Villas in the Algarve

Villas in the Algarve

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Popular Villas in Algarve
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Villa for 12 people, with garden and pool as well as hot tub
12 pers., 5 bedrooms, 185m², 150m to the beach

per night

Villa for 9 people, with pool and garden
9 pers., 3 bedrooms, 200m², 1.9km to the beach

per night

Villa for 6 people, with garden and pool
6 pers., 2 bedrooms, 110m², 300m to the beach
(2 reviews)

per night

Villa for 12 people, with garden and pool
12 pers., 4 bedrooms, 220m², 1.6km to the beach

per night

Villa for 8 people, with terrace and pool
8 pers., 4 bedrooms, 6.3km to the beach
FREE cancellation
(9 reviews)

per night

Villa for 6 people, with garden and children pool, with pets
6 pers., 2 bedrooms, 110m², 1.4km to the beach
(13 reviews)

per night

Villa for 15 people, with pool and garden
15 pers., 4 bedrooms, 189m², 1.8km to the beach

per night

Villa for 6 people, with pool and terrace
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 2.6km to the beach
FREE cancellation
(5 reviews)

per night

Villa for 9 people, with garden and view
9 pers., 4 bedrooms, 400m to the beach
FREE cancellation

per night

Villa for 9 people, with terrace and pool
9 pers., 3 bedrooms, 220m², 1.8km to the beach

per night

Villa for 20 people, with garden and pool
20 pers., 7 bedrooms, 255m², 1.7km to the beach

per night

Villa for 6 people, with pool, child-friendly
6 pers., 2 bedrooms, 1.7km to the beach
FREE cancellation
(20 reviews)

per night

Villa for 10 people, with garden and pool
10 pers., 5 bedrooms, 250m², 3.6km to the beach
(10 reviews)

per night

Villa for 34 people, with garden and hot tub as well as pool
34 pers., 9 bedrooms, 320m², 550m to the beach

per night

Villa for 12 people, with pool and hot tub as well as garden
12 pers., 5 bedrooms, 240m², 850m to the beach

per night

Villa for 7 people, with pool and garden
7 pers., 3 bedrooms, 140m², 650m to the beach
(15 reviews)

per night

Villa for 7 people, with garden and pool
7 pers., 3 bedrooms, 120m², 2.7km to the beach

per night

Villa for 2 people, with pool and garden
2 pers., 1 bedroom, 50m², 1km to the beach
(7 reviews)
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Highlights in Algarve

  • Paradise beaches
  • Exciting dolphin sightings
  • Delicious seafood cuisine
  • Unique sea caves

Most popular amenities for Villas in Algarve

Pool 7,948
Internet 9,995
Pets allowed 1,686
Balcony/Terrace 7,957
TV 10,363
Air conditioning 8,210

Other property types in Algarve that might be interesting:

Villas in the Algarve

Extraordinary villas just steps away from soft sand and crystal clear waters

The Algarve is one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations and offers magnificent coastal villas near some of the country's most beautiful beaches. The region is blessed with a warm climate and clear seas that you can enjoy just minutes from your accommodation. In addition to a welcoming atmosphere, the many places to eat and exciting things to do will provide you with the best holiday ever!

High-quality villas with refreshing pools and unforgettable sea views

The range of luxury villas in the Algarve offers all the comforts to ensure you and your family have a wonderful time. The fantastic properties have stunning ocean views, terraces with dining areas for you to enjoy a traditional seafood dinner, sun loungers for sunbathing in the summer and pleasant swimming pools for cooling off after sunbathing. Indoors you can enjoy air-conditioned rooms with balconies overlooking the gardens with tall palm trees and the swimming pool to keep an eye on the children.

Travellers and activities

Algarve for beach lovers

The Algarve region has been voted one of the best beach destinations in Europe and Its diversity of beaches make it a special place for holidays for those who love the sand and sun. You can find coves that are only accessible by sea, white sandy beaches with crystal clear blue waters such as Praia do Camilo and Marinha (one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe), beaches located next to rivers that mix fresh and saltwater such as Praia de Odeceixe (one of the 7 most beautiful beaches in Portugal) and the beach of Ilha de Cabanas, idyllic islands such as Armona and naturist beaches such as the island of Tavira. In addition to this, the vast majority of the Algarve's beaches are home to bars and restaurants, so you'll have somewhere to cool off and eat after a hot day.

Algarve for families

Besides the beautiful beaches, the Algarve offers plenty of activities for the whole family! Among the attractions, you will find Zoomarine, the region's main family attraction. The place offers a mix of water park attractions, marine mammal shows and theme park. Here children can swim with dolphins and cool off in the large pools in the summer. However, the Algarve also has other great options to keep the little ones entertained such as the Lagos Zoo which offers a relaxing family day out where you can meet the Iberian lynx, exotic birds and discover the Monkey Island, an area where primates run free. The Krazy World Zoo is also another popular place for families, which has pools, slides, a petting zoo and other animals such as crocodiles, snakes and more. With green spaces and picnic areas, the Algarve's parks have everything you need for a great day out with the kids.

