Find inner peace with yoga holidays in Menorca

Find inner peace with yoga holidays in Menorca

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Namaste! Discover the world of yoga in Menorca

What's the best way to soothe your troubles? A yoga trip to Menorca! This stunningly beautiful island is the perfect place to practise your favourite flows. Quieter and more natural than Mallorca and Ibiza, Menorca is a wonderful destination for yogis. Sign up for a dedicated yoga retreat, take classes at a studio or just choose a secluded cove to lay down your mat and discover a new way to practise.

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Planning yoga retreats in Menorca

Why choose Menorca for a yoga holiday?

Named by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, Menorca is known for its exceptional beauty. That's just what you need if you want to practise yoga in the great outdoors, with the sun shining overhead. The temperatures here are generally a couple of degrees lower than in Mallorca, as Menorca is a little further north. Warm but not intolerably hot, bright and sunny, and with 96 virgin beaches to discover, Menorca is a great yoga destination. It's also quieter than the other Balearics, so you won't need to worry about thumping techno music in the background as you sink into savasana.

Where can I go for a yoga retreat in Menorca?

There are studios across the island where you can enjoy different styles of yoga. If you just want to practise a couple of times during your trip, then look for holiday lettings in Menorca near Mahón or Ciutadella. For full yoga holidays in Menorca, you have a few different choices. In Mahón, the Inipi Menorca centre promises to help your body, mind and soul with yoga classes, tarot readings, reiki sessions and more. One of the most popular studios on the island, YogAmares, is located in the inland village of Es Migjorn Gran. It offers outdoor classes in a peaceful setting, as well as massages, hot stone treatments and other relaxing options.

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FAQs: Yoga holidays in Menorca

Can I take my yoga mat on a flight to Menorca?

Yes, but you'll need to book it as checked luggage, as a standard-sized yoga mat is too long for the cabin. Make sure you have a bag to carry your rolled-up mat, or it could get damaged in transit. Be aware that your yoga mat will count as one piece of luggage. You may be able to fit it inside a suitcase - try placing it diagonally! Yoga studios will usually have mats available for you to borrow, but many yogis prefer to bring their own.

Where can I practise yoga outdoors in Menorca?

Menorca has 96 virgin beaches, so it's time to start exploring! To ensure peace and quiet, look for secluded beaches that are hard to reach. You'll need to walk for 45 minutes to get to Cala Trebalúger, near Cala Mitjana, but this calm cove is worth it. The wild Cala Viola is wonderful for connecting with nature. If you want to go into the water after your practice, bring swimming shoes, as this is a very rocky beach. The tiny Caleta de s'Elisabet has golden sand and a peaceful atmosphere.

What styles of yoga will I find in studios in Menorca?

You'll find a range of different styles across Menorca. Most studios offer hatha yoga and vinyasa. Go to The Yoga Room in Mahón to try sivananda yoga, with a set sequence of 12 asanas including some intense arm balances and inversions. For something different, try the SUP Yoga studio in Ciutadella. This studio offers yoga sessions out on the water on stand-up paddleboards. Don't worry if you fall in - it's all part of the experience! If you'd like to combine your yoga trip with some hiking in Menorca, go to the YogArt by Tiina studio to join a group trek that will lead you to a picturesque spot to practise outdoors.

Where are the best spots in Menorca for sunrise or sunset yoga?

One of the best things about staying on a small island is that you can enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets, hopping from the east coast to the west. If you're an early riser, you can lay your mat down beside the Far de Cavalleria, one of Menorca's most spectacular lighthouses. This location, on a tiny peninsula in the north of the island, has the best sunrise around. There are plenty of open spaces to practise your surya namaskar routines as the sun comes up. In the evening, you'll need to go to the west of the island. There are some good places to enjoy yoga around the beaches of Ciutadella, but the best of all might well be the rugged, majestic surroundings of Punta Nati.

Can I do a Yoga Teacher Training course in Menorca?

Yes, it's possible to take a yoga holiday in Menorca that includes Yoga Teacher Training. However, you'll need to plan carefully. Certified YTT courses require 200 hours of practice, which is a lot more than you'll be able to do in a single weekend! YOY Yoga offers some intensive courses, usually around three weeks long. This centre specialises in kundalini yoga, a particularly spiritual practice which emphasises breathing techniques and chanting as well as flowing through asanas. If you have already completed YTT and you're looking for more development options, shorter courses are also available in Menorca's biggest studios. These include specialities like pregnancy yoga or yoga for kids, which will help you discover new ways to practise and teach.

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