Enjoy la Dog-ce Vita on a Sicily holiday with a dog

Enjoy la Dog-ce Vita on a Sicily holiday with a dog

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Have tail-wagging fun with holidays in Sicily with a dog

Sicily is one of the true jewels of the Mediterranean. This stunning Italian island has it all: year-round sunshine, gorgeous beaches, great water and, of course, Italian cuisine! Your pooch may not be eager to slurp up some spaghetti, but he can still have plenty of fun on a holiday in Sicily. Don't leave your four-legged friend to mope about at home - bring him with you for a Mediterranean adventure you'll both love!

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Getting ready for a dog-friendly holiday in Sicily

Why should you take your dog to Sicily?

Sicily is hands-down one of the best destinations in Europe for a holiday with a dog. Local people tend to love pooches, so your canine companion will be welcomed with open arms. It's easy to find a terrace where you can get stuck into some spaghetti or pizza while your pup takes a break in the shade under the table. Plus, Sicily has what might well be Europe's best dog beach in the form of Bau Bau Beach, complete with agility courses for energetic canines. Take a look at dog-friendly holiday lettings in Sicily and you're bound to find something that suits both you and Fido down to the ground.

Where are the best places to go for a walk around Sicily?

You won't find any dedicated dog parks in Sicily, but that's no problem. Instead, there are plenty of fantastic dog beaches in Sicily where your dog can roam around and make friends. Top of the list is Bau Bau Beach (the name means "Woof Woof" in Italian) in Syracuse, with 3 km of sand for your pet to explore. It comes complete with doggy obstacles that make up an agility course to keep even the most hyperactive pup busy. Bau Bau Beach is amazing, but it's just the start. Catania, Messina and Trapani all have their own designated dog beaches, while Palermo's Dog Paradise City is a playground for pampered pooches, complete with a swimming pool. Dog Paradise City is privately owned, and you'll need to pay an admission fee, while the dog beaches are all totally free.

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FAQs: Pet-friendly holidays in Sicily

What's the best time of year to take my dog to Sicily?

Sicily's notorious hot sirocco wind can cause extreme temperatures in the summer months. With thermometers hitting 40°C in July and August, this is definitely not the best time for a holiday with your dog in Sicily. If it's too hot for humans to cope, it's definitely far too hot for dogs! Luckily, Sicily is blessed with year-round sunshine, so there are plenty of other times to visit the island. Daily highs of 27°C in June and September may still make things too hot for long-haired dogs. Try visiting in March or April, when the temperature hovers around 17 - 19°C, or October and November, when it is in the low 20s. As an added bonus, you'll manage to avoid the crowds of summer holidaymakers

Where are the best dog hikes and trails around Sicily?

With so many great dog beaches to choose from, you might never venture inland with your pup during your trip to Sicily! However, there are also some excellent places to walk your dog in Sicily. Visit Vulcano for one of the coolest dog trails you'll ever see, with black sand and thermal waters. If your dog is a water baby, he can even take a dip in the natural thermal pools! Don't even begin to contemplate tackling Mount Etna unless you've got a very strong, active dog - but there are still some cool rains around Etna Park. The walk from the Rifugio Citelli to Grotta Serracozzo is around 5.5 km long and involves some pretty steep sections. A gentler alternative is the route from Monte Nero to Giardino Botanico Nuova Gussonea, also in Etna Park. This is just over 5km, and is easy enough for the whole family to join in.

Can I take my dog on public transport in Sicily?

Sicily has a good rail network that links all the island's major towns. Small dogs can travel free in first or second class, as long as they are kept in a suitable carrier. For other dogs, you'll need to keep them on a lead and, depending on the breed, possibly a muzzle as well. A ticket for a dog costs 50% of the price of the regular fare. Your dog must remain under your control throughout the journey, and is not allowed to sit on the train seats - no matter how much he begs!

Can I bring my dog to a restaurant with me in Sicily?

Italians tend to take food very seriously - and sadly, sometimes that means saying no to dogs in restaurants. You probably won't be allowed to bring your pet into a restaurant or café. However, choose one with an outdoor terrace and you might be allowed to keep your pup with you if you're dining outside. Some restaurants may still turn your pooch away, particularly the fancier ones. To find dog-friendly cafés and restaurants, it's worth looking at the local eateries beside Sicily's many dog beaches. These places are often happy to welcome four-legged clientele, and may even offer your pup an "ice bau" - a sugar-free, dog-friendly gelato.

Are there any laws about dogs in public in Sicily?

Yes. You will need to keep your log on a lead at all times unless you are in a designated area like a dog beach. The lead must be a maximum of 1.5m long. You are also expected to keep a muzzle with you for emergencies. Don't be tempted to break these rules; there are free-roaming street dogs in some parts of Sicily, so keeping your dog under control is important for his own safety.

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