Holiday rentals and lettings in Spetses

Holiday rentals and lettings in Spetses

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Highlights in Spetses

  • Historical sites
  • Incredible beaches
  • Nightlife
  • Greek cuisine
  • Archaeological sites
  • Art galleries

Best Holiday Rentals & Lettings in Spetses

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Holiday Rental for 4 People in Spetses City, Spetses
Holiday Rental for 4 People in Spetses City, Spetses, Photo 1
Holiday Rental for 4 People in Spetses City, Spetses, Photo 2
Holiday Rental for 4 People in Spetses City, Spetses, Photo 3
Holiday Rental for 4 People in Spetses City, Spetses, Photo 4
Spetses City, Spetses
Holiday Rental • 51 m² • 2 Bedrooms
Situated in SPETSES, the holiday home Palio limani house is just a short walk from the beach. The 2-storey property consists of a living room with a sofa bed for one person, a fully-equipped kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and can therefore accommodate 4 people. Additional amenities include high-speed Wi-Fi (suitable for video calls), a TV, air conditioning, a fan, a washing machine as well as a dryer. A baby cot is also available. This vacation rental features a private balcony for evening relaxation.Enjoy the shared outdoor space with a garden and open terrace.The property is located ...
from £129 / night
Holiday Rental for 6 People in Spetses City, Spetses
Holiday Rental for 6 People in Spetses City, Spetses, Photo 1
Holiday Rental for 6 People in Spetses City, Spetses, Photo 2
Holiday Rental for 6 People in Spetses City, Spetses, Photo 3
Holiday Rental for 6 People in Spetses City, Spetses, Photo 4
Spetses City, Spetses
Holiday Rental • 80 m² • 2 Bedrooms
Thanos Luxury apartment in Spetses is an independent, ground floor apartment with direct access to the garden. The apartment accommodates a bedroom with a double bed and private bathroom, a bedroom with two single beds, a fully equipped kitchen, a living and dining area and a second bathroom. The two sofa beds can accomodates two extra guests. The apartment is equipped with a TV, a library, board games and laundry service upon request. The apartment is located at the central of the city, just 50 meters from the main square and 150 meters from the port. The terrace is equipped with garden fu...
from £126 / night
Holiday Rental for 5 People in Spetses, Islands Of Attika Region
Holiday Rental for 5 People in Spetses, Islands Of Attika Region, Photo 1
Holiday Rental for 5 People in Spetses, Islands Of Attika Region, Photo 2
Holiday Rental for 5 People in Spetses, Islands Of Attika Region, Photo 3
Holiday Rental for 5 People in Spetses, Islands Of Attika Region, Photo 4
Spetses, Islands Of Attika Region
Holiday Rental • 84 m² • 2 Bedrooms
The apartment in a hotel "One Safe 1" is located in Spetses and boasts a beautiful view of the sea. The 56 m² property consists of a living room, a kitchen, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom and can accommodate 4 people. Available amenities include air conditioning and a washing machine.Recommended venues include the Bouboulina Museum, Sotirios Anargyros Mansion, the Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses, Bekiri Cave, Zogeria and Liotrivi as a lunch destination. Public transport links are located within walking distance of the apartment.Free parking is available on the street.Families with c...
from £90 / night

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Prices and availability

Current Holiday letting prices Spetses

£209for 20 Jul - 27 Jul
£270 annual average
Average price per week

Current holiday letting availability Spetses

39%for 20 Jul - 27 Jul
54% annual average
Percentage of available lettings

Holiday rentals and lettings in Spetses

Take a holiday in the lovely Saronic islands

Spetses is part of the Saronic islands of Greece’s peninsula. You’ll find lovely beaches like Zogeria with white sand, snorkelling and taverns serving fine Greek cuisine. The Psaragora fish market offers the freshest selections for the grill. Boutique shopping like Ratih silk and cotton fashions, unique home décor and more are along the coast. The arts are well represented locally and there’s plenty of ancient history to keep you intrigued. Water taxis will take you everywhere you want to go while offering spectacular views of the seascape. This is the dream holiday you deserve.

