Take an Algarve holiday with a dog with your best friend by your side

Take an Algarve holiday with a dog with your best friend by your side

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Don't forget Fido when you take holidays in the Algarve with a dog

If you're the proud parent of a furbaby, holidays can be tricky. After all, you wouldn't leave your human kids at home while you go off for fun in the sun - so why leave your beloved pooch to mope about in kennels? A dog-friendly holiday in Portugal's sunny Algarve lets the entire family have a much-needed break. Read on for everything you need to know to plan your dog-friendly trip.

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Why should you take your dog to the Algarve?

The Algarve is one of the most beautiful parts of Portugal, known for its sunshine, superb beaches and world-class surfing. It's also an ideal place for a holiday with your dog. Travel in the off-season and you'll find dozens of beaches that will welcome your pooch. Even in the summer, there are some dog beaches and dog parks where you can go for a great walk - or you can just relax in the garden of your pet-friendly holiday lettings in the Algarve. Portugal is an extremely dog-friendly country, where around one-third of households have a canine companion. People are very welcoming to well-behaved mutts, and your dog is sure to make friends wherever he goes.

Where are the best places to go for a walk around the Algarve?

If your dog is a bit of social butterfly, then head straight for a dog park in the Algarve. The Parque Canino in Faro is a square kilometre of doggy paradise, open every day from 8 am until 11 pm. It has some agility equipment for sporty dogs, as well as plenty of wide open spaces where your pup can sniff and play with new friends. If you'd rather get out in nature, you'll find lots of great trails around the Algarve. One of the best is the route around Fonte Benémola, a gorgeous reservoir. You'll need to keep your pet under control, as many wild birds call this area home. The route here is 4 km long, and it's particularly well-suited to dogs as it's very shady. Plus, there's lots of water for thirsty dogs to lap up during the walk! Another hotspot for dog walking is the Rota Vicentina, a historic pilgrimage. It stretches for over 230 km, but you can do it a section at a time. Try the stage that runs from Vila do Bispo to Sagres for gorgeous views. This route has less shade, so don't risk it in summer.

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FAQs: Pet-friendly holidays in Algarve

What's the best time of year to take my dog to the Algarve?

The Algarve is known as a summer hotspot, but that's not the best time of year for a holiday with a dog in the Algarve. In July, the daily average of 24°C may be uncomfortable for many canines. Plus, the crowds are likely to stress your pooch out! Try the shoulder season instead. From late April to June, the daily average is around 18°C. October sees an average of 19°C most days, which is far more suitable for dogs.

Where are the best dog beaches around the Algarve?

If you want a beach holiday, then look for villas in the Algarve near dog-friendly beaches. In general, most beaches in Portugal are fully dog-friendly in the winter months but do not allow dogs in summer. The dates may vary, but this restricted period is usually from May to mid-September. At all times of the year, you will find some dog beaches in the Algarve, though. Praia de São Rafael, Praia das Furnas and Praia da Figueira all welcome dogs - but be warned, these are nudist beaches, so ensure your pooch is well-behaved and not in the habit of jumping up at strangers! If you want to avoid the local naturists, Praia de São Rafael is probably the best of the three; it is the largest, and only one part of the beach is for nudists.

Can I take my dog on public transport and into restaurants in the Algarve?

Yes. Portugal's dog-friendly laws mean that you can take dogs on buses and trains. Your dog must be clean and under your control, so ensure you have a leash or a pet carrier. Most restaurants and cafés in the Algarve have terraces with outdoor seating, and dogs are almost always welcome. You may not be able to bring your pooch into the dining room, though. If you want a specifically dog-friendly restaurant, try NOA in Loulé. This welcoming bistro will even provide snacks for your pup.

What should I be aware of before taking my dog to the Algarve?

Your dog will need to have his own pet passport before you can travel. He must also be microchipped and have up-to-date vaccinations. Dog rabies has been eradicated in Portugal, but some species of wildlife may still have this disease, especially bats; as such, only dogs that have been vaccinated against rabies can enter the country. Before travelling, check Portugal's list of dangerous dogs. Some breeds are not allowed to enter the country at all, while others must be muzzled while in public.

Are there any laws about dogs in public in the Algarve?

Nobody wants to tread in dog poo, and the Portuguese government takes this matter quite seriously. Fines for owners who don't scoop poop start at €25, but can reach a staggering €7,000. In general, you should keep your dog on a lead in public. There are some areas where dogs can roam free but always check in advance. This is particularly true in the Algarve, where many outdoor areas are protected zones for wildlife. Do not let your dogs chase after birds. If you're travelling between September and November, be particularly mindful of this. The autumn months see massive bird migrations in the Algarve.

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