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With a large selection of villas and holiday lettings available throughout Tenerife’s various regions, make the most of hot summers and warm winters on offer by booking a villa with Holidu’s simple search function to find your dream accommodation!

Things to know about Tenerife

Villas and Holiday Lettings in Tenerife – an Island with beautiful contrasting landscapes, where summer weather is a permanent fixture

Tenerife – the largest out of Spain’s Canary Islands lies just to the west of Morocco with other Canary Islands such as Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. Due to its closer proximity to the equator compared to mainland Europe, Tenerife basks in year round sunshine and temperatures in winter rarely drop below 18 degrees Celsius, making it a great spot for some winter sun. The Island’s north is more partial to occasional winter rain, but more than makes up for this with its lush tropical forests and stunning mountains – if you are into mountain biking and walking, the Anaga mountains in the north east provide for truly stunning views from up high. In contrast, Tenerife’s flatter drier south is more suited to relaxing beach holidays,

with less humid and slightly warmer average climates. The resorts of Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos and the Costa Adeje in the south west of the Island are a hit with many holiday makers – rent a villa or holiday letting with Holidu and find yourself in one of these great relaxing resorts, no matter what time of year. Surfers are drawn to the Island’s South East, specifically to El Medano, where higher winds create challenging waves and an all-round surfing paradise. Surrounded by the Ocean, a mountainous terrain and great weather all year round, Tenerife caters for various types of holiday makers, whether you are after a relaxing beach break, mountain biking or walking in the mountains or want to discover fascinating sea life unique to the Canary Islands.

Mount Teide
Mount Teide

Villas and Holiday Lettings to discover yourself in Tenerife

When you think of Tenerife, you may likely picture a place to escape dull winters with exquisite beaches, near constant summers and great nightlife – yet there is so much more. As mentioned previously, temperatures throughout the Island rarely drop below 18 degrees during winter, ideal temperatures to cool down in after a day trekking in the northern mountains for example. With this in mind, it is recommendable to book a villa around September – as the hottest summer season comes to an end, this will leave flight prices considerably lower compared to August, yet temperatures remain the same:

Enjoy more of Tenerife for less in a beautiful villa! The Island also offers opportunities for day trips throughout the Island, notably to Mount Teide, Spain’s tallest mountain which towers in the centre of Tenerife at around 12,000 feet. Due to Tenerife’s southern location compared to Europe, UV ratings are undoubtedly a lot higher – soak up the rays and gain a healthy glow during your holiday in a villa or holiday letting here. Do be sure to use lots of sun cream though, the UV ratings are more powerful than you may think!

Top 5 Recommendations for Tenerife when booking your Villa

Visit the ancient Pyramids of Güímar
Visit the ancient Pyramids of Güímar

1. Turtles, dolphins, whales and a range of exotic fish: Tenerife’s waters are home to a range of sea dwellers due to its location. To discover stunning aquatic wild life up close, why not go scuba diving with one of Tenerife’s many diving schools!

2. If you are after a more traditional excursion during your stay in Tenerife, the picturesque fishing villages of Playa San Juan and Alcala will fit the bill. Located on the west side of the Island, these towns enjoy a notable amount of sun and displays staggering views of the mountainous neighbouring Island of Gomera. Book a villa in these peaceful towns with Holidu!

3. The towering Mount Teide which lies in the middle of Tenerife is not only staggering to look at from its base, but offers breath taking views from its summit over not just Tenerife itself, but of other neighbouring Canary Islands. Take the cable car or plan a trek up to the summit and feel like a god towering above the clouds – it is a view and feeling not to be passed by.

4. It is a surprisingly little known fact that Tenerife features the second largest yearly carnival seen anywhere on earth. The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife takes place every February in Santa Cruz de Tenerife – tens of thousands of people line the street in fancy costume and there are constant displays of colour, light and life. If you are staying in Tenerife around February, it is certainly something not to be missed.

5. Tenerife features many fascinating museums, including the science, military and fine art museums. Take a break from relaxing on the beach, scuba diving or trekking in the mountains and learn about many different aspects of Tenerife’s history by experiencing a culturally enriching time in one of the many Museums located throughout the Island.

Experience Tenerife for yourself and find your perfect Villa, Holiday Letting or Holiday Rental with Holidu

Whether you are after a relaxing beach holiday, a scuba diving break to discover exotic sea dwellers or want to explore mountains and take in some unforgettable views – Tenerife delivers. Thanks to its warm climate, this is possible all year round so it is always a great time to choose your dream villa or holiday letting with Holidu!

Use Holidu’s simple search function to determine how many rooms your accommodation should have, a pool, a garden, a TV, Internet access, a dishwasher, child friendly facilities and many more options. Book online today and choose from great villas, holiday lettings and holiday rentals with Holidu!

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