Hiking in Menorca: time for adventure

Hiking in Menorca: time for adventure

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Put on your hiking shoes and grab your backpack because it's time to go hiking in Menorca! This beautiful Balearic island is listed by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, so as you walk along its rocky cliffs and through its winding paths, you'll be surrounded by the beauty of nature. Follow the legendary Camí de Cavalls for 185 km around the island, or enjoy shorter walks along the coast. What will you choose?

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Why go hiking in Menorca?

Menorca is often regarded as the quietest of the Balearic Islands. Unlike its big sisters of Mallorca and Ibiza, where the party doesn't stop until the sun rises, Menorca is a more laid-back, relaxed destination. Its appeal lies in its natural surroundings. There are 131 separate beaches around the island, and 96 of those are virgin, unspoiled spots without bars or shops to disturb the scenery. Trails connect these beaches, giving plenty of opportunities for hiking or cycling in Menorca. Along the way, you can also explore charming, traditional villages with white-washed buildings set close to pastures where cows graze peacefully.

What is the Camí de Cavalls?

The most famous hiking trail in Menorca, the Camí de Cavalls is a full loop of 185 km that runs all around the island. The name means "Way of Horses", as it was originally used by knights patrolling the coast, watching for pirates. Some people still ride horses along the trail, but most go on foot. This coastal route passes through the island's two main settlements, Mahón and Ciutadella, as well as dozens of tiny villages and incredible beaches. Depending on your walking pace, it can take between one and two weeks to complete. Dedicated trekkers walk the entire route in 5 - 7 days, but you may prefer to give yourself 10 - 14, allowing enough time to relax on the beaches, explore the villages and really get to know the island.

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FAQs: Hiking in Menorca

Where will I find the best hiking destinations in Menorca?

The island is small enough that wherever you look for holiday lettings in Menorca, you'll never be far from a trail. If you stay in Ciutadella, you'll be able to walk to Cala de Pilar. This 4.5-km hike is short but rewarding, leading you along a gorgeous rocky section of the coast to a pristine beach. Alternatively, choose the famous resort of Es Grau. Here you'll be close to the S'Albufera natural park, which has a number of short routes to explore.

Are there trails in Menorca suitable for families?

One of the best areas in Menorca for hiking with the kids is Cala Galdana. The route between Cala Galdana and nearby Ferreries is largely flat and is a great example of an inland hike. It stretches over 12 km, but along the way, you can stop at Molí de Dalt, an old windmill that has been transformed into an ethnological museum. This route will also take you past pastures of dairy cows and other animals, which are sure to delight curious youngsters.

Will I need to bring any specialist hiking equipment to Menorca?

No. Most of the hiking trails around Menorca are straightforward, and there are no technical hikes on the island. However, you will often find yourself climbing up and down rocky steps to reach little coves, so decent shoes are a must. Serious hiking boots aren't necessary, but you might want to opt for trekking sandals or sturdy trainers. The Camí de Cavalls is extremely well-marked, so you won't need a GPS or guidebook. Look out for the red and white markings, used across Europe to show the way forward on GR trails. You should always ensure you have plenty of drinking water in your backpack, as at times you will be walking for 2 - 3 hours without services.

What's the best time of year for hiking holidays in Menorca?

Menorca has a mild climate, with cooler weather than the other Balearic Islands, but hikers should be aware that the island's trails often lack shade, which can make them feel hotter. The hottest months, July and August, see daily highs of over 30°C. These are also the months with the most tourism, so the trails will be at their most crowded. It's better to go hiking in Menorca in the spring, between April and June, or again in September and October. The weather will still be warm and sunny, in the mid-20s, so ensure you bring a hat and plenty of sunscreen. Many people recommend starting your daily hike very early in the morning, both to avoid the heat of the sun and to give you plenty of time to explore at your leisure in the afternoon.

What's the terrain like in the best areas in Menorca for hiking?

Menorca's hiking trails are generally quite accessible. The Camí de Cavalls is largely made up of dirt tracks and purpose-built wooden walkways. You won't need to worry about cars, but you might find yourself sharing the trail with bikes and some horses. The highest point on the entire hike is just 135 m above sea level. That being said, there are some short but steep sections along the way. The most difficult section is the part between Binimel-là and Ets Alocs, 13 km without any services and with a couple of steep uphill and downhill paths.

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