Holiday rentals and lettings in Vilnius

Holiday rentals and lettings in Vilnius

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Highlights in Vilnius

  • A medieval city with lots of history
  • Excellent local gastronomy
  • Excellent architecture
  • A different shopping experience
  • A magical tile to satisfy your wishes

Prices and availability

Current Holiday letting prices Vilnius

£105for 29 Jun - 6 Jul
£125 annual average
Average price per week

Current holiday letting availability Vilnius

< 1%for 29 Jun - 6 Jul
0% annual average
Percentage of available lettings

Holiday rentals and lettings in Vilnius

Find the right holiday rental

Choose the area according to your holiday needs. If you want to stay close to the shopping area, the prestigious area of Žvėrynas is the right place with large shopping centres such as Akropolis and Ozas. For fancy restaurants and historic points of interest, your best bet is the Old Town. If you decide to stay near the river Neris or in Antakalnis, you will be in touch with nature, lakes and many forests. On the other hand, Užupis has become the hipster area with lots of art and plenty of lovely restaurants.

Special and unique holiday rentals

Cosy and central rentals adapted to your needs. Find equipped properties with enough room for 2, 3, or 4 people a few steps from important landmarks. Enjoy comfortable rooms decorated in a stylish and modern way to make you feel at home. Relax with a good film by the fireplace, have an afternoon nap in a comfy lounge or cook the best meals in your open plan kitchenette. Enjoy some properties with state-of-the-art technology and the latest features in a smart letting. Turn the lights on and off with a simple command or roll the blinds up and down while you are still in bed. Enjoy your holiday rental in Vilnius today!

Holidays in Vilnius

The area and getting around

Historic, medieval and full of culture

The capital of the Baltic estate of Lithuania is well known for its baroque architecture, the varied styles of the districts and the medieval Old Town. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, you can visit its neoclassical cathedral, the Gothic St. Anne’s Church or the 16th-century Gate of Dawn hosting the famous Madonna. The Botanical Garden, as well as the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights and the National Gallery are places worth visiting.

An explosion of flavours for your senses

Anywhere around the city you can find the greatest places to try the Lithuanian cuisine. The bunch of eateries around the city are famous for using local and seasonal produce. Try different restaurants with locally sourced products with the best Lithuanian recipes. Have a go at Dine and sample the local fish - pike, smoked eel and sturgeon. In restaurants like Gaspar or Somm, well known for its mushrooms unique recipes. At Dziaugsmas you will have a completely different experience based on beetroot, their signature ingredient that comes in the form of tartare, crisps, the Šaltibarščiai cold soup or even ice creams. Indulge your taste buds!

Travellers and activities

Vilnius for church and cathedrals enthusiasts

Vilnius is home to many beautiful churches and cathedrals. The pink-ish one with a mix of Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic decor is Casimir’s Church. The Churches of St. Johns and St. Theresa are a blend of Baroque and Gothic styles as you can appreciate in the beautiful ceilings, the incredible carvings and fantastic frescoes. Vilnius cathedral and its basilica is a magnifique building with a bright facade, large pillars and multiple statues decorating it. At least, but not less important, the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul is one of the most beautiful in Europe. It has a main nave, side altars, chapels and stunning interiors by unknown authors. What you can admire today is the reconstruction of the previous wooden structure before the war with Russia.

Vilnius for shopping lovers

Vilnius might not be the most well known spot for shopping but tourists find it a very pleasant and unique shopping experience. Around the city, many streets are lined with unique shops where to buy gifts, clothes, crafts and souvenirs. Gediminas Prospect is plenty of traditional amber and Lithuanian products. Pilies Gatve is the best place for souvenirs. For high-end boutiques, Didzoji Gatve is the place to head to and Traku Gatve is where single-item shops are. Two other important shopping arteries of the cities are those of Vokieciu Gatve and Vilnaius Gatve, plenty of lingerie, clothing, wine shops, specialty boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Lithuanian love being in the air! From heroic pilots who even became presidents to the oval dish “Cepillin” named after the German Zeppelin. Vilnius is the only capital city in the world that you can fly over in a hot air balloon.

Top 5 travel tips in Vilnius

1. Explore the Old Town

As we said before, the listed UNESCO Old Town is home to impressive buildings of baroque architecture, winding cobblestoned streets and picturesque churches. Along Pilies Gatve (Castle street) you will get excellent views of the remains of Gediminas’ Castle, stunning architecture, plenty of cosy cafes and restaurants and the best shops selling Lithuania’s main products, amber jewellery and linen. Cathedral square and the beautiful cathedral are a must as well as the red brick structure of St. Anne and Bernardine’s Church Complex. Stikliu Street and Zydu Street show you the formerly Jewish area of the city, now a shopping area with a couple of good restaurants to eat at - Bamb Alyne and Alyne Leciai.

