Christmas holidays

Christmas holidays

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The Most Christmas-Obsessed Countries in Europe

As December approaches, so does the “most wonderful time of the year”! Despite cultural differences, the festive spirit resonates across Europe, uniting people in the joyous celebration of Christmas. But which European countries are the most obsessed with Christmas? Holidu, the holiday rental booking portal, conducted a study to unveil the most Christmas-obsessed European countries by looking at the searches that happened on Google throughout the year. Christmas-related keywords such as “Christmas”, “Christmas Trees”, “Christmas Songs”, “Christmas Markets” and “Nativity Scene” were considered. These data points will reveal the countries where the festive cheer is truly at its peak. Stay tuned for the unveiling of these Christmas enthusiasts, as we explore which corners of Europe are most captivated by this magic season.

1. The Netherlands | 183,100 Searches / 🎄Christmas Obsession Score: 100

The Netherlands is officially the most Christmas-loving country in Europe! In the ranking, the five keywords analysed achieved a total of 183,100 searches, with 83,900 specifically for the keywords "Kerst" and "Kerstmis", which both mean "Christmas" in Dutch.

Fun fact about Christmas in the Netherlands: The Christmas season officially begins on the 5th of December with the tradition of Sinterklaas. This uniquely Dutch holiday involves the arrival of Sinterklaas (St Nicholas) and his mischievous helpers, the "Zwarte Pieten" or Black Peters. Dutch homes are adorned with Sinterklaas decorations and the exchange of gifts and festive treats adds to the festive atmosphere. Interestingly, Dutch immigrants introduced the tradition of Sinterklaas to the USA, from which the globally recognised "Santa Claus" developed.

2. The United Kingdom | 691,400 Searches / 🎄 Christmas Obsession Score: 99.10

In second place is the United Kingdom. Google searches there reveal a particular fascination with Christmas trees! The five key terms associated with the UK result in a total search volume of 691,400. It is particularly noteworthy that 301,000 searches are for the keyword "Christmas", with 246,000 relating specifically to "Christmas trees".

Fun fact about Christmas in the United Kingdom: The season begins with the inauguration of the fairy lights and the opening of Christmas markets in towns and cities across the country. Christmas time is also pantomime time, with audiences of all ages heading to the theatre to enjoy the musical performances. The centrepiece of Christmas dinner is often a roast turkey with sides such as stuffing and roast potatoes.

3. Denmark | 60,380 Searches / 🎄Christmas Obsession Score: 97.33

The third place in the ranking goes to Denmark. The five keywords analysed achieved a collective search volume of 60,380, of which 27,100 were for the keyword "Christmas" and 18,100 for "Christmas trees" ("Jul" and "Juletræer" in Danish).

Fun fact about Christmas in Denmark: A typical Danish tradition is called "Julefrokost", which can start up to six weeks before Christmas. This is usually a long dinner in the form of a buffet or lunch, which is enjoyed at work with colleagues or with family and friends. Christmas in Denmark is usually celebrated with family or friends and is characterised by festive treats such as "Ææbleskiver" (round pancakes) and "Gløgg" (mulled wine) as well as the exchange of gifts.

4. Norway | 55,400 Searches / 🎄Christmas Obsession Score: 96.18

Norway occupies fourth place in the ranking, with the five search terms together achieving a search volume of 55,400. More specifically, there are 27,100 searches for the term "Christmas" and 18,100 for "Christmas trees". Remarkably, these two search volumes are identical to those of Denmark, which ranks third due to higher search volumes for "Christmas carols" and "Christmas markets", despite having a fairly similar population.

Fun fact about Christmas in Norway: The Christmas season begins with the lighting of Advent candles and the whole country is decorated with twinkling lights and festive decorations. Norwegians live the spirit of togetherness, savouring traditional delicacies such as "lutefisk" and "risengrynsgrøt" and exchanging heart-warming gifts with their loved ones. Norwegians celebrate their big feast on Christmas Eve, "Julaften", when family members come together for a traditional Christmas dinner, usually featuring either "ribbe" (pork ribs) or "pinnekjøtt" (lamb ribs).

5. Ireland | 49,590 Searches / 🎄Christmas Obsession Score: 90.20

Ireland took fifth place with a score of 90.20. The combined search volume from the five search terms for the country was 49,590. 22,200 searches were for the keyword "Christmas" and 14,800 for "Christmas trees".

Fun fact about Christmas in Ireland: Christmas celebrations start a month before Christmas with the launch of "Christmas FM", an Irish Christmas radio station that plays only Christmas songs day and night. From the end of November, towns and cities across the country become the setting for festive Christmas markets. This is where locals gather to get into the festive spirit with a mulled wine in hand. Dublin Castle Christmas Market is one of the most famous, with stalls selling crafts, food and drink in the historic courtyard of Dublin Castle. Music and entertainment are also provided!

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