The Most Popular European Wedding Proposal Destinations on Social Media in 2023


Choosing the right person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life is a huge and very important decision. In case you are thinking of making your relationship even more official and proposing to your significant other, try to make this moment as unforgettable as possible!

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, Holidu, the holiday rental portal, decided to help you create your own perfect love story with the most popular destinations where your partner could officially say the long-awaited “Yes, I do!”. To do this, we counted TikTok hashtag views combined with Instagram hashtags to determine the locations that were most shared on social media by romantics.

Proposing whilst on holiday isn’t the only romantic thing that is popular to do abroad. Spain-Holiday created an article containing the best places to get married in Spain. Whether you fancy a sandy altar with an ocean view, or to get married in a centuries-old cathedral, a wedding abroad is sure to be unforgettable.

1. Paris, France – 44m TikTok hashtags | 52k IG hashtags

It’s official! First in our ranking as the most popular destination for a wedding proposal is none other than Paris. It is famed for being one of the most romantic cities in the world for most people. Besides calling it the “city of light”, many also call it the “city of love” and not without good reason! Drive through the Champs Elysees, drink your coffee in one of the chic cafes, have lunch in a typical Parisian restaurant and when the night falls it’s the perfect time to enjoy your wine and a walk along the river Seine. Last stop, the Eiffel Tower and perhaps the most ideal spot to ask the crucial question as the lights are sparkling!

Paris Fabrizio Verrecchia Unsplash

2. London, United Kingdom – 8m+ TikTok hashtags | 17k+ IG hashtags

In second place comes London, which has a wealth of attractions and venues that are ideal for a romantic proposal. London’s restaurants are some of the best in the world, most of which are well-suited for an intimate romantic meal setting. The fairytale parks and gardens of the English capital can create magical and unforgettable moments for you both. Take a cruise on the River Thames, or perhaps explore the vibrant markets and fantastic food of Notting Hill. A beautiful way to end your day is a visit to the London Eye which may be one of the most popular tourist attractions in London, but at the same time creates a peaceful atmosphere. While you’ll be sharing your capsule with others, there is plenty of space to create your own unforgettable private moment as you gaze down on the city below.

London butti_s Pixabay

3. Santorini, Greece – 2,5m TikTok hashtags | 7k+ IG hashtags

Breathtaking sunset alert! In third place, we meet Santorini. This Greek island could not be missing from the ranking. It is one of the most romantic destinations and has people visiting the island from every corner of the world to marvel at its unique beauty. You can taste the delicious local cuisine, visit houses built on rocks and walk through the picturesque alleys. Enjoy your cocktail at one of the most famous bars on the island in the afternoon to the sound of classical music. The time when the sun sets is almost upon you! So what could be better than asking the most important question of your life on a secluded beach or on one of the island’s balconies during sunset?

Santorini-Russel_Yan Pixabay

4. Venice, Italy – 286k TikTok hashtags | 6k+ IG hashtags

The fourth place in the ranking is taken by one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Venice, with its picturesque beauty, has inspired some of the world’s greatest artists. There are plenty of places to put your plan into action, from Piazza San Marco with its clock tower being the most recognisable landmark to the quaint streets with shops selling Venetian masks and Μurano. Finish your day on an afternoon gondola ride with its historic buildings as a backdrop, taking you back to another era. Perhaps not the most original way to propose, but undoubtedly one of the most romantic.

Venice-bogitw Pixabay

5. Rome, Italy – 63k+ TikTok hashtags | 7k+ IG hashtags

The fifth place in our ranking belongs to Rome! The walks in the Eternal City and the view of the Tiber River will put you in the perfect mood to promise your soulmate everlasting love. Visit the Trevi Fountain to admire the imposing architecture and throw a coin to make a wish. Head to Piazza di Spagna, where you will find the famous Spanish Steps. Be sure to climb the steps for a view you will always remember! The whole city at your feet is a perfect spot for photos. As the sun sets, hug tightly on one of the bridges over the Tiber River and enjoy the beautiful colours of the sunset.

Rome-Julius_Silver Pixabay

6. Lake Como, Italy – 12m+ TikTok hashtags | 1k+ IG hashtags

In sixth place, we have yet another Italian destination. The natural beauty, the idyllic atmosphere and the tranquillity of Lake Como are just some of the features that will make someone choose it for the most romantic move of a lifetime. Wander through the picturesque streets of Como where you will find the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Enjoy Italian specialities or a cup of espresso in the beautiful Piazza del Duomo centre of the old town. To view the lake from above, you can take the Funicolare Como Brunate cable car that leads to the settlement of Brunate. Visit Bellagio by boat, a gem of a town with cobbled streets, small shops and galleries. You can finish your day with a walk along the lakeside area and enjoying a glass of wine.

Lake Como Gpoulsen Pixabay

7. Barcelona, Spain – 29k TikTok hashtags | 3k+ IG hashtags

Next on our ranking is a beautiful romantic city, this time in Spain. A holiday in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is sure to delight you and your loved one. This is a colourful city that can win you over from the very first moment. With its unique architecture, its large picturesque squares, and its delicious local cuisine, it lends itself to spending the most memorable moments with your match and why not to ask the most important question of your life! Wander through its narrow streets, enjoy tapas and cocktails in lively bars, visit temples and buildings of architectural interest with Gaudí’s signature, and take a romantic boat ride in Parc de la Ciutadella. Barcelona is waiting for you and your love!

Barcelona Wakerssk Pixabay

8. Ibiza, Spain – 240k+ TikTok hashtags | 1,2k+ IG hashtags

It may be famous for its wild parties, but it also has a romantic side worth discovering! In seventh place is Ibiza. It might not be the first destination that would come to mind to propose to your significant other, but it certainly has plenty of hidden secrets that can change your mind. Ibiza has stunning natural beauty, a wonderful climate and many UNESCO World Heritage sites. You can taste its delicious Mediterranean cuisine as well as swim in its stunningly clear blue waters that steal the show. The island generously offers you wonderful sunsets, ideal for romantic moments like the one you are planning. So don’t wait any longer!

Ibiza PixxlTeufel Pixabay

9. Budapest, Hungary – 11k+ TikTok hashtags | 1,1k+ IG hashtags

In ninth place is a city that combines the old with the new. Romantic Budapest, where the Danube divides it into two cities but eight impressive bridges bring them back together again. Buda and Pest, the former built on hills and the latter on the banks of the river. It’s a city that will charm you at first sight! It has a charm throughout the day but when the night falls and the city lights come on, it transforms into a real gem. Choose to take a night boat ride on the waters of the Danube, spend time relaxing in its famous spas and enjoy the view of the city from the famous Fisherman’s Tower. One thing is for sure, it’s a destination ideal for a wedding proposal!

Budapest wfeco77 Pixabay

10. Prague, Czech Republic – 5k+ TikTok hashtags | 1,8k+ IG hashtags

Last stop, Prague! In tenth place is a beautiful old city, with a gothic spirit, rich cultural heritage and a stunning castle reflected in the river! Tour the Old Town on foot, stop at its huge square with its beautiful sights, the most popular being the multi-photographed astronomical clock. Cross one of the magnificent bridges and head over to the opposite side of the Moldava River, where the fairytale castle dominates. Prague promises a trip back in time, and fully justifies its reputation as a romantic city that makes you want to visit – why not exchange vows of eternal love with your significant other?

Prague Walkerssk Pixabay


For this study, we chose to compare over 100 top travel destinations in Europe. The ranking was then compiled using TikTok hashtag views and Instagram hashtags for each destination name in combination with the keywords: “proposal” & “engagement” to determine the destinations that were most popular and sought after on social media.

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