Holiday rentals and lettings Washington

Holiday rentals and lettings Washington

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Highlights in Washington D.C.

  • Monuments to the Founding Fathers
  • Smithsoniano Zoo
  • Union Station
  • Botanical Garden
  • Rock Creek.

Prices and availability

Current Holiday letting prices Washington D.C.

£298for 20 Jul - 27 Jul
£283 annual average
Average price per week

Current holiday letting availability Washington D.C.

5%for 20 Jul - 27 Jul
30% annual average
Percentage of available lettings

Holiday rentals and lettings Washington

Central and well located holiday rentals

The holiday rentals available in Washington cover a large area from Silver Spring to Marlow Heights. Several kilometres separate these two points from the north and south of the capital. But with its 188 km of tracks, Washington's metro makes it very easy to cross the city. It also provides access to one of the city's three airports. If you come from abroad, you will reach Washington-Dulles, 40 km west of the centre, or Thurgood Marshall, 48 km to the north.

Modern and bright holiday rentals

Washington's holiday rentals are modern and well decorated properties. The dominant colour is white: from the walls to the ceiling, it allows light to penetrate and gives spaces a great luminosity. It is also ideal to highlight the beautiful furniture of the rentals. American-style kitchens with bar, large corner sofas: the emphasis is on common areas. With your family, you can enjoy spacious and welcoming living rooms. The accommodation offered is also very suitable for couples. There is a wide range of more intimate rentals ideal for a two-person stay.

Holidays in Washington

Location and orientation

The East Coast's modern asset

Washington DC is the sixth largest city in the United States. It is located in the northeast of the country, south of New York. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. It is this privileged location that has boosted its activity and made it a major commercial centrepiece. It is also, with Boston, a major commercial capital. Together with this city, it forms the BosWash, an urban area characterised by its commercial and innovation activity. The city has always had this commercial vocation: it was built according to a checkered plan, which explains the grid pattern of its streets.

Which part of Washington to focus on

The city's entertainment is concentrated in the northern districts. This is where you will find most of the tourist sites and accommodation available. It is also where the most important commercial activity takes place and where the skyscrapers that are so characteristic of the Capital grow. The south has historically been populated by ghettos. Today, ghettoization is less important and there are also many housing units. But to avoid having to use public transport too much, the ideal is still to stay in the north and in the city's hyper-centre.

Travellers and activities

Washington for history lovers

Washington is a symbol of American independence. It thus concentrates a large part of the monuments dedicated to this part of American history. The most famous is the Washington Monument, erected in tribute to the President of the same name. Another monument is dedicated to one of the city's founding fathers: Abraham Lincoln. This one is located only a few minutes from the first one. Also to be seen are the Thomas Jefferson Monument and the Martin Luther King Monument, and the capital's emblems will have been visited.

Washington for families

It's not all about business and culture in Washington. There are also many places of entertainment ideal for a family stay. Starting with the Smithsoniano Zoological Park. It is located north of the city. There is a very important fauna, housed in an extensive and well maintained natural park. To continue to be amazed, you can visit the National Museum of Natural History. It is located in the hyper-centre of Washington and promises to amaze young and old alike. Rock Creek Park is a great place to enjoy nature and family sports.

Throughout the 20th century, Washington was home to a large majority of African Americans. This is why the city has acquired the funny nickname of "Chocolate City".

Top 5 Things to Do in Washington

1. Visit the National Art Gallery

Located in central Washington, this gallery is actually a huge museum. The building is worth a visit in itself, but it also houses a large collection of masters.

2. Surprising at Union Station

You can come and take a train, of course, but you can also be thrilled by the vaults of this beautiful building.

3. Walking in Rock Creek Park

Walking, visiting a planetarium and picnic are all part of this beautiful natural site.

4. Visit the National Museum of American History

In this great museum in central Washington, information and anecdotes about the country's rich history are shared.

5. Walking on Theodore Roosevelt Island

If you come in autumn, you will be amazed by the beautiful ochre colours that hold the island's nature. It is connected to the mainland by a long and pretty bridge.

Information about holiday lettings in Washington D.C.

🏡 Holiday lettings available: 764 properties.
💳 Discount available: up to -43%.
🌙 Minimum price per night: from £31.
⭐ Most popular amenities: Wi-Fi, air conditioning and balcony.
🐾 Pet-friendly: 280 properties.
📶 For workation: 99% of the properties.
🏊 With pool: 149 properties.

FAQs: Holiday Rentals & Lettings in Washington D.C.

Which amenities can you typically find at the holiday lettings in Washington D.C.?

Out of all of the facilities available on Holidu, it appears that the holiday lettings in Washington D.C. offer everything that tourists need! Here, holiday lettings generally have a variety of facilities, the most popular being: Wi-Fi (99%), air conditioning (95%), and balcony (35%)... What more could you want?!

What are the reviews like for the holiday lettings in Washington D.C.?

The holiday lettings in Washington D.C. are often well rated. Many (40%) have a rating of 4.5 stars, which implies that here you won't have difficulty finding the perfect holiday letting for your next holiday!

Are the holiday lettings in Washington D.C. pet-friendly?

Yes! In Washington D.C., 37% of the holiday lettings accept pets, and 28% also have a garden!

Do the holiday lettings in Washington D.C. tend to have an internet connection?

Yes! According to the data collected last year, 99% of holiday lettings in Washington D.C. include an internet connection. You will be able to stay connected at any time!

How much does it cost on average for holiday lettings in Washington D.C.?

According to the information collected last year, there are few holiday lettings in Washington D.C. that cost less than £100 per night.

Do the holiday lettings in Washington D.C. often have a swimming pool?

Certainly! According to Holidu's data, many of the holiday lettings in Washington D.C. are equipped with a swimming pool. Perfect for spending your summer holiday by the pool!

Are the holiday lettings in Washington D.C. suitable for trips in large groups or better for an escape as a small group?

According to the information collected last year, 71% of holiday lettings accept up to four travellers. Approximately 46% of the holiday lettings here include at least two separate bedrooms. This is the perfect destination for going in a small group on holiday!

When planning a luxurious holiday in Washington D.C., are holiday lettings a good option?

By looking at Holidu, we say that the holiday lettings in Washington D.C. are often an excellent option for those who want to experience a luxurious stay. This is because in Washington D.C., 15% of accommodations have a swimming pool, 28% have a garden and even 1% have a sauna. Also, if what you are looking for is space, 71% of the holiday lettings can accommodate groups of more than four adults, and 28% have green spaces nearby.

When it is best to travel to Washington D.C.?

According to the amenities found at the holiday lettings in Washington D.C., it is the perfect destination both in summer and winter. This is because there are very varied options, with all the characteristics one can imagine. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy Washington D.C. when you feel like it.

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