2. Take a day trip to Trakai Castle

One thing highly recommended while in Vilnius is to take a day trip to Trakai Castle. Just half an hour by bus or a 20 minutes ride by car, Trakai Castle is a popular sight. This 14th-century castle is surrounded by Lake Galve. Get an entrance ticket and visit the castle. Spend at least half a day walking the stunning surrounding areas.

3. Make your wish come true!

Stebuklas, the “Miracle Tile” is for Vilnius what the Fontana di Trevi is to Rome. Not exactly a wishing well, but according to legend, this tile tucked in Cathedral Square has magical powers and it grants your inner wishes to make them come true. Will it happen or not? Whether it is true or not, this tile has its own history. Under Sovietic Rule, two million people made a human chain by holding hands, starting in Estonia, going through Latvia and ending at this very tile in Vilnius. Showing the strength of humanity, the tile is also a symbol of good luck if you happen to walk over it by chance. Give it a go and see what happens.

4. Visit the Užupis Republic

Considered as a hipster area, the Užupis district declared itself a separate republic. Ever since, this bohemian commune has had a president, a foreign ministry and their own constitution. The area is a plethora of art galleries, splendid independent shops and excellent eateries. The weekly market for organic produce takes place every Thursday. In here you can find delicious honey, pickles, greens, smoked meats and some homemade cheeses. Local jam and preserves of rosehip and sea buckthorn are specialities of the area. Grab some bites at the street food stalls and enjoy a tasty burger, pastries and local foods. For a refreshing sip of local beers have a pint at Špunka.

5. An Uptown Bazaar experience

Some might say this is a food court but Uptown Bazaar is much more than that. A wide array of dining options, hands down, offering the best international cuisine. National dishes, tapas, Thai or Asian. Hang around and bring your appetite with you. Have a great eating experience at the best place to eat in Vilnius. Enjoy a delicious breakfast, a tasty brunch, a late meal or a few drinks at dusk. Choose the time of the day and have a splendid meal.

Information about holiday lettings in Vilnius

🏡 Holiday lettings available: 148 properties.
💳 Discount available: up to -38%.
🌙 Minimum price per night: from £33.
⭐ Most popular amenities: Wi-Fi, balcony and view.
🐾 Pet-friendly: 40 properties.
📶 For workation: 100% of the properties.

FAQs: Holiday Rentals & Lettings in Vilnius

Which amenities are offered at the holiday lettings in Vilnius?

When looking at the amenities available on Holidu, it appears that the holiday lettings in Vilnius have everything that travellers want! Here, holiday lettings generally have a variety of amenities, the most popular being: Wi-Fi (96%), balcony (54%), and view (45%)... Are you convinced yet?

What are the reviews like for the holiday lettings in Vilnius?

The holiday lettings in Vilnius often have a lot of positive reviews. 46% of the holiday lettings in Vilnius have an average score of 4.5 stars!

Are the holiday lettings in Vilnius pet-friendly?

There is quite an even number of holiday lettings that allow visitors with their pets and those that do not. Therefore, you shouldn't wait too long to make your reservation so you can be sure your pet can travel with you.

Do the holiday lettings in Vilnius tend to offer Wi-Fi?

Of course! According to last year's data, 96% of holiday lettings in Vilnius include an internet connection. This means that you will be able to access your emails and favourite social media sites throughout your stay!

How much does it usually cost for holiday lettings in Vilnius?

A high percentage of holiday lettings in Vilnius (86%) roughly cost less than £100 per night. Therefore, this destination is perfect for reserving a cheap holiday letting!

Do the holiday lettings in Vilnius usually have a swimming pool?

Rarely. Judging by last year's information, most of the holiday lettings in Vilnius don't have one.

Are the holiday lettings in Vilnius suitable for trips in big groups or rather for a holiday as a small group?

Judging by last year's information, 59% of holiday lettings are suitable for up to four people. Approximately 21% of the holiday lettings here have at least two separate bedrooms. Vilnius is the perfect destination for small groups of friends!

Are the holiday lettings in Vilnius the best option for a luxurious trip?

Absolutely! The accommodations in this destination come very well-equipped. So if you are looking for holiday lettings in Vilnius, you shouldn't delay in making a reservation because 3% have a pool, 13% have a garden and 6% have a sauna.

Are you able to enjoy a beautiful view and spend time outside at the holiday lettings in Vilnius?

54% of holiday lettings have a balcony or terrace, and 45% have a view. However, it is not very common, so availability can be limited. If this is a priority for you, you should anticipate a bit more time for research. Also, don't forget to use the filters to be sure to find what you are looking for.

Would you like to know which months are most recommended for planning a trip to Vilnius?

According to the amenities found at the holiday lettings in Vilnius, it is the perfect destination both in summer and winter. This is because there are varied options, from a swimming pool to a fireplace. You can be sure that Vilnius is an ideal place to enjoy both summer and winter.

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