Have a canine Canary break with a Lanzarote holiday with a dog

Have a canine Canary break with a Lanzarote holiday with a dog

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Take your best friend with you for holidays in Lanzarote with a dog

Did you know that the name Canary Islands doesn't refer to little birds at all? In fact, it comes from the Latin word canis, meaning dog - the same root for the word canine. How's that for an omen? The ancient Romans must have realised that Lanzarote and the other Canaries were paradise for pooches - and we agree! Bring your four-legged friend with you when you take a dog-friendly holiday in Lanzarote.

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Why should you take your dog to Lanzarote?

In general, Spain is a very dog-friendly country. Most bars, restaurants and cafés have outdoor terraces where dogs are welcome to laze about in the shade while their owners tuck into some tapas. Choosing pet-friendly holiday lettings in Lanzarote rather than accommodation in mainland Spain gives extra advantages. The island is blessed with great weather all year round, so it's the perfect choice if you're looking for winter sun. There are some superb dog beaches around Lanzarote, which means you and your canine companion will never be far away from some truly epic walkies. Even if you don't want to hit the beach, Lanzarote's rugged, volcanic landscape gives you several amazing options for inland walks.

Where are the best places to go for a walk around Lanzarote?

It's really hard to choose the very best dog walks in Lanzarote, as there are just so many great trails to explore! A lot will depend on how much effort you - and your dog - want to make. For some breathtaking views, try heading up to Caldera Blanca, a stunning volcanic crater. You can walk all the way around the rim of the caldera, which takes about three hours to complete, or just head up and back down. The trail to the top is a decent workout, but it's not excessively challenging, so even families with kids can tackle it. Another beautiful option is Caldera de los Cuervos, a crater which was destroyed by the force of a volcanic eruption back in the 18th century. This allows you to actually go inside the crater, which you and your dog will both love! At just over 4 km, this trail only takes around an hour to complete. Finally, the eerie, Mars-like landscape of the Montaña Roja is well worth a day out. This trail is a little under 3 km, but it's quite strenuous, so allow yourself plenty of time.

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FAQs: Pet-friendly holidays in Lanzarote

What's the best time of year to take my dog to Lanzarote?

In July and August, Lanzarote sees daily averages of 25°C, while the coldest months of December and January are still a pleasant 17°C. This makes it an ideal choice for breaks in the spring, autumn or winter. You're sure to find sunshine whenever you head to Lanzarote, but we recommend avoiding the peak summer months. The summer holidays may be too hot for a dog-friendly holiday in Lanzarote; what's more, the beaches and parks fill up with holiday makers, which is stressful for even a placid pooch.

Where are the best dog beaches around Lanzarote?

Unlike in mainland Spain, dog beaches in Lanzarote are not seasonal. That means that even if you visit in winter, your four-legged friend will be turned away from most of the island's beaches. Don't despair, though! There are still a couple of great dog beaches to explore. Playa de la Guacimeta has a section for dogs that is open all day long; Playa de las Coloradas is also dog-friendly, but only from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning, and again from 7:00 to 9:00 in the evening. Take care when you're going for a walk on these beaches, as they have designated dog-friendly zones. These are clearly marked with signs, but you'll want to make sure your pup doesn't cross the boundary.

Are there any dog parks in Lanzarote?

Yes. As well as its dog-friendly beaches, there are dog parks in Lanzarote where your pet can sniff around and make new friends. If you plan to go to the park regularly, then look for villas in Lanzarote near Playa Blanca, as that's where you'll find the island's best dog zone. This modern park is well over 2,000 square metres and is open 24 hours a day. It contains some great agility equipment which will allow athletic dogs to show off their skills. You'll need to enter and leave the park with your dog on a lead, but once you're inside, he can run around to his heart's content. There are regular dog socialising events in the park, so if your pup is a pack animal at heart, this is the place to go.

Can I take my dog to a restaurant or café in Lanzarote?

The general rule of thumb is the same in Lanzarote as in other parts of Spain: dogs are usually welcome on terraces, but not in dining rooms. Thanks to its wonderful climate, Lanzarote boasts a lot of terraces. In fact, you might struggle to find a restaurant, bar or café without one! Always make sure to ask a waiter before sitting down, as a minority of establishments are not that welcoming to four-legged customers. However, most will be happy for a well-behaved dog to chill out under your table on the terrace while you dine.

Are there any laws about dogs in public in Lanzarote?

Spain recognises certain breeds as being dangerous; these dogs must wear a muzzle while in public. In general, all dogs should be on a lead while out and about, although you can let them run free in designated areas. Always clean up after your dog, or you'll face a fine. In Spain, that doesn't just mean carrying bags for poo. You're also expected to squirt water from a bottle onto wet patches where your dog has cocked his leg, to give them a quick rinse.

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