Holiday rentals and lettings in Belgrade

Holiday rentals and lettings in Belgrade

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Highlights in Belgrade

  • Kalemegdan
  • Wonderful gardens and zoos
  • Museum of Contemporary Arts of Belgrade
  • Divine Serbian cuisine
  • Ada Ciganlija

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£78for 29 Jun - 6 Jul
£87 annual average
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40%for 29 Jun - 6 Jul
58% annual average
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Holiday rentals and lettings in Belgrade

Wonderful holiday rentals found at every corner of the city

Offering the best assets and charms that the nation of Serbia has to offer in one place, the city of Belgrade will be an exceptional tourist destination that every traveller in the world should keep at the top of their list. Preserving beautiful natural spaces in which to relax and boasting fantastic tourist spots in which to enjoy a multitude of fun activities, it won't matter whether you want a quiet experience or an action-packed one as this wonderful capital will be able to deliver every experience you desire. Enhancing the city's image even further, Holidu and Belgrade will also present a myriad of lodging options to choose from, varying in fabulous features and excellent locations that will complement your dream holiday perfectly. Don't hesitate any longer and choose Belgrade and Holidu as your allies this season!

Sublime accommodations where to spend a comfortable stay in the capital

Besides featuring multiple locations throughout Belgrade, Holidu's holiday rentals and lettings will be some of the best additions that the capital city can present you with during your stay. Featuring a capacity of up to 16 people, these wonderful residences in Belgrade will be the ideal spots in which tourists will be able to experience that long-desired time of relaxation with their partner, family or friends. Consequently, offering luxurious spaces for all guests, travellers can also expect the best amenities on the market, ranging from magnificent swimming pools and hot tubs to fabulous terraces and saunas. Live the best experiences both indoors and out in the city by placing your trust in the rentals and lettings that Holidu and Belgrade have for you this year!

Holidays in Belgrade

The area and getting around

Kalemegdan, a mighty fortress with more than 2 thousand years of history

Located on a large hill in Belgrade's urban district, between the junction of the Danube and Sava rivers, the Kalemegdan is an incredible spot in the capital that will have thousands of captivating stories to tell you. Tracing the first settlement of the point back to the third century BC, Kalemegdan presents a soil rich in history, which through numerous excavations and research has helped multiple historians to organise the timelines of Belgrade's wars and battles. Beginning with a military camp, the Kalemegdan Fortress is also an excellent vestige of all the events that took place in the area, presenting today an exquisite structure that encapsulates a wealth of exquisite architectural movements over the years. Let yourself be dazzled by the historical beauty that Belgrade has in store for you by visiting the exceptional Kalemegdan attraction!

Skadarlija, Belgrade's most popular street

Known today as the Bohemian block of Belgrade, Skadarlija is one of the city's most popular attractions that promise to present you with a close sight of the life that the region's community maintains and the points they usually frequent. Erected in the early 1800s, this wonderful street of Belgrade also enjoys a lot of history, suffering from multiple demolitions and reconstructions that give it an architectural look of varied movements. Today, tourists can find everything from intriguing museums to top-quality restaurants that will undoubtedly present them with fabulous experiences during their stay.

Travellers and activities

Belgrade for nature lovers

Moving away from the city's impressive historical aspect and focusing a little more on its nature, Belgrade's varied territory can also present a satisfying experience to visitors who wish to enjoy the diverse green spaces throughout the capital while remaining in the heart of civilization. Comprising the realms of Serbia's flora and fauna both, even those tourists who want to explore Belgrade's natural spaces with a more educational approach will be able to enjoy a wide range of options, both on the outskirts of the city and in its restless centre. The Belgrade Botanical Garden is one of Serbia's most varied and beautiful wildlife-focused attractions to explore. Scattered among beautiful lakes, delicate buildings and magnificent bridges, visitors will find all kinds of flowers, shrubs and trees in a festival of lush green hues that will leave you begging for more at the end of your visit. Spanning the other side of the spectrum fantastically, the Belgrade Zoo is another interesting spot in the city to recommend, preserving approximately 2000 individuals of 150 different animal species that will present you with an intriguing, entertaining and educational time. Get a taste of Serbia's flora and fauna by exploring the natural hotspots in and around Belgrade. Not to be missed!

