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Turkey exhibits some fantastic bustling cities full of history, art and culture as well as amazing coastal regions to rediscover yourself. Make the most out of Turkey and rent a fantastic Villa or Holiday Letting with Holidu's simple search function today! Choose from a variety of different accommodations and select what type of holiday you are after, whether a city break, a walking trip or a fantastic relaxing holiday by the sea!

Things to know about Turkey

Villas and Holiday Lettings in Turkey between fascinating landscapes and wonderful cities

Those who are looking for villas and holiday lettings in Turkey will undoubtedly find their perfect accommodation in a fascinating city such as the metropolis of Istanbul or the capital city of Ankara as well as the by the coast. Turkey, with its surface area of more than 300,000 miles squared and a population of around 80 million inhabitants takes up a tiny part of the Balkans in south east Europe, with most of the country lying in Anatolia on the Asian continent. Turkey therefore caters for a fascinating contrast of western modernity and the traditional eastern way of life.

Holiday makers who book villas and holiday homes in Turkey visit due to Turkey's fascinating historical monuments from the Greek and Roman eras as well as the Ottoman influence. The southern Mediterranean coast in particular offers a large portfolio of Greek and Roman monuments, including in Izmir (Smyrna), Efes (Ephesos) and Bergama (Pergamon). The cave city of Cappadocia in central Anatolia as well as the coastal regions by the Mediterranean and Black Seas are equally fascinating, offering fantastic views and countryside to explore.

Great View over Ankara
Great View over Ankara

Fantastic Opportunities for Sport and Leisure to suit Everyone

Turkey offers a large portfolio for sport and leisure: The Coastal regions by the Mediterranean are equipped with fantastic touristic infrastructure for all kinds of keen water sports enthusiasts. Bathing, swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling are available as well as opportunities for wind and kite surfing, sailing and speed boating. An experience you won't forget in a hurry is a day trip with a traditional wooden boat, which are found dotted all over the Mediterranean Coast. Those who rent villas and holiday lettings in Turkey will certainly enjoy possibilities for sight seeing and shopping, which is catered for in the fascinating cultural hubs of Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa.

As Istanbul lies on the Strait of Bosporus, connecting Europe and Asia, Izmir and Bursa are found in Western Anatolia and are accessed easily from Istanbul with Turkey's well developed and modern motorways. Many visitors who rent villas and holiday lettings in Turkey fly to the Atatürk and Sabiha Gökcen airports in Istanbul or arrive at the airports of Izmir, Antalya or Dalaman. Holiday makers also take advantage of the well priced possibilities for renting a vehicle, available in practically all holiday resorts. The well developed roads in popular touristic areas make it easy to explore the Turkish coast and its countryside by car – with stunning landscapes throughout the country, this is highly recommended.

The Top 5 Tips to Make the Most out of Turkey

Discover the Fairy Chimneys rock formation in Cappadocia
Discover the Fairy Chimneys rock formation in Cappadocia

1. The metropolis of Istanbul with its 15 million inhabitants fascinates many visitors with its unique historical monuments from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman times. Especially outstanding monuments include the Hagia Sophia from the 6th century AD, one of the largest and most stunning churches of its time as well as the fantastic blue mosque with its six minarets, both lying in close proximity to each other.

2. The famous and unique cave city of Cappadocia, with many caves being used today is located in central Anatolia and features history dating back to the early Christians: Discover this part of the world with a hot air balloon ride!

3. The city of Bursa lies in western Anatolia by the Mount Uludag national park. Bursa has a deserved UNESCO World Heritage Site Label and fascinates through its three historic mosques from the 14th and 15th accent as well as the thermal springs in the Cekirge district.

4. The beautiful town of Kalkan lies between Dalaman and Antalya with close proximity to the equally as beautiful town of Kas – Kalkan exhibits a beautiful bay, a great pebbly beach and draws visitors from far and wide. With many great villas and holiday lettings available here, Kalkan is your perfect summer getaway!

5. It is a terribly kept secret that Turkey features some truly fantastic beaches: Discover some of the best beaches in Turkey including the famous Iztutu beach located by the town of Dalyan. Discover beautiful sand and relaxation villas and holiday lettings available in the area with Holidu!

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