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Greece is a truly unique country with fantastic legacy dating back thousands of years, with ruins and monuments still prevalent throughout the county. Discover great cuisine, amazing landscapes and its infamously great weather and enjoy Greece to the full by booking one of many villas and holiday homes available with Holidu!

Things to know about Greece

Villas and Holiday Lettings in Greece – Paradise on the Aegean Sea

Lying in south Eastern Europe by the Aegean and Adriatic Sea with literally thousands of beautiful sunny islands and a geologically diverse, fascinating mainland, Greece is and has been a popular travel destination for many people for a very long time: No matter whether a beach holiday on the Greek Aegean Sea, a luxury holiday in a great climate or a diving trip to discover the turquoise sea – Greece has a side to please anyone. Countless miles of beaches, where unforgettable days are spent await you here, with possibilities for water sports, snorkelling and scuba diving amongst many other activities. To access Greece's countless islands,

there are many regular boat services from the mainland and between neighbouring islands – many islands even feature airports, making access by air from the UK a breeze. The Greek mainland and larger islands are best explored by car and with many car rental services available, this is easily organised. The Aegean Sea is just waiting to be explored by boat, with many islands in close proximity to each other making regular stop-offs possible. Many fantastic villas and holiday lettings are located throughout Greece and the country is waiting to be discovered – from Athens to Zakynthos, Holidu has it covered with great deals throughout Greece!

What a fascination Sight: The Acropolis of Athens
What a fascination Sight: The Acropolis of Athens

Activities on Land or by the Sea in Greece

Greece is renowned for its fantastic beaches – where there is a beach, there is a body of water to enjoy with many fantastic activities available. The entire region offers unique diving possibilities with close proximities to fantastic villas and holiday lettings. Discover colourful fish, impressive corals and the rich aquatic life which reside here. Greece is also home to fantastic mountains on the mainland, perfect for a spot of mountain biking. Cycle on and around Mount Parnitha, located Just to the north of Athens. Covered with idyllic palm trees and home to species of deer, fox, rabbits and many different types of birds, this area is not only suited to mountain bikers but to new and experienced walkers with many fantastic trails located throughout!

After a day of trekking in a national park or swimming in the picturesque Adriatic or Aegean Seas, unwind and try some famous Greek delicacies and gain a literal taste for Greece! Greece awaits you with Moussaka, Spanakopita, Kalamari to name a few examples as Greece is renowned for its fantastic cuisine all over the world. Try some world famous Ouzo after a filling meal and enjoy Greek food and drink at its best! Holidu offers fantastic villas, holiday lettings and holiday apartments all year round in Greece with its mild winters and particularly hot summers – enjoy this fantastic country whatever the season and book great accommodation today!

Top 5 Recommendations to Enjoy Greece to the Full

Typical for Greece: white houses with blue roofs
Typical for Greece: white houses with blue roofs

1. During your stay in a fine villa or holiday letting in Greece, a visit to the capital, Athens is certainly a prospect to be considered. This cultural and historic capital offers landmarks which have been standing for thousands of years such as the Acropolis, towering above the city.

2. A welcome option if you plan on renting a fantastic villa on the island of Rhodes is an excursion to discover the sea by boat! Sailing boats in a 17th century style are present throughout the harbour and take you on a tour around this stunning island and its surrounding sea. Learn intriguing history about the region and venture into history dating back thousands of years!

3. When you envisage images of Greece, you may instantly think of stunning white buildings on a rocky tiny island surrounded by endless turquoise sea. This is certainly the case on the picturesque island of Santorini! The island, despite its small size, offers miles of beaches, perfect for enjoying a day by the sea in picture-postcard surroundings. To reach this island, there are boats which connect the island to various other islands in the Aegean Sea as well as the mainland, making Santorini easily accessible!

4. Located in the heart of the Greek mainland lies the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site of Meteora, surrounded by unique and extraordinary rock formations. This monastery, lying on a mountain with verticle cliff faces on all corners was even featured into the James Bond film, “For Your Eyes Only“ and makes a truly stunning sight to behold.

5. Lying on the Island of Zakynthos, the stunning Navagio Beach nestles in a cove with its famous shipwreck heavily featured on postcards. The beach is a pure gem renowned throughout Greece – it consists of crisp white sand and an idyllic turquoise sea within a rocky cove. A visit to this setting is a sight you are unlikely to forget in a hurry!

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Greece: The nation of legendary history, culture, great weather, famous cuisine and beautiful landscapes. Greece offers many different sides to please the fussiest of holiday maker, from cycling holidays to relaxing beach holiday on a sandy or pebbly beach! Fantastic villas, holiday lettings and holiday apartments

are found throughout the mainland and the islands with Holidu – use Holidu's simple search function and determine your check in and check out dates as well as what facilities should be available, such as a garden, a pool, child friendly facilities to name a few. Book your dream Greek accommodation with Holidu today!