that dates back to 1296 and admire the magical red tile roofs, domes and exquisite spires of the Florence skyline in this incredibly interesting Renaissance city that boasts a rich and wonderful architectural heritage. Be sure to stop at the Uffizi gallery on the serene banks of the River Arno where the most priceless artworks by the greatest artists of The Renaissance can be admired!

5. Visit the Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori Art Museum

Livorno´s rich artistic heritage is housed inside the elegant Villa Mimbelli which showcases the work of the Macchiaioli group of artists. Interestingly this group of Livornese painters began working with the elements of expressionism several years before their French counterparts began making a name for themselves in France. A peek at the gorgeous pastoral-inspired oil paintings in the museum is a wonderful way to spend some time!

6. Spend the day at Bagno la Siesta

If you are looking for a wide expanse of absolutely gorgeous white sand beach head you will find the renowned beach of Bagno la Siesta just 15 minutes north of Livorno. This stunning beach features plenty of parasols and sun loungers and a beach club vibe. There is beach volleyball, beach tennis, pedalo and canoe hire as well as a play area for kids. You will find a range of great beach bars for upmarket aperitifs and contemporary restaurants serving upmarket seafood cuisine. There are also events after sundown like DJ sessions and private parties can be booked for lovers of beachfront nightlife and a lively evening beach scene! You can find holiday letting in Elba to peacefully enjoy the natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and relaxed atmosphere of Bagno La Siesta beach.

7. Day trip to Pisa

With regular trains from Livorno and a travelling time of only 17 minutes why not make a day of it and head to the fabled town of Pisa? The most stunning architectural attraction in Pisa is the awe-inspiring Field of Miracles. The beautiful collection of elegant, ancient, white marble-sheathed buildings is a sight to behold! You can book an all-inclusive tour to explore the monuments on the Field of Miracles which has to be one of the most architecturally splendid squares in Europe.

Information about villas in Livorno

🏡 Villas available: 5 properties.
💳 Discount available: up to -43%.
🌙 Minimum price per night: from £26.
⭐ Most popular amenities: garden, Wi-Fi and air conditioning.
🐾 Pet-friendly: 3 properties.
📶 For workation: 100% of the properties.
👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 For families: 20% of the properties.
🏊 With pool: 2 properties.

FAQs: Villas in Livorno

Which services are offered at the villas in Livorno?

Among the services offered by Holidu, it appears that the villas in Livorno have everything that holiday-makers desire! Here, villas generally offer a variety of facilities, the most popular being: air conditioning (100%), garden (100%), and Wi-Fi (100%)... Are you convinced yet?

What are the reviews like for the villas in Livorno?

The villas in this destination are often well rated. 33% of villas have a rating of 4.5 stars, which means that here you can easily find the perfect villa for your next trip!

Are the villas in Livorno suitable for holiday-makers and their pets?

The amount of villas in Livorno that admit tourists with their pets, as well as those who do not, is quite similar. Therefore, you shouldn't wait too long to make your reservation so you can be sure your pet can travel with you.

Do the villas in Livorno tend to come with an internet connection?

Of course! According to Holidu's database, 100% of villas in Livorno offer Wi-Fi. You will be able to stay connected at any time!

How much do guests usually expect to pay for villas in Livorno?

Most of the villas in Livorno (67%) tend to cost less than £100 a night. Therefore, this destination is perfect for reserving a cheap villa!

Do the villas in Livorno typically come equipped with a swimming pool?

For sure! According to the information collected last year, many of the villas in Livorno have access to a swimming pool. Perfect for spending your summer holiday by the pool! In addition,33% even have a barbecue!

Are the villas in Livorno suitable for stays with friends or rather for a holiday as a small group?

In Livorno, according to Holidu, 100% of villas accept up to eight people, and 100% of these villas contain at least four bedrooms. But 100% of villas also have facilities for groups of up to four travellers, and 100% of the villas include at least two separate bedrooms. This is, therefore, the perfect destination for groups of friends of all sizes!

When planning a luxurious weekend in Livorno, are villas a good option?

Exactly! The accommodations in this destination come with excellent features. So if you are looking for villas in Livorno, you shouldn't wait long to book because 33% have a pool, 100% have a garden but none have a sauna. Also, if what you are looking for is space, 100% of the villas can accommodate big groups and 100% have green spaces in their vicinity.

Are you interested in finding out which are the best times of the year to make a trip to Livorno?

Looking at the services they can offer us the villas in Livorno, we can highly recommend this summer holiday destination. This is because according to the data, 33% of the properties here have a swimming pool, 100% have a garden and 100% have air conditioning. What are you waiting for? Reserve a villa in Livorno so you can enjoy your holidays.

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