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Cornwall – the most popular holiday destination within the UK amongst many Britons. Let Holidu assist you with choosing your dream UK holiday letting and discover great beaches, superior weather and refreshing breezes to make you doubt whether you are still in the UK. Book today with Holidu!

Things to know about Cornwall

Cottages and Holiday Lettings in Cornwall – England’s Gem

Cornwall is by far the most popular choice in the UK for British holidaymakers. No wonder, as many bays, miles of sandy beaches and steep cliffs make this county a place worth seeing. Cornwall is easily accessible by train, car and by coach if you are travelling from within the UK and isn’t too far away from cities within the West Country,

such as Exeter, Bristol and Plymouth. The county offers many great opportunities for different kinds of holidays: Surfing enthusiasts, walkers and couples looking for a quiet break come here every year to unwind and rediscover themselves. Book your cottage in Cornwall with Holidu today!

Idyllic village in Cornwall
Idyllic village in Cornwall

Cottages, Holiday Lettings and Holiday Rentals by some of England’s most beautiful Scenery

Ragged cliffs, wind which makes you feel alive and vast sandy beaches - these are probably the images of Cornwall which first pop into your head at first thought. However, there is so much more to experience about the county – it is recommended to take a drive around to explore Cornwall’s hidden gems and beauty. To gain a literal taste for Cornwall, why not try a local Cornish pasty or some locally sourced Ice Cream – these tasty treats are sure to go down a hit, especially on a sunny day by the beach. Cornwall also specialises in

producing some of the best traditional ales in the country, so why not stop off at a local pub during or after a day walking in the hills. Despite Cornwall’s outstanding natural beauty and charm, it should be taken into account that Cornwall is still within the UK – which means one thing: Rain. To experience Cornwall at its best, it is best visited between April and September. Saying this however, you certainly shouldn’t forget your sun cream and sunglasses in the summer: If you don’t take care, you may get sunburnt quicker than expected!

5 Travel Tips in Cornwall: Cottages and Holiday Lettings for the Perfect Holiday

St Michael's Mount
St Michael's Mount

1. The, “Trebah Garden” can be found not too far from Falmouth. Here you can find peace, an idyllic setting and various types of plants, such as daffodils, magnolia and hydrangeas. One of the highlights is surely the koi-pond, the waterfall or the hills of rhododendron flowers. Start the day in a café with a hearty breakfast and enjoy a day in this hidden oasis.

2. If you book a holiday letting in Newquay, you have the opportunity to visit one of the UK’s most famous Zoos. Lions, lemurs and penguins aren’t the only attractions here – a petting zoo is also available. Do you want take the opportunity to be a zookeeper for the day? This is still possible at Newquay zoo!

3. St. Ives is not only arguably one of the most beautiful places in Cornwall, but also the UK. While it is worth appreciating St. Ives for what it is, a pure seaside gem, it is also worth exploring the area and its surroundings. Wander by majestic cliffs, stroll by the bay and prepare to be amazed by the exhibitions in the sculpture museum!

4. A place certainly worth visiting in Cornwall is Land’s End. This symbolic point is the most south westerly point on the British mainland and also marks the spot of the legendary Land’s End to John o’Groats challenge, a distance of roughly 870 miles. If you don’t fancy the trekking the entire route, but want to discover the Cornwall side to it, there are many holiday lettings and cottages available with Holidu!

5. A hidden gem which should be more well known throughout the UK is St. Michael’s Mount, a tiny Island which can be found close to Penzance. It is visited by only a handful of tourists and it features a castle on a small hill on the Island – a truly unique sight to behold. If castles and historical buildings are your cup of tea, then the touring pass of the National Trust which allows you to visit many landmarks for free should be something to be considered

Discover Cottages, Holiday Lettings, Holiday Rentals and Holiday Homes in Cornwall’s stunning scenery with Holidu

Choosing your perfect cottage in Cornwall is child’s play with Holidu’s simple search function - determine where your cottage, holiday letting, rental or home should be located to tailor your holiday to discover your own personal Cornwall. Decide on how many rooms your accommodation should have, whether it should have a pool,

a garden, a tv, internet access, a dishwasher and all sorts of various facilities to fit you. If you are planning on staying in the UK for your summer holiday, Cornwall is a solid option to enjoy some of the best weather, scenery and beaches the UK has to offer. Book online today with Holidu!

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