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Holidu’s simple search function to find your perfect accommodation in Northumberland allows you to find yourself in great cottages, lodges and holiday lettings with ease and virtually no stress. With great accommodation throughout Northumberland, there has never been a better time to discover this fascinating county for yourself with Holidu!

Things to know about Northumberland

Discover Cottages by long stretching Beaches, by secluded Moors or in picturesque Villages

Lying between Newcastle and the English border with Scotland, the county of Northumberland is renowned throughout the UK for its outstanding natural beauty and rural nature. Dominated by castles, beautiful long stretching sandy beaches, vast moors and rolling hills, Northumberland is a jewel of England’s north and contains some truly unique landscapes with clear reminders of its turbulent yet fascinating history of the few millennia, including battles between the English and the Scots as well as being a stronghold of the Roman Empire. Northumberland flaunts a picturesque long, relatively flatter eastern coast with unimaginably long sandy beaches facing out to the North Sea -

This is where The Farne Islands are found, fascinating Islands part of the National Trust which are a sanctuary for spectacular wildlife. Puffins, seals, and a diverse range of birds occupy the Island, creating a truly staggering sight to behold. Northumberland not only appeals to wildlife lovers in this instance, it also caters for romantic breaks in cottages in tranquil surroundings, beach holidays with the whole family and the family dog, walking enthusiasts and culture lovers with a variety of intriguing events on offer. With many cottages and lodges available with Holidu, there has truly never been a better time to discover this fascinating county for yourself!

Bamburgh Castle
Bamburgh Castle

Cottages and Lodges in Northumberland: A truly unique County with rural Landscapes and nostalgic Heritage

Northumberland displays some stunning heritage which should not be unconsidered when planning your break in this great county. Come rain or shine, Northumberland has activities and attractions for a whole variety of different holiday makers. With more castles found in Northumberland than in any other county in England, castles dominate the landscape – with some castles reduced to romantic ruins and others being restored to their majestic former glory. Lindisfarne Castle for example is a truly stunning sight to behold – this 16th century stone structure towers over Holy Island, connected by a single road which is covered a few times a day by the North Sea:

Battling against the elements for the last 500 years, this weathered castle makes a great day trip with the whole family - discover history and culture of Northumberland’s past! Beach lovers will be pleased to know that Northumberland has a long stretching coast line consisting of many various beaches – Visit Bamburgh Castle Beach to experience Northumberland in a nutshell. With views out to the wildlife sanctuary of the Farne Islands, lots of sand and the beautiful Bamburgh Castle which dominates the area, this area is a hidden gem, fantastic for visiting with the whole family and the family dog. To discover this county up close, book one of the many cottages and lodges available with Holidu!

Top 5 Recommendations to get the most out of your break in Northumberland

Lindisfarne Castle and spangled sky
Lindisfarne Castle and spangled sky

1. Northumberland is home to some of the darkest skies found throughout England – the perfect destination to view the stars and experience the sky at night like you’ve never experienced it before. Experience the sky from the International Dark Sky Park located in the remote Northumberland national park, the most sparsely populated national park in England. The park doesn’t only just cater for fantastic stargazing, but also for various activities including horse riding, mountain biking and trekking.

2. Visit the remains of Hadrian’s wall which are found towards the south of Northumberland and discover the unique Roman heritage to this part of England. Stretching through stunning undisturbed landscapes and over rolling hills, the ruins, which have deservedly been awarded with a UNESCO World heritage site label, provide many walking and cycling routes along its path and it isn’t just an isolated run – there are many Roman temples and other landmarks to explore throughout the area.

3. If you are a keen walker, take advantage of one of Northumberland’s many stunning walking trails. The St. Oswald’s way trail covers Hadrian’s Wall to Lindisfarne castle and covers some of the most picturesque landscape Northumberland has to offer in between. The trail ends with a walk over the, “Pilgrim’s Way” to the Lindisfarne Holy Island if it isn’t covered by a high tide: It is a truly unique trail to discover.

4. Nature lovers will be pleased to hear that Northumberland is home to one of the most spectacular gardens in England: The Alnwick Garden. Dating back to the mid-18th century, the gardens were owned by the Dukes of Northumberland and are now used to host various fantastic events to visit with the whole family.

5. The town of Allendale located in the south west of Northumberland is home to a truly unique and peculiar festival: The Allendale Tar Barl fire festival. Taking place every year on New Year’s Eve, 45 men from the town carry burning barrels of tar balanced on their heads before throwing them into a bonfire to mark the start of the new year. This strange tradition dating back to 1858 isn’t found anywhere else in the UK and makes a truly unique new years’ experience.

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Northumberland, a stubbornly beautiful rural county in England’s north east with stunning undisturbed landscapes, beautiful beaches, breath-taking castles and legendary heritage – whether you are a keen walker who feels at peace in secluded cottages in untouched nature, a water sports enthusiast or want to discover an entirely new side to England you may not have been aware existed: Northumberland certainly doesn’t disappoint. With a variety of cosy cottages,

homely lodges and holiday lettings, use Holidu’s user friendly search function to find your dream accommodation for your perfect Northumberland break. Determine how many rooms you require, the proximity to cosy pubs and great restaurants, child and pet friendly facilities, a TV, internet access, a dishwasher amongst many other facilities. To explore this fascinating county up close, find yourself at home in one of many fantastic accommodations available with Holidu!