Hidden Gems for Formentera

In our travel guide you will find great things to do on Formentera


Formentera is one destination that one normally forgets when mentioning the Balearic Islands due to the popularity of its sisters. However, this paradisiac island could be in a whole league of its own. With just 80 square kilometers and 19 km long, it has one of the best ranked beaches in the world and offers an incredible array of things to do. Located just 9 km south of Ibiza, “The Little Caribbean” with its subtropical weather, great scenery and atmosphere will become your new favorite destination.

In our travel guide, you will find great things to do in Formentera.

1. Hidden Gem Formentera: Blat Picat

There is no better way to start your day on the island than eating a healthy breakfast at this hidden gem. At Blat Picat you’ll find an incredible variety of natural smoothies, bowls, and toasts made with delicious homemade bread. If that wasn’t enough they also serve many types of cakes and cookies backed by no other than their famous baker, Mr. Muffin. Located in Sant Ferran de Ses Roques, Blat Picat is one of the best vegan friendly places you can visit during your stay at Formentera. Be careful though, because like many others, you may want to go there every morning.

Blat Picat Formentera

Blat Picat / © Instagram: blatpicat

2. Hidden Gem Formentera: Café del Lago

Just at the heart of La Savina, Café del Lago is a top spot if you are looking for a romantic restaurant to go with your partner. With an excellent view of the sea and Ibiza, here you will get to eat delicious Italian food. Their dishes range from handmade pasta and wood-oven pizzas, to tasty seafood plates. If you go, be sure to order their famous tuna dish called Tataki made with an incredible avocado sauce and as dessert their signature “Dulcey” chocolate mousse. Although there is no bad time to go to Café del Lago, it is best to book a table at sunset to get the complete package.

Cafe Del Lago Formentera

Café Del Lago / © Instagram: cafedellago

3. Hidden Gem Formentera: Cala en Baster

If you are looking for the perfect place for a snorkeling session in Formentera or just want a phenomenal beach for a swim, Cala en Baster is the right place to go. It is not so crowded, even in high season, it has beautiful crystal clear waters and a great sea life. The rocky nature of the beach also makes it a great place for amazing pictures and for resting in its caves! Cala en Baster is located 3 km from Sant Ferran de Ses Roques at the north east of the island. Because of its location the sunrise at this spot is worth watching, so if you are an early bird you are in luck!

Cala En Baster Formentera

Cala En Baster / © Instagram: morethanibiza

4. Hidden Gem Formentera: Can Carlitos

Who doesn’t love to eat tapas while watching the sunset? Located just at the port of La Savina, Can Carlitos is the ideal restaurant for this. Here, you can eat any of the traditional Spanish tapas, or more sophisticated homemade creations like their famous spicy tuna tartar. For all paella and rice lovers out there, this hidden gem doesn’t disappoint. They offer a delicious lobster paella and many different types of rice dishes. One of their signatures is called el Senyoret and is prepared with tasty squid, monkfish and prawns. If you are in a dilemma of what to eat, they have your back! You can try their tasting menu that includes 11 plates for you to enjoy, including their most popular ones.

Can Carlitos Formentera

Can Carlitos / © Instagram: cancarlitos_formentera

5. Hidden Gem Formentera: Faro de Barbaria

One of the best ways to end your day at the island is by visiting el Faro de Barbaria. Dating back to 1924 and located at the southwest of Formentera, this lighthouse has maybe the most beautiful view and sunset of the isle. From here you can spot La Mola’s promontory and marvel at the incredible horizon. It makes for a romantic spot too, thanks to the calmness of the area. To get there you need to start driving from Sant Francesc to a parking lot near it. From there, there is a 25 min walk greeted by beautiful scenery. Nearby, you can also find a hidden cave which you can descend to and get a much better vantage point.

Faro De Barbaria Formentera

Faro De Barbaria / © Instagram: doyoukissandtell

6. Hidden Gem Formentera: Kiosko 62

In the mood for some chillin’ with a couple of beers or cocktails at the beach? Then, Kiosko 62 is a place you do not want to miss. This “Chiringuito” is located at Platja de Migjorn and just breeds incredible vibes. The kiosk is right at the shore of the beach, so you can take your drink and put your feet under water or just relax at the tables and enjoy the view of the ocean. It is just an excellent bar to have fun, eat tasty burgers, meet new people visiting the island and enjoy good music. Here, you can also lay back and watch the sunset while you drink an amazing strawberry mojito.

Kiosko 62 Formentera

Kiosko 62 / © Instagram: morethanibiza

7. Hidden Gem Formentera: La Kasa Dei Kolori

La Kasa Dei Kolori is one of those places that help you start your day on the right foot. Having breakfast at this hidden gem is never a bad choice. Maybe you’ll decide on delicious pancakes one day, and an incredible avocado egg toast the other (yes, you will want to come back). Or just simply order a sweet pistachio cheesecake that will blow your mind. The presentation of their dishes are also great if you love to take food pics, and their service is super friendly. This Italian place has a great and colorful atmosphere and it is located right at the heart of the island in Es Pujols.

La Kasa Dei Kolori Formentera

La Kasa Dei Kolori / © Instagram: lakasadeikolori_forment

8. Hidden Gem Formentera: Platja de Ses Illetes

There is no way you can miss Platja de Ses Illetes when visiting Formentera. It is the closest you can find to a Caribbean beach on the island. It spans approximately 450 meters of white sand and has beautiful turquoise waters. This combination, together with a calm sea makes it the perfect place to just bathe, relax and enjoy the sun. Ses Illetes is also considered a natural park so in order to maintain it, when coming by car, you need to pay a 6 euros entrance fee. If you come by foot or bicycle, you just need to worry about not wanting to leave this amazing beach.

Ses Illetes Formentera

Platja de Ses Illetes / © Instagram: mrvinrov

9. Hidden Gem Formentera: Calo d’Es Mort

Although small in size and a bit difficult to get to, Calo d’Es Mort is one of top beaches that Formentera has to offer. Like many others on the island, this half-moon shaped beach will greet you with beautiful crystalline waters and incredible scenery. It can be both visited during the day, or simply come a bit later to take a bath and watch the amazing sunset. Don’t forget to take your snorkeling gear, because the amount of fish and sea life you can see underwater is astounding. Located near Platja de Migjorn, this fine white sand beach is an unmissable hidden gem on your next trip to Formentera.

Calo d’Es Mort Formentera

Calo d’Es Mort / © Instagram: nadiz_89

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