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Most popular Villas in Normandy

Villa for 9 people, with garden
9 pers., 4 bedrooms, 250m²
Argentan region, Orne
£49per night
Villa for 12 people, with pool and terrace
Saint-Germain-du-Pert, Calvados
£2,671per night
Villa for 4 people, with pool
Lasson, Calvados
£260per night
Villa for 10 people, with garden
Granville, Manche
£49per night
Villa for 14 people
14 pers., 6 bedrooms, 700m to the beach
Deauville, Calvados
£503per night
Villa for 8 people, with garden
8 pers., 4 bedrooms, 190m², 650m to the beach
Deauville, Calvados
£345per night
Villa for 9 people, with garden
9 pers., 4 bedrooms, 92m², 700m to the beach
1 review
Saint-Thomas-de-la-Touques, Calvados
£558per night
Villa for 15 people, with garden
15 pers., 7 bedrooms, 290m², 1.2km to the beach
Trouville-sur-Mer, Calvados
£214per night
Villa for 18 people, with garden
18 pers., 10 bedrooms, 650m², 300m to the beach
Benerville-sur-Mer, Calvados
£2,644per night
Villa for 15 people, with pool
15 pers., 8 bedrooms
Yvetot-Bocage, Manche
£1,322per night
Villa for 14 people, with pool and garden
Bernay region, Eure
£1,625per night
Villa for 10 people, with pool and garden
10 pers., 5 bedrooms, 125m², 950m to the beach
4 reviews
Saint-Thomas-de-la-Touques, Calvados
£249per night
Villa for 30 people, with pool and garden
30 pers., 4 bedrooms, 400m²
Les Andelys region, Eure
£2,916per night
Villa for 31 people, with garden
31 pers., 7 bedrooms, 230m², 150m to the beach
16 reviews
Saint-Sauveur-de-la-Mer, Calvados
£425per night
Villa for 7 people, with garden
7 pers., 3 bedrooms, 90m², 20m to the beach
20 reviews
Saint-Germain-sur-Ay, Manche
£91per night
Villa for 15 people, with hot tub and sauna as well as garden
15 pers., 5 bedrooms, 210m², 350m to the beach
1 review
Donville-les-Bains, Manche
£409per night
Villa for 11 people, with balcony
11 pers., 5 bedrooms, 160m², 1.6km to the beach
5 reviews
Deauville, Calvados
£260per night
Villa for 14 people, with garden
14 pers., 7 bedrooms, 200m², 0m to the beach
3 reviews
Granville, Manche
£267per night
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Highlights in Normandy

  • Beautiful countryside
  • Historical points
  • Stunning landscapes
  • Delicious cuisine
  • Beautiful towns

Most popular amenities for Villas in Normandy

Pool 859
Internet 6,329
Pet allowed 2,507
Balcony/Terrace 4,659
TV 6,958
Garden 4,687
Parking 6,013
Washing machine 5,930
Heating 6,111

Other property types in Normandy, that might be interesting:

Villas in Normandy

Fantastic villas around Normandy

If you are looking for a villa in Normandy we recommend you to stay in Rouen, the capital of Upper Normandy, Caen, Dinan, Cherbourg, Le Havre or Caen, the capital of Lower Normandy. A good way to explore Normandy is to base your stay in different villas along the route. Find a villa with sea views in Calvados, a cosy one in Le Havre or one in the countryside with the wild beauty of the Norman landscape.

The perfect villa for every traveller

Villas are a great option for those travelling with the family or groups of friends. Whether you prefer peaceful and charming areas or bustling city centres, in Normandy you can find fantastic villas to cater your needs during your stay. Even couples and solo travellers can find smaller villas to enjoy privacy. Traditional architecture, French style decoration and some refurbished properties with modern finishes. Enjoy the extra amenities that some of them have to offer like swimming pools, gardens and private green areas. Make your stay in Normandy a memorable one.

Travellers and activities

Normandy for romantic holidays

Paris, Venice and Bruges are ideal destinations for a romantic trip with your other half, as you all know. Let us tell you a secret: Normandy is a magical destination that will light the sparkle of love wherever you go. Enjoy a relaxing spa session in Dauville and enjoy the French cuisine at the numerous events throughout the year. A romantic dinner for two, by candlelight, with the best French wine and the delicious cuisine. Raise your tastebuds and let the night begin.

Normandy for photography lovers

]Do you like telling a story through your own vision? Capture the essence of Normandy’s white cliffs of the Alabastro coast with your lense and let the changing light offer you a unique blend of colours. Explore the area and get different perspectives of several stunning views, even from the sea, displaying beautiful corners and hidden gems. Get your tripod, charge your batteries and get ready to take the most amazing shots.

Did you know Normandy is the 3rd largest region in France, with historical monuments such as the Center Des Monuments Nationaux?

Top 7 travel tips in Normandy

1. Visit Rouen

Visit Rouen and its lovely cobblestone lanes lined with traditional maisons à colombages (half-timbered houses). Walk around the old town and discover pretty medieval Gothic churches, including the impressive cathedral, once depicted by Monet at different times of the day. Admire the clock tower, visit the Beaux Arts Museum and the tower where courageous Joan of Arc stood before her judges.

2. Visit the D-Day Landing sites

In Normandy is a must to visit the reconstructed city of Le Havre, the D-Day Landing beaches, the Memorial of Caen and the cemetery of Omaha Beach. Walking around the sites, you will feel like in an outdoor museum, where every corner has a story to tell, evoking WWII events and bits of its history.

3.Deauville, a top beach destination

Deauville is a premier seaside resort with nearly two miles of golden sand for those who enjoy a day at the beach or want to attend the prestigious regattas hosted by the Yacht Club. For a nice break from the midday sun, browse the lovely boutiques, pamper yourself and get a massage or a facial and round off your day with a delicious meal at a stylish restaurant.

4. Take a horse ride

Normandy is home to the worldwide known trotters and thoroughbreds. Enjoying a ride in the countryside is a pleasant activity to enjoy with your family or friends. Ride through valleys, paths and green areas and explore the flora and fauna of Normandy discovering architectural gems along the way and charming hamlets and traditional villages.

5. Normandy, rich in flavours

Normandy is popular for its cider production as well as the spirit distilled from it, called Calvados. Visit the apple orchards or take a guided tour to discover the varieties and have a little taste of this fabulous product. As apples are the main ingredient in many recipes, menus are always filled with delicious recipes where apples are the star of the show! For more complex dishes, seafood and fish are part of this succulent cuisine. Do not forget your puddings! And try some delicious Camembert, Époisses or Roquefort.

6. Visit the charming town of Honfleur

On the Seine estuary you will find Honfleur, one of the most beautiful towns in Europe with a picturesque old harbour. A medieval flair and half-timbered houses lining the cobblestone lanes, this pretty town is home to the Musée de la Marine that tells the history of seafaring, ship making and fishing. Another top site is the Musée Eugène Boudin, featuring an extensive collection of 200 works.

7. Visit the abbey of Jumièges

In Jumièges, the historic abbey is worth a visit. The ruins of this monument, once a majestic and magnificent religious building, still preserve a flair of its prestigious past. Most of the abbey was destroyed but it was an important centre of learning and a powerful, wealthy institution.

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