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Popular Lettings in USA

Studio for 2 people, with balcony/terrace and balcony as well as sauna and hot tub
2 pers., 1 bedrooms, 69m²
20 reviews
Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
£186per night
Log cabin for 8 people, with garden
8 pers., 2 bedrooms
11 reviews
£143per night
Holiday home for 2 people, with balcony/terrace and hot tub, child-friendly
81 reviews
North Cascades National Park, Washington
£121per night
Apartment for 2 people, with sauna and hot tub as well as pool and balcony
7 reviews
Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
£164per night
Holiday home for 16 people, with balcony/terrace
16 pers., 7 bedrooms, 6.5km to the beach
10 reviews
£595per night
Cottage for 4 people, with balcony/terrace
4 pers., 1 bedrooms, 9.3km to the beach
20 reviews
Alabama Gulf Coast, Alabama
£90per night
Holiday apartment for 8 people, with hot tub and garden
New York City, New York State
£248per night
Holiday home for 5 people
22 reviews
Atlanta, Georgia
£77per night
Villa for 10 people
12 reviews
Ruidoso, New Mexico
£138per night
Holiday apartment for 2 people
2 pers., 1 bedrooms
Los Angeles, California
£59per night
Holiday home for 6 people, with garden
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 750m to the beach
12 reviews
San Buenaventura (Ventura), California
£253per night
Apartment for 5 people, with garden
5 pers., 2 bedrooms
6 reviews
Florence - Conway region, South Carolina
£118per night
Holiday home for 14 people, with terrace
8 reviews
Seagrove Beach, Florida
£284per night
Holiday home for 4 people, with garden
4 pers., 1 bedrooms, 46m²
170 reviews
Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina
£126per night
Holiday home for 18 people, with balcony and balcony/terrace as well as hot tub
20 reviews
Summit Park, Utah
£1,002per night
Holiday home for 4 people, with garden
4 pers., 3 bedrooms, 5.6km to skiing
19 reviews
Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania
£134per night
Holiday home for 4 people, with hot tub
16 reviews
Chattahoochee National Forest, Georgia
£127per night
Holiday home for 4 people, with balcony/terrace and pool as well as hot tub
1 review
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee
£133per night
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Highlights in USA

  • The legendary Big Apple
  • Nostalgic driving
  • Excellent festivals all year round
  • The real deal
  • Scintillating views

Most popular in USA

Pool 217,951
Internet 452,757
Pet allowed 91,080
Balcony/Terrace 367,173
TV 451,432
Air condition 367,402
Garden 141,148
Parking 419,613
Washing machine 405,356

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Holiday rentals and lettings in the USA

Incredible rentals across the country

Where to go is always the first question when trying to find your perfect holiday rental. The USA has so much to offer. Urban lovers can enjoy city breaks at the most modern buildings in the heart of New York, Washington or Philadelphia. Following down the east coast, Wilmington is the perfect spot for beach lovers and families with kids whereas Miami will have seafront rentals with impressive beaches oozing glamour in every mile. The west coast of the country is ideal for those looking for an accommodation on the always sunny California, amazing San Francisco or stunning Napa Valley. Finally, those looking for accommodation in southern regions, New Orleans is the perfect fusion between music, traditions and holidays.

Stunning holiday rentals

Enjoy a family break in traditional properties with great backyards. Enjoy a BBQ with your friends and have a dip in the ocean or the pool of your private garden. Spacious rooms, panoramic windows and lovely views of beaches, lakes, parks and nature. City rentals are varied in size and content but all featuring the best amenities to make you feel at home. State-of-the-art kitchens, luxury interiors, wonderful decorations and stunning views over the city you choose. Whatever you budget, any city has the perfect place for you to enjoy it as a local from the comfort of your lounge.

Holidays in the USA

The area and getting around

Get the real feeling of America

The USA is a great country with a great range of possibilities from east to west and north to south. Are you wondering where to start or what real American things to do? Well, here’s a little taste of it. Prepare to have a great night out and try your luck in Vegas, but remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Visit the house of the “King” in Graceland and see where Elvis Presley lived until the end of his days. Spend a day at Disney World and make you children dreams come true first and, then, attend one NFL game to fulfill yours! If you like the engines roaring, a NASCAR race is the place to be! If you are into cars, why not watching a movie from the comfort of your front seat at a drive-in theatre?

