Villas in Cala Millor

Villas in Cala Millor

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Highlights in Cala Millor

  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Beautiful beaches and turquoise water
  • Amazing activities filled with thrill
  • Seasonal fun for everyone
  • Incredible restaurants and stores on every corner

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With a length of almost 1.1 miles, Cala Millor is the home of the biggest bay on all the islands of Mallorca.

What are some tips I should consider before going to Cala Millor?

Top 7 travel tips in Cala Millor

1. Celebrate the national holidays along with the locals

Many festivals and traditions are celebrated in the area throughout the year. To encourage community and tourist participation in the festivities, the main towns of the island organise various events designed to venerate their patron saints in different months of the year. August is the month of Mare de Déu dels Angels, bringing a festival of colours, sounds and flavours to the land of Cala Millor. Beginning the celebration with liturgical activities, the community gathers in the town's church to enjoy an array of enlightening events. Then, for a week, scheduled festivities bring people of all ages together to join and enjoy sports activities, tournaments, cultural events, fairs as well as traditional dances and music performances which help to preserve the island's culture and showcase it with pride. Check your calendar when visiting Cala Millor and enjoy an endless number of activities that will make you feel connected to this beautiful land. Book a villa in Cala Millor and be part of these wonderful festivals

2. Visit the town's market and sample the local products

Because Mallorca's territories have been rooted in fieldwork long before tourism, local markets are extremely popular in the area, providing the perfect meeting place for residents and workers to sell and sample the island's fresh flavours. Presenting seasonal fruits and vegetables, cheeses, cured meats and other local produce as well as stands of handicrafts, diverse attires, decorations, medicines and skin creams, residents and visitors from all over the world will be able to enjoy the fantastical products of Mallorca without any problem. Head to Eucalyptus Street in the town's centre and get ready to enjoy the quality items that Cala Millor has to offer.

3. Explore the town with the paths and trails available in the area

Featuring numerous points of interest and amusing neighbouring villages, the walking and cycling routes of the island are the best method to visit the landmarks and hidden gems of Cala Millor and thus get to know the territory a little more thoroughly. Beginning with the easiest walking trails for tourists, the path of Sa Punta de N'Amer allows hikers to visit beautiful structures such as Punta N'Amer's Tower on a circular walk of 5-miles. Serving as an alternative, the 2-mile coastal route of Cala Bona runs along magnificent beaches such as Port Nou, Port Vell and Sa Marjal, which offer beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and present the great opportunity to swim in their waters. Longer trails can be covered on bicycles thanks to the island's cycle touring circuit, which runs along flat and safe stretches of the towns and villages. Some of the best options are the Cala Millor to Porto Cristo route, which covers the locations of Sa Coma, S'illot, Cala Morlanda, Porto Cristo, Camí de sa Marineta, Son Carrió, Camí dels Molins, Camí de Cas Canonge and Camí de Na Gatera in a total of 16 miles, the Cala Millor to Cap des Pinar route, which covers the villages of Cala Bona, Costa dels Pins and Cap des Pinar in less than 11 miles and the Cala Millor-Son Servera-Artà-Sant Llorenç route, which in a total of 27 miles goes through the most popular villages of the island. With various options for beginners and advanced, Cala Millor paths are an experience you cannot miss during your stay. Pack comfy shoes and prepare for the adventure. And on the other hand, Palma de Mallorca, the vibrant capital of the Balearic Islands, serves as a fantastic complement to the serene beauty of Cala Millor. While Cala Millor offers a tranquil seaside escape, Palma adds a dash of cosmopolitan charm, cultural richness, and historical allure to your Mallorcan adventure, making the apartments in Palma de Mallorca a suitable alternative if you want something else entirely

4. Treat yourself to a Thai Massage in the spas and wellness centres of Cala Millor

Perfect for a day of relaxation and peace, Cala Millor's spa and therapy centres are must-see attractions in the town. Most commonly known as Khob Khun Thai Massage and Baan Thai Spa, these establishments are located on opposite sides of the town but offer similar treatments and experiences. Visit the centre closest to your villa and enjoy aromatherapy massages, manicures and pedicures, facials, waxing sessions as well as hot stone and oil therapies that will relieve your body aches and pains and will make you relax to unimaginable levels. Visit the spas of Cala Millor and feel renewed from head to toe in the beautiful territory of Mallorca.

5. Get a taste of the exotic flavours of Cala Millor

Besides presenting you with alternative ways to sample the fresh local produce of the town, Cala Millor has ready-to-go options that will make your taste buds dance with joy. Starting from the options that present delicious typical dishes, Tià Jass, Ca'n Pistoleta, Restaurante Toni's and Ca'n Jimmy are some of the best exponents of Mollorquina cuisine in the town. Featuring exquisite international dishes to enjoy, the restaurants of Cavall d'Or, Pal Dönner Kebab, Osteria Pane & Olio as well as Voramar and Ca'n Rigo Vell are the best options in the area. Perfect to appease a sweet tooth or grab a quick bite, the eateries of Osiris, Rigo and Gelateria Garau are the best pick, whereas the locales of Cafe del Sol, La Estación and Waikiki serve the best variety of beverages and refreshments. Come to the island with an empty stomach and be delighted by the superb flavours of the Mallorcan cuisine.

