Villas in S'Argamassa

Villas in S'Argamassa

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Highlights in S'Argamassa

  • Stunning beaches
  • Fun watersports
  • Interesting museums
  • Relaxing spas

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Villas in S'Argamassa

Modern and summery holiday villas for rent in S'Argamassa with sea views

In the Mediterranean there are always many destinations to discover and enjoy, and the one that Holidu has for you today will surely make you fall in love. On the beautiful island of Ibiza, Spain, lies the village of S'Argamassa, a small paradise that not many people know about, but is well worth a visit. So go ahead and rent a villa in S’Argamassa to get to know its fantastic beaches, which are its main attraction since as well as being able to take a refreshing dip, you can also enjoy water sports and boat trips. But you can also explore the picturesque streets of the town, and visit its beautiful restaurants, shops and cultural centres. All this while staying in the luxurious villas in S'Argamassa which have a typical Mediterranean style, very summery yet modern. Not only that, but due to their proximity to the sea, many of them have incredible views of the ocean.

Relaxing and luxurious villas with a private pool

The villas in S'Argamassa have everything you are looking for in a dream accommodation. Not only are they luxurious, with beautiful facades and elegant design, but these villa holidays in S'Argamassa also come equipped with everything you need. The rooms are quite spacious, including the bedrooms, the kitchen, the living room and the bathrooms. In addition, they are fully furnished and have new appliances such as a coffee maker, dishwasher, fridge, cooker, washing machine, and even air conditioning. Of course, you will have the services of television and free internet connection covered so that you can stay communicated during your trip. Enjoy the sun in this jewel of the Mediterranean!

These family-friendly villas in S'Argamassa not only have everything you need to make it look like a dream accommodation or make you feel at home but also have amenities that will allow you to relax as you most deserve during your holiday, such as:

  • Private swimming pools
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Parking
  • Gardens

I’ve booked a villa in S'Argamassa, what should I do when I’m there?

S'Argamassa for beach lovers

When it comes to visiting the sea in this villa, the main beach of S'Argamassa will always be a reliable option. It is especially popular with families, that's why you will find so many options for family-friendly villas in S'Argamassa. Here you will find a vibrant and fun, yet safe and relaxing atmosphere. Although not too long, it has soft white sands, and beautiful waters of varying shades of blue, all surrounded by lush vegetation and towering mountains in the background. Another trait is that there are plenty of activities to do, particularly water sports, as well as excursions and occasional live music. Finally, you can also stroll along the small jetty, where small boats are lined up, and you can take a trip to other small coves near this beach if you wish. Luckily, you will find S'Argamassa villas near the beach, so you can enjoy most of the trip without worrying about anything.

S'Argamassa for shopping lovers

If one of your favourite holiday activities is shopping, you can find everything you are looking for here. Just 3 minutes from the centre of S'Argamassa are the beautiful Hippy Markets of Santa Eularia, which are divided into two: The Las Dalias Market, which is held every Saturday throughout the year. And then there is The Punta Arabi Market, which is the more popular of the two and is held every Wednesday from April to October. And here, as you can imagine, you will find traditional objects and colourful handicrafts made by talented artisans native to the village. From crockery, woven bags, handmade jewellery, towels, scarves, hats, costumes, instruments, toys, food, and much, much more. Another good plan for shopping lovers is to head to Ibiza, 20 minutes away, to visit the best places to shop. And while you're at it, you can rent a villa in Ibiza to get to know a bit more about this side of the Balearic Islands.

Try to plan your trip to S'Argamassa with the weather in mind. The best month to go is August when temperatures reach 84 °F, and it's not too humid.

Top 7 travel tips in S'Argamassa

1. Visit the interesting Ethnology Museum of Ibiza

If you rent a villa in S'Argamassa or book an apartment in Ibiza, you should this museum, it is the perfect place to learn more about this popular island! Here you will find a very complete exhibition of the components that make up the rich culture of Ibiza, from its commerce, its history, its traditions etc. From interesting costumes, and priceless jewellery, to important ancestral treasures that are significant to the community.

2. Enjoy the sea in Cala Nova

If you want to enjoy a more extensive beach with a rustic touch, just 5 minutes from the centre is Cala Nova. In addition to having a considerable size, it is a beach where the abundant vegetation and the hills that surround it give it an unspoilt atmosphere. As is typical of the sea in Ibiza, its waters are crystal clear and reflect a beautiful turquoise blue, which contrasts with the soft white sands of the shore. If you visit this place and end up falling in love, we have good news: You can rent an apartment in Cala Nova to get to know the place in peace and quiet.