Taste the American real flavours

The country offers history and culture but what about food? In Texas you can test your gastric limits, or watch others doing it, with a 72-ounce steak challenge. On the other hand, you can stoke up a barbie for the weekend, grill up a big piece of meat and enjoy the real taste of America. You can complete your meal with a few groceries from Walmart. Fast food is another icon of the country and you can try innovative ideas such as hamburgers topped with a fried egg on a bacon doughnut. Round off your meals with an apple pie, considered a national institution and an excellent dessert still being perfected by people devoted to it!

Travellers and activities

USA for National Park lovers

The country brims nature and landscapes in every corner. It may come as no surprise if we say that its National Parks are visited by thousands of nature and hiking lovers from around the globe. Walk the majestic Yosemite trails, enjoy the stunning waterfalls, admire the giant sequoias and explore its deep valleys. Head then, to Yellowstone Park to admire the dramatic canyons, lush forests and incredible hot springs. The Grand Canyon is a must-see when talking about National Parks, of course. Check out Lipan Point waiting for the sun to set or rise and observe the views from the Desert View Watchtower. Furthermore, if you are looking for breathtaking views, get on a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon. That’s a memory for years to come!

USA for Jazz lovers

New Orleans is known for great festivals such as Mardi Gras, The French Quarter Festival or Satchmo Summer Fest, amongst others. To many people, it’s the “Festival Capital of the World”! Music lovers always have a great event happening and jazz lovers are very fortunate as the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is celebrated annually from the last weekend of April to the first weekend of May. This Jazz Fest, celebrates the culture and music of Louisiana and New Orleans - from blues and R&B to Latin, folk or Afro-Caribbean and of course, a lot of traditional and contemporary jazz. No festival is complete without the food booths selling local foods which has to be “no carnival food”. Taste a traditional crawfish Monica, oyster patties or a Mango Freeze. Enjoy a week plenty of music vibes, good food and great experiences.

Believe it or not, although English is mainly spoken throughout the country, there is no official language in the USA! Spanish is the second most spoken and widely taught second language there.

Top 5 travel tips in the USA

1. A tour of the Big Apple

New York has been granted the nickname of the Big Apple or the City that never sleeps. That’s a well deserved title! Night or day there is always a show on Broadway, a good sports event or a concert at Madison Square Garden or an excellent art exhibition at the MoMA. Stroll along Fifth Avenue and treat yourself at Tiffany’s! No visit is complete without a visit to Central Park. You can walk its paths or get on a horse cart and enjoy the park from a different perspective. Admire John Lennon’s legacy or have a picnic by the lake. For the best views of the skyline, cross over Brooklyn Bridge, admire the buildings from The Top of the Rock, the observation deck of the Rockefeller Centre and walk along the legendary High Line. The city never rests and neither do you!

2. Cross the country on wheels and drive along Route 66

Starting in Chicago and ending in Santa Monica, Route 66, the Will Rogers Highway, also known as Mother Road or the Main Street of America, was one of the original highways in the US. Highway 66 does not longer exist but using other highways and roads you can still get on wheels and drive along Missouri, Oklahoma and the Ozarks, New Mexico, Arizona and finally, make it to California. If you have a yearning for the good old days and want to have an unforgettable journey into America, experience the landscapes as the song says: “get your kicks on Route 66”!

3. A sunny break in L.A.

The sprawling city of Los Angeles offers entertainment, good temperatures all year round, long beaches, glamour and worthwhile experiences.Shop ‘til you drop at the open-air mall of The Grove or shop in style on Rodeo Drive. Stroll along the stars of Hollywood Walk of Fame and spot your favourite actor. Then, head to Santa Monica and take a dip at wonderful Venice Beach, Surfrider Beach or Santa Monica State Beach to name a few. Enjoy the great outdoors and the coastline from Venice to Manhattan Beach. Great hiking, scenic views and even waterfalls! Visit downtown L.A. and take a guided tour around Beverly Hills and admire the mansions where the film stars live. Another suggestion is driving around the city in your own car and enjoy the area at your own pace.

4. Admire once-in-a life-time views

One of the scintillating natural spectacles of the world appears from September to April in Anchorage, Alaska. You do not need to travel all the way to Iceland to enjoy the Northern Lights. Take a little break or a weekend getaway. To make sure you increase your odds of catching them, stay for a week, you will not be disappointed. This is, hands down, one of the most spectacular things to do if you are travelling around America.

5. Take a patriotic tour

Four presidents of the United States of America were carved for 14 years on Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. 400 workers and sculptor Gutzon Borlgum worked together to make it happen. The colossal sculpture of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt was finished 70 years ago. This is a quartet of presidents who shaped part of America’s history and now is there for people to see, admire and get a closer look. Plan your patriotic tour!