Gorgeous, luxury rentals with ocean views

Feel like a royal in your very own holiday rental. A stay in Greece should include ocean views, heritage buildings and gardens for an immersive experience. That’s precisely what you’ll find with these lettings! Expect to enjoy all the amenities with many of the rentals featuring a pool, luxurious interior and broad outdoor seating area with breathtaking views. Enjoy a sunrise on the balcony with your favourite brew. Or whip up a fantastic dinner to share with friends and family on the terrace. These Greek, mansion-style lettings will bring your holiday to life!

Holidays in Spetses

The area and getting around

Relax at the beach

Spetses is surrounded by stunning beaches! Kaiki, known for its nightlife, beach volleyball, and surfing, is the main beach. This is the place where you’ll live the daydream of sitting under umbrellas with interesting cocktails in hand. Ayios Mamas has beautiful cafés, is close to town, and has the best supermarket. Vrellos Beach is famed for its pristine waters, textured sand, and surrounded by the Aleppo aromatic pine forests for a charming appeal. And Xilokeriza is set-apart in a cove with breathtaking beauty and a tranquil vibe. The perfect escape from the crowds with a tavern serving cocktails and delicious local cuisine like souvlaki.

Eat like the locals

Travel and food go together, especially on the small island of Spetses where everything is close-by. Most restaurants and cafés are between the town centre and Old Harbour. Patralis on Kounoupitsa beach offers ocean views and seafood, grilled lamb, plus specialities like Fish a la Spetsiota and homemade desserts. Argyris boasts traditional Greek cuisine like saganaki (fried cheese), fresh fish, and delicious wines. Clock Eatery offers amazing pizza and fresh Greek salad. Orloff, in the Old Harbor, features awesome views from the terrace. You’ll be spoilt for choice with their traditional Greek victuals like barley rusks and sous vide.

Travellers and activities

Spetses for History enthusiasts

Plan your trip around September to witness the burning of the life-sized Turkish vessel in celebration of the Armata Festival commemorating the revolution of 1822. Then save a day or two for Mycenae, on the mainland, for its ancient historical and archaeological sites. One attraction, the Treasury of Atreus, was built around 1250 BCE and has fascinating historical and visual appeal. You’ll find it nestled above the village of Argos, reputed as the oldest continuous village in Greece with 7000 years of occupation. Bourtzi fortress is another historical gem of this romantic coast. There’s so much to see!

Spetses for Culture Seekers

You’ll be amazed at the number of hidden treasures in Spetses! Visit the Hatzigianni Mexi Mansion, a museum rich with 4000-year-old artefacts representing Spetses ancient past including the Hellenic period, Roman artefacts and many from the Revolution of 1821. Take a stroll along the sea and admire mansions from the wealthiest Greek families of the 1800s. The nearby Battery displays 200-year-old guns from the battle of 1822 and the Chapel features frescoes of the Revolution. Two churches in the Old Harbour Square, Agios Mamas and Agios Nikolaos, are well-preserved with interesting historical anecdotes and beautiful mosaics.

Spetses had a thriving spice trade and was the first to declare independence in the Greek War of Independence.

Top 5 travel tips in Spetses

1. Walk to the Spetses Lighthouse

The lighthouse, built in 1831, is the oldest in Greece. This leisurely hike from town provides excellent views of the Old Harbour, especially at sundown. Gaze out from the top of the lighthouse for awe-inspiring, panoramic views of the island.

2. Visit the caves

Ayia Anargyri is the biggest beach on the south side of the island. It is picturesque and peaceful. Perfect for cocktails and a snack from the tavern while soaking up the sun. Or swim to the Bekiris Caves and explore the rumoured hideout that was used during the Ottoman invasion.