Belgrade for museum enthusiasts

Offering an experience that perhaps tourists have not yet managed to live in the Serbian territory, the museums of the capital will be the perfect points with which you can add that artistic touch to your holiday. Varied in themes and objectives, these attractions will bring you something new and fun with every visit, whether it be wonderful workshops or beautiful displays that will dazzle your senses to new levels. Decorating the city centre even with its beautiful architecture, the Museum of Contemporary Arts of Belgrade is one of the best options available. Founded in 1958, visitors will find an estimated 35,000 works of art scattered throughout the building, ready to give you a dreamy experience. Continuing with the historical theme, the National Museum of Serbia is another of the best options that Belgrade presents in its territory thanks to its collections of memorabilia and artefacts that will take tourists on an exceptional journey into the past. Therefore, if you are looking for an entertaining and educational stay, be sure to explore the museums that Belgrade has in store for you this season.

Belgrade is one of Europe's oldest cities since its community built their first urban settlement around the 3rd century BC.

Top 5 travel tips in Belgrade

1. Pay a visit to the Church of Saint Sava

Celebrating Serbia's religious beliefs with much honour and pride, the Church of Saint Sava, found on Belgrade's Vračar plateau, will be one spot in the city that every tourist will enjoy. The church is the main divine ground of the Serbian religion, dedicated to the founder of the country's Orthodox Church on his deathbed. Although it is always undergoing renovations and reconstructions, this church is pleasantly famed for its beauty, ensuring an impactful visit even for those non-believers of the religion thanks to its impressive architecture and artwork. That's why, if you want to enjoy a complete experience in Serbia's capital, remember to put the Church of Saint Sava at the top of your to-visit list.

2. Splash the waters of Belgrade's refreshing coast

Initially categorised as a fluvial island, Ada Ciganlija is a peninsula off the coast of Belgrade where every tourist will be able to find a fun activity to entertain themselves with. Featuring a man-made beach and a beautiful crystal clear lake, tourists in the area can expect a host of water sports, ranging from water skiing to a giant inflatable course, with which daredevils can have an epic time. For people who are not so keen on swimming at the beach, the area will also present some alternatives such as bungee jumping, paintballing, hand balling and even cycling to pass their time in 1000 different ways. Take a stroll along the Ada Ciganlija coastline and get ready for an action-packed afternoon to make your holiday an unforgettable experience this season thanks to Belgrade's fantastic attractions.

3. Familiarise with the city while enjoying a stroll on Knez Mihailova

Featuring 3000 feet in length, Knez Mihailova is the most popular pedestrian street in the entire territory of Belgrade, which will be available this season to provide you with an excellent meeting point with the residents of the capital. Considered one of the most beautiful pedestrian areas in Eastern Europe, Knez Mihailova enjoys great historical and cultural importance for the city, even being protected under the mantle of the Republic of Serbia, a title that sediments its influence. Being in the capital, tourists wishing to stroll down the street can expect a handful of historic buildings and a myriad of popular shops, making it the perfect place to get acquainted with the centre of Belgrade and an ideal spot to enjoy small shopping sprees with your companions. Whether you want to indulge your shopaholic side or your tourist side, the fantastic Knez Mihailova Street will be a spot you shouldn't miss for anything in the world.