The Algarve is a food lover's paradise with six of Portugal's fourteen Michelin-starred restaurants

Top 7 travel tips in Algarve

1. Discover the big sand sculptures of the FIESA festival

The FIESA festival is one of the largest sand sculpture festivals in the world, and hosts over 50 talented artists who have used 40,000 tonnes of the unique sand found in the Lagoa area to create huge sculptures that will leave you wondering how this is possible! During the day watch the blue sky highlight the incredible and diverse sand sculptures that surround the entire Sandcity park. You'll see different themes each year throughout the summer with around 100 sculptures of everything from famous faces to animals.

2. Explore the fantastic caves of Benagil

Admire the gigantic Benagi Cathedral, so-called because of its various arches, and discover its various shades of yellow contrasting with the blue sea. A trip to the beautiful Benagil Caves is a must if you are in the Algarve. The natural beauty of these caves is incomparable! You can take a boat trip to the caves where you can see wild dolphins and tour some of the incredible sites along the coast. You also have the option of renting a stand up paddle board (SUP) to explore the site. It is one of the most fantastic caves on the planet, ranked 15th.

3. Venture to the peaceful crystalline shores

Dive into the crystal clear waters and discover the coral reefs that hide fish of all colours. Snorkelling in the clear waters of the Algarve is a unique and relaxing experience that will give you plenty to see. The region's waters are teeming with colourful marine flora and fauna that are a sight to behold. Best of all, you don't need any training or experience to explore the world beneath the waves.

4. Taste the delicious traditional dishes

The fantastic Algarvian produce is a delight to be savoured! Fresh seafood is the main dish in all the restaurants, you can try octopus, squid, lobster and more. However, the dish that sums up the Algarve's cuisine is the fish and seafood cataplana! But don't miss out on the Iberian pork, sheep's cheese, piri piri chicken and grilled sardines drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. Match your high quality food with an Algarve wine. The restaurants will offer you a cosy atmosphere and indulgent menus worth savouring overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Join a pirate crew!

Sail the seas of the Algarve like a true corsair aboard an iconic pirate ship. Algarve offers unforgettable journeys on authentic wooden ships with billowing sails that will give you a fantastic adventure along the coastline. You can discover the coves and beaches, have incredible views, as well as enjoy a traditional Portuguese barbecue on a secluded beach.

6. Take a horseback ride along the beaches

Galloping along the beaches and through the countryside of the Algarve is the best way to get in tune with nature and discover the breathtaking views of the region. Whether as a family or as a couple, the rides are exciting and safe. You can enjoy trails for all abilities along with friendly, well-trained horses that will take you through beach dunes, spectacular lagoons and rolling hills accompanied by perfect weather with clear skies.

7. Enjoy an unforgettable dolphin safari

The Algarve has a great diversity of marine life such as whales and dolphins that you can observe on boat trips! You will have sightings of these amazing animals in areas such as Portimão Canyon, Caneiros and São Vicente Canyon. Take a boat trip and marvel at the dolphins jumping out of the water as the boat moves along. This is a magical trip for all the family to enjoy.

FAQs: Villas in Algarve

Which amenities are the most important for holiday-makers for their holiday in Algarve?

According to the database from Holidu, when holiday-makers search for villas in Algarve, they frequently choose the following amenities: pool (56%), Wi-Fi (23%), and balcony (15%). Last year, the majority of travellers selected at least one of these options when finding the perfect villa.

Which types of amenities are offered by the villas in Algarve?

In terms of the amenities offered by Holidu, it appears that the villas in Algarve contain everything that holiday-makers desire! Here, the villas generally offer a variety of amenities, the most popular being: pool (92%), Wi-Fi (90%), and air conditioning (83%)...Not bad, right?

How are the villas usually rated in Algarve?

On average, the villas are quite highly rated. Judging by the Holidu data, 31% of villas have a rating equivalent to or higher than 4.5 stars. A ratio quite high which allows us to confirm that there are many which are very comfortable and will be the perfect choice for your next holiday.

Are the villas in Algarve suitable for families with children?

Judging by the Holidu database, 63% of villas in Algarve are child-friendly, it will therefore not be difficult to find the ideal villa for you and your children.

Are the villas in Algarve suitable for holiday-makers who wish to travel with their pets?

Yes! In Algarve, 13% of the villas accept them, 47% also have a garden!

Do the villas in Algarve generally offer Wi-Fi?

Of course! According to last year's data, 90% of villas in Algarve have an internet connection. You will be able to stay connected during your stay!

How much does it usually cost for villas in Algarve?

According to Holidu's database, less than 40% villas in Algarve costing less than £100 per night. They can be quite expensive, 15% even cost on average more than £500 a night.

Do the villas in Algarve typically come equipped with a fireplace or a pool?

Certainly! According to the data collected last year, the villas in Algarve are ideal in summer and winter. Here, 33% are equipped with a fireplace and 92% a pool.

Are the villas in Algarve suitable for holidays in big groups or rather for a weekend break as a small family?

Here, according to Holidu's data, 62% of villas accept up to eight guests, 57% of these villas are made up of at least four bedrooms. But 99% of villas are also suitable for up to four travellers, and 98% of the villas include at least two separate bedrooms. Algarve is therefore the perfect destination for large and small families!

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