3. Hike the Island

Spetses is a dynamic island full of interesting footpaths ideal for hiking, especially in the Spring and Autumn when the weather is fresh. Narrow paths cross the island leading to tiny chapels, breathtaking hilltop views and secret beaches. Prophet Ilias, the peak of the island, features a seafood tavern serving creative cocktails to reward your efforts.

4. Browse local ceramic art

Nord Ceramics Art & Design features paintings and ceramic pieces from local artists in Spetses. You’ll find art nouveau ceramic bowls, portraits and traditional Greek ceramic plates that will liven any home. A truly unique pottery venue!

5. Meet the woman warrior

Laskarina Bouboulina, the first female Admiral, funded and commandeered her naval fleet to win the war against the Ottomans in Spetses. Visit her 300-year-old mansion museum to see the artefacts and accomplishments of her life. Her statue in Daipa Harbour marks the spot of the annual re-enactment festival in her honour on September 8th.

Information about holiday lettings in Spetses

🏡 Holiday lettings available: 42 properties.
💳 Discount available: up to -47%.
🌙 Minimum price per night: from £41.
⭐ Most popular amenities: air conditioning, Wi-Fi and balcony.
🐾 Pet-friendly: 14 properties.
👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 For families: 10% of the properties.
🏊 With pool: 9 properties.

FAQs: Holiday Rentals & Lettings in Spetses

Which services are available at the holiday lettings in Spetses?

Among the amenities offered by Holidu, it seems that the holiday lettings in Spetses have everything that holiday-makers wish for! Here, holiday lettings generally offer a variety of amenities, the most popular being: air conditioning (98%), balcony (94%), and Wi-Fi (93%)... Pretty cool!

How are the holiday lettings rated in Spetses?

The holiday lettings in Spetses are often well rated. 49% of the holiday lettings in Spetses have an average score of 4.5 stars!

Are the holiday lettings in Spetses suitable for travellers and their pets?

There is a fairly equal number of holiday lettings in Spetses that accept pets and those that do not. Based on this, we recommend you not wait too long to make a reservation in order to ensure that your pet can travel with you.

Do the holiday lettings in Spetses generally come with an internet connection?

Yes! According to Holidu's data, 93% of holiday lettings in Spetses have Wi-Fi. This means that you will be able to access your emails and favourite social media sites at any time!

What is the average price for holiday lettings in Spetses?

Most of the holiday lettings in Spetses (82%) cost less than £100 a night. Therefore, this destination is perfect for booking a budget-friendly holiday letting!

Do the holiday lettings in Spetses typically have a swimming pool?

of course! Judging by last year's information, a large portion of holiday lettings in Spetses have access to a swimming pool. Fancy a weekend at the pool and relaxing with friends? Don't delay to book a holiday letting in Spetses! In addition,28% even have a barbecue!

Are the holiday lettings in Spetses suitable for holidays with several people or better for a holiday as a small group?

According to the information collected last year, 81% of holiday lettings accept up to four guests. Approximately 65% of the holiday lettings here include at least two separate bedrooms. This is the ideal destination for small groups of friends!

When planning a luxurious holiday in Spetses, are holiday lettings a good option?

Absolutely! The accommodations in this destination come with excellent features. So if you are looking for holiday lettings in Spetses, you shouldn't wait long to book because 23% have a pool, 69% have a garden but none have a sauna. Also, if what you are looking for is space, 81% of the holiday lettings can accommodate big groups and 69% have green spaces in their vicinity.

Do the holiday lettings in Spetses have a beautiful view?

Yes, Spetses is the perfect place to breathe in the fresh air and spend time outside! 94% of the holiday lettings have a balcony or terrace, and 59% have a view. 69% also offer a garden, so you will not have any problem finding your holiday paradise. If you like enjoying your meals outdoors, and especially if you like barbecues, 28% of the holiday lettings are equipped with them.

If you want to travel to Spetses do you know what is the most suitable time of the year?

Judging by the amenities in the holiday lettings in Spetses, it is a destination that suits all seasons of the year. This is because there are varied options, from a swimming pool to a fireplace. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy Spetses in comfort all year round.

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