4. Enjoy a sporty outing at Štark Arena

Formerly known as the Kombank Point, the Štark Arena is a multipurpose stadium found in the Belgrade area where holidaymakers and sports fans can enjoy themselves in a variety of ways. Offering the necessary spaces to host all styles of sports, anyone who visits the arena can enjoy volleyball, futsal, basketball, tennis, table tennis and even water polo matches that will bring out the sporting spirit they love so much. Being the venue for various competitions, travellers can also enjoy events from various championships such as the European Championships, FIBA Diamond Ball and the Fed Cup World Group. Finally, if in addition to having a taste for sports you also have a taste for music, the Štark Arena may have something for you since it hosts most of the musical events in Belgrade, having in its repertoire renowned artists such as Queen, Beyoncé, Guns N'Roses, 50 Cent and Il Divo. Invite your companions to enjoy a concert or competition of your choice by visiting Belgrade's Štark Arena during your stay.

5. Be enchanted by Serbia's cuisine

Allowing you to experience the nation most exquisitely, Serbia's cuisine will be something to explore every day of your stay. Being the end product of a series of diverse traditions, Serbian cuisine is known for sharing techniques and flavours with neighbouring European countries such as Hungary, Greece and Turkey, offering a festival of Mediterranean flavours that will promise the best of experiences. Among the most popular typical foods of the area, dishes such as Ćevapčići, the traditional Christmas table, baklava, sachertorte should be options not to be missed, as well as rakia, Serbia's national drink that will delight your palate to new levels.

Information about holiday lettings in Belgrade

🏡 Holiday lettings available: 183 properties.
💳 Discount available: up to -32%.
🌙 Minimum price per night: from £36.
⭐ Most popular amenities: air conditioning, Wi-Fi and view.
🐾 Pet-friendly: 49 properties.
📶 For workation: 97% of the properties.
👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 For families: 5% of the properties.

FAQs: Holiday Rentals & Lettings in Belgrade

Which facilities can you expect to find at the holiday lettings in Belgrade?

Among the facilities you can find on Holidu, it appears that the holiday lettings in Belgrade offer everything that travellers desire! Here, holiday lettings generally offer a variety of amenities, the most popular being: air conditioning (98%), Wi-Fi (98%), and balcony (65%)... Are you convinced yet?

How are the holiday lettings rated in Belgrade?

The holiday lettings here are often well-reviewed. Many (58%) have a rating of 4.5 stars, which tells us that here you won't have difficulty finding the perfect holiday letting for your next holiday!

Are the holiday lettings in Belgrade pet-friendly?

There is quite an even number of holiday lettings that allow visitors with their pets and those that do not. Based on this, it's better if you don't delay in making your reservation to make sure that your furry friend can join you on holiday.

Do the holiday lettings in Belgrade generally offer Wi-Fi?

Certainly! According to last year's data, 98% of holiday lettings in Belgrade offer Wi-Fi. This means that you will be able to browse the internet throughout your stay!

What are the prices like for holiday lettings in Belgrade?

The majority of holiday lettings in Belgrade (90%) cost less than £100 a night. This is the ideal destination for booking a cheap holiday letting!

Do the holiday lettings in Belgrade usually come equipped with a swimming pool?

It's quite uncommon. Judging by information from Holidu, only 3% of holiday lettings in Belgrade have a swimming pool.

Are the holiday lettings in Belgrade suitable for holidays in large groups or better for an escape as a small group?

According to the information collected last year, 61% of holiday lettings accept up to four guests. Approximately 22% of the holiday lettings here have at least two separate bedrooms. This is the perfect destination for families of four!

When planning a luxurious stay in Belgrade, are holiday lettings a good choice?

Absolutely! The accommodations in this location come with excellent features. So if you are looking for holiday lettings in Belgrade, you shouldn't delay in making a reservation because 3% have a pool, 18% have a garden and 4% have a sauna.

Do the holiday lettings in Belgrade have a beautiful view?

Yes, Belgrade is the perfect place to breathe in the fresh air and spend time outside! 65% of the holiday lettings have a balcony or terrace, and 64% have a view.

Would you like to know which months are most recommended for planning a trip to Belgrade?

Judging by the amenities in the holiday lettings in Belgrade, it is the perfect destination both in summer and winter. This is because there are very varied options, with all the characteristics one can imagine. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy Belgrade in comfort all year round.

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