3. Conquer the heights at Acrobosc Ibiza Climbing Park

If after spending a nice time on the beach you want to seek fun elsewhere, this place is the ideal choice. It is a fabulous open-air park suitable for both children and adults, where they can spend the day doing activities in the heights. With treetop obstacle courses, zip lines, trampolines, and climbing walls, the fun can go on for hours.

4. Have unlimited fun with Yacht Watersports Ibiza

As is typical of Mediterranean coastal areas, water sports are always present for your entertainment. One of the best companies to have fun on the water is Yacht Watersports Ibiza, where you can live unforgettable experiences with your favourite sports. Among the activities available are the intrepid jet skis, Flyboards, the innovative Seabob, and even long relaxing boat rides.

5. Rejuvenate yourself at Magness Soulful Spa

Not everything on your holiday has to be thrilling and full of exciting adventures, you can also simply enjoy a spa day. Magness Soulful Spa is the ideal place to leave everyday stress behind, with its wide selection of treatments, massages and therapies, you are sure to leave rejuvenated. It has a simple, yet relaxing décor, with plenty of natural light and pastel colours, plus a jacuzzi and beverage service. On the menu, you can find hydrotherapies, yoga, holistic treatments, decompression sessions and much more.

6. Enjoy a bike ride with Coyma Sunride

To explore this tourist destination in a different way, a bike tour is a wonderful option. This company takes you to visit the most emblematic places of the island, including caves, coastal roads, beaches and bays on excursions that last between three and four and a half hours. The electric bicycles offered by Coyma Sunride are brand new, with the perfect conditions to adapt to all the variety of terrains to be covered.

7. Discover the hidden gem Sol d'enserra

This place is further away from the tourist areas than other beaches, about 4 miles away, but it is definitely worth a visit. It is situated at the foot of a high cliff and is rather secluded due to its location, but despite this, it has all the basic amenities such as sun lounger rentals, umbrellas and bars close to the shore. Finally, be sure to wear proper shoes for walking on the sand as there are many boulders both in and out of the water.

Information about villas in S'Argamassa

🏡 Villas available: 11 properties.
💳 Discount available: up to -60%.
🌙 Minimum price per night: from £32.
⭐ Most popular amenities: Wi-Fi, air conditioning and balcony.
📶 For workation: 100% of the properties.
👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 For families: 9% of the properties.
🏊 With pool: 2 properties.

FAQs: Villas in S'Argamassa

Which facilities are offered at the villas in S'Argamassa?

Out of all of the services offered by Holidu, it seems that the villas in S'Argamassa have everything that travellers search for! Here, villas generally are equipped with a variety of amenities, the most popular being: Wi-Fi (100%), air conditioning (88%), and balcony (88%)... Not bad, right?

Do the villas in S'Argamassa often offer an internet connection?

Certainly! According to Holidu's data, 100% of villas in S'Argamassa have Wi-Fi. So no need to panic, you will be able to browse the internet at any time!

Do the villas in S'Argamassa often have a swimming pool?

Good news! According to Holidu's data, many of the villas in S'Argamassa have access to a swimming pool. Perfect for spending your summer holiday by the pool! 75% even have a barbecue!

Are the villas in S'Argamassa suitable for holidays with friends or better for a holiday as a couple?

Here, according to Holidu, 100% of villas welcome groups of up to eight travellers, and 100% of these villas have at least four bedrooms. But 100% of villas also accept up to four guests, and 100% of the villas have at least two separate bedrooms. This is, therefore, the ideal destination for large and small families!

Are the villas in S'Argamassa the best option for a luxurious stay?

Absolutely! The villas are well-equipped in S'Argamassa. So if you are looking for villas in S'Argamassa, you shouldn't wait long to book because 25% have a pool, 62% have a garden but none have a sauna. Also, if what you are looking for is space, 100% of the villas can accommodate groups of more than four adults and 62% have green spaces in their vicinity.

Are you interested in getting to know which are the best times of the year to make a trip to S'Argamassa?

Looking at the services they can offer us the villas in S'Argamassa, we can highly recommend this summer holiday destination. This is because according to the data, 25% of the properties here have a swimming pool, 62% have a garden and 88% have air conditioning. Don't wait any longer to book your accommodation in S'Argamassa to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

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