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Most popular Apartments in Lindos

Room for 3 people, with ocean view and terrace, child-friendly
Lindos Beach, Rhodes
£283per night
Apartment for 2 people, with balcony/terrace
2 pers., 1 bedroom, 450m to the beach
6 reviews
Lindos, Rhodes
£47per night
Apartment for 3 people
8 reviews
Lindos, Rhodes
£48per night
Apartment for 4 people
4 pers., 1 bedroom, 40m², 350m to the beach
Lindos, Rhodes
£90per night
Studio for 2 people
2 pers., 1 bedroom, 100m to the beach
£38per night
Apartment for 3 people, with balcony/terrace
3 pers., 2 bedrooms, 300m to the beach
Lindos, Rhodes
£204per night
Apartment for 2 people
2 pers., 1 bedroom, 35m², 60m to the beach
8 reviews
Lindos, Rhodes
£107per night
Apartment for 3 people
3 pers., 1 bedroom, 30m², 200m to the beach
4 reviews
Lindos, Rhodes
£92per night
Apartment for 6 people, with pool and garden
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 1.6km to the beach
£751per night
Apartment for 2 people
2 pers., 50m to the beach
Lindos, Rhodes
£88per night
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Highlights in Lindos

  • Incredible beaches
  • Tantalizing cuisine
  • Incredible Acropolis, White village
  • Incredible ancient monuments

Most popular amenities for Apartments in Lindos

Pool 19
Internet 76
Balcony/Terrace 55
TV 62
Air condition 78
Garden 37
Parking 38
Washing machine 51
Heating 39

Other property types in Lindos, that might be interesting:

Apartments in Lindos

An apartment in a white villa

The pretty little town of Lindos offers a wide variety of apartments. This resort on the island of Rhodes boasts two different parts. In Krana, you can find contemporary and modern apartments and in the town centre, you can find more traditional buildings and refurbished apartments still ideal for a great holiday. The streets can be quite hilly but taxis are always available and if you have your own car it’s easy to move around. The apartments are never far from the beach so reaching the turquoise waters it will be just a matter of minutes.

Fantastic apartments with terraces

The balconies and the terraces of the apartments offer stunning views of the sea and the mesmerising azure waters, so waking up will be just a great thing to do first thing in the morning. The withewahes facades and the pastel colours of the walls inside, give this town a feel of charm and tranquility, ideal for a perfect island getaway. The privileged climate of the island makes the locals spend most of their time at home,on the terraces, enjoying barbecues, lying down in the sun lounges or just reading an interesting book under the parasols. Find an apartment that accommodates all your dearest ones and enjoy your stay in Lindos!

Travellers and activities

Lindos for foodies

The Greek cuisine is well known for traditional recipes including tzatziki, gyros, feta cheese and fresh fish and local produce. After long days in the sun, the atmosphere will whet your appetite. The traditional tavernas, the rooftop terraces and the Lindos Houses are excellent choices for sampling some of the best traditional bites in Lindos. Tantalise your taste buds and satisfy your cravings with a selection of Meze and home cooking. Go to Eklekton, Pallas Beach Taverna, Mythos or Ambrosia. Indulge in delicious and tempting flavours!

Lindos for beach lovers

Lindos is a gorgeous coastal town and the beaches are one of its main attractions. In the same bay you can enjoy two different beaches. Lindos Beach is a pretty sandy beach on the east where families spend the day with their kids who enjoy the safe and shallow waters. On the western side of the beach you find Pallas Beach, a very cute corner with traditional tavernas. St Paul’s Bay is also a gorgeous spot of crystal clear waters and a great bay to unwind under the sun for the day. Take a dip in the sea, do some snorkelling and walk along the shore, massaging your feet with the fine sand underneath them.

Did you know the acropolis of Lindos was built to protect the city?

Top 7 travel tips in Lindos

1. Get on a donkey

Back in the day, the donkey was the usual transport to carry goods up and down the hill. Now, locals offer donkey rides to the tourists who wish to experience a different way of transport. The ride is 6€ each way up to the Acropolis. In the main square in town you will find the donkey station. The ride is recommended for children.

2. Visit the white village

The charm of a white village always captivates the visitors. Lindos has a special charm that will steal your heart. The white facades, the shimmering blue sea as a backdrop, the narrow streets and alleys, the quaint shops and the blue domes are some of the features of these villages quite popular as well in many other white villages around the Aeolian Islands.

3. It’s shopping time!

On holidays we always feel like shopping. Clothes, jewellery, books, souvenirs and all kinds of knick-knacks that will remind us of our stay. In Lindos you can find several independent shops to buy lovely crafts and other items. Enjoy your shopping!

4. It’s coffee time!

After a day strolling around, swimming, visiting or resting, a cup of coffee is always welcome. In Lindos there is a cute cafe decorated with a maritime theme where you can pop in at any time of the day.

5. Visit the Orthodox church

Built in the 14th century, the Greek Othodox Church of Panagia is known for its high-rise and the stone campanile tower. You can visit the church and admire the fabulous wall frescoes depicting biblical scenes. The cross-shaped building is the main nave and as you step out, on top of the doorway there is another interesting fresco about the Last Judgement.

6. Visit the Old Acropolis

The Acropolis of Lindos is a major landmark on the island and the most popular tourist attraction in Lindos. From Lindos you can walk or use the donkey rides to head to the Acropolis. In there, you can admire the fantastic walls, the incredible gates, the Temple of Athena Lindia and the Castle of the Knights of St.John. take a few minutes to take in the views of Lindos town and the splendid bay. Remember to bring your camera!

7. Go to Kleoboulos’ tomb

An easy walk from Lindos will take you up around the bay to the peninsula, capped with a circular tomb, Kleoboulos' tomb. This monument is recognised as one of the seven sages of ancient Greece.

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