6.Take a break and enjoy a tasty cocktail in the bars of the town

To spend a vivacious night out on the town, Cala Millor offers a grand variety of pubs, bars and clubs that present music, beverages and fun all evening long. Known as the public favourite, the Disco Havana Q offers a wide dance floor, an array of sweet cocktails and incredible live music that attracts locals and tourists alike, making it the perfect place to meet new people. The Karussell and Lolly Pop pubs present more relaxed and serene experiences. Being located on Passeig de la Mar, enjoying a peaceful drink accompanied by the grandiose scenery of the coast won't be a difficult task. Ultimately, situated on the side streets of the town, Bar Piccadilly features a unique experience where you and your companions can enjoy a good atmosphere of great music, affordable cocktails, a spacious terrace and various games alongside the help of friendly and welcoming staff, who is ready to advise you on any questions at any time. Offering something different for every taste, the bars, pubs and clubs of Cala Millor are wonderful attractions you must visit to complete your holiday in Mallorca.

7. Stroll Cala Millor and make great finds in the shops and stores of the town

Comprising a wide range of locales in its area, Cala Millor is the perfect location to enjoy a little shopping spree abroad seas. With big brands and small family-run businesses, residents and visitors will be able to find everything they are looking for at the most affordable prices. Distributing beautiful pieces of clothing, the shops of Majorca, Koroshi, Moda Malú, Code as well as Risitas, Outlet and Urbano Milan are a few of the many options to be found in the zone. Ideal for completing an incredible outfit, the stores of Bijucor, Micmac Creaciones and Accesorios Monpell sell necklaces, bags and hats of all kinds that will add a touch of colour to your look. Perfect alternatives to buy the best gifts and souvenirs are Claudia's Shop, Clarel, San Remo, Rainbow and Los Angeles, which present all kinds of items that go from cards and ornaments to perfumes and aromatic soaps. Establishments such as travel agencies, opticians, hairdressers and sports shops are also available in the area, giving everyone a wonderful choice. Visit the shops in Cala Millor and leave the island of Mallorca with your hands full of incredible items. Ready to see the wonders of Cala Millor at its fullest? Then choose a villa for rent in Cala Millor now!

Information about villas in Cala Millor

🏡 Villas available: 5 properties.
💳 Discount available: up to -52%.
🌙 Minimum price per night: from £30.
⭐ Most popular amenities: barbecue, balcony and air conditioning.
🏊 With pool: 2 properties.

FAQs: Villas in Cala Millor

Which services are offered at the villas in Cala Millor?

Among the services available on Holidu, it seems that the villas in Cala Millor offer everything that holiday-makers want! Here, villas generally are equipped with a variety of amenities, the most popular being: barbecue (100%), balcony (100%), and Wi-Fi (100%)... Tempted?

How are the villas rated in Cala Millor?

On average, the villas here get quite positive reviews. According to Holidu, 20% of villas have a rating equivalent to or higher than 4.5 stars. This is a fairly high ratio which allows us to confirm that you will easily find the ideal villa for a wonderful holiday!

Are the villas in Cala Millor pet-friendly?

The amount of villas in Cala Millor that admit travellers who bring their pets with them, as well as those who do not, is quite similar. Based on this, we recommend you not wait too long to make a reservation to make sure that your furry friend can join you on holiday.

Do the villas in Cala Millor mostly have an internet connection?

Yes! According to Holidu's data, 100% of villas in Cala Millor include an internet connection. You will be able to access your emails and favourite social media sites throughout your stay!

How much does it usually cost for villas in Cala Millor?

The majority of villas in Cala Millor (100%) cost less than £100 a night. Therefore, this destination is perfect for reserving a budget-friendly villa!

Do the villas in Cala Millor usually have a swimming pool?

Of course! According to the information collected last year, 80% of villas in Cala Millor have a swimming pool. It's the ideal destination for you to spend the summer months! 100% even have a barbecue!

Are the villas in Cala Millor suitable for stays in large groups or rather for a weekend break as a small group?

In Cala Millor, according to the information gathered last year, 80% of villas accept up to eight travellers, and 80% of these villas contain at least four bedrooms. But 100% of villas are also suitable for up to four travellers, and 100% of the villas have at least two separate bedrooms. Cala Millor is, therefore, the perfect destination for large and small families!

When planning a luxurious weekend in Cala Millor, are villas a good choice?

Absolutely! Most of the villas in Cala Millor have the necessary characteristics with luxury features. This is thanks to the fact that 80% of these accommodations come equipped with a pool, 60% with a garden and even 20% have a sauna. Would you like something else? Would you like your accomodation to be equipped with air-conditioning? 40% of the villas have part of the accommodation equipped with this feature. You'll have no trouble finding your next holiday paradise.

If you are keen to take a trip to Cala Millor, what is the best time of the year?

There is no doubt that Cala Millor is an ideal destination to enjoy summer like never before. We can make this claim because according to Holidu's internal data, 80% of the properties here have a swimming pool, 60% have a garden and 40% have air conditioning. What are you waiting for? Reserve a villa in Cala Millor so you can enjoy your holidays.

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