Successfully organise themed holiday rentals

Add a special touch to your property and stand out from your competitors

  • Identify the thematic approach you want to take.
  • Examples of themed rentals for holiday rentals.
  • Match your holiday rental to the theme you choose.
  • Marketing and promotion to stand out from the competition.
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December 2023

Want to offer an unforgettable experience to your guests? We’ll guide you through a series of innovative ideas and effective strategies for organising and promoting themed trips in your holiday rental property. We’ll explain how you can tap into the growing interest in yoga retreats, wellness, art, and other themes to attract travellers and boost the profitability of your holiday rental. Stand out from your competitors and capture the attention of those travellers seeking unique and enriching experiences. Get ready to transform your property into a holiday destination that captivates and surprises its visitors!

Identify the themed approach you want to adopt

Defining the themed approach for your holiday rental involves designing and promoting your property in a way that aligns with a specific theme or concept to attract a particular group of guests. By adopting a themed approach, you can create a unique and memorable experience, increasing your occupancy and property profitability.

Some examples of themed approaches include:

  • Yoga and Wellness Retreats: Provide a tranquil space for yoga, meditation, and relaxation, along with additional services such as massages or wellness therapies.
  • Adventure and Nature: If your property is located in a natural setting, focus on outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, or water sports. Provide the necessary equipment and suggested routes.
  • Art and Creativity: Turn your property into a haven for artists by offering a space to create, necessary supplies, and creating an inspiring atmosphere.
  • Gastronomy: Implement a gourmet kitchen and culinary offerings to attract food lovers. You can even provide cooking classes or wine tastings.
  • Romance and Honeymoon: Design your property for couples seeking romantic getaways. Include romantic details like hot tubs, fireplaces, packages, and romantic accessories.
  • Sustainable Home: Adopt eco-friendly practices, such as solar panels and recycling, and promote your property as an environmentally friendly option.
  • Historical or Cultural Setting: If your property has a historical or cultural background, it can be an opportunity to highlight these features. Provide information about local history and culture.
  • Adventure Sports: If your location is suitable for adventure sports like skiing, surfing, or climbing, target your property to enthusiasts of these sports.
  • Family-friendly: Tailor your property for families with children with games, play areas, and family-friendly amenities.
  • Rustic Cabin or Mountain Retreat: If your property is in a mountainous or rural setting, offer a cosy retreat with rustic elements and outdoor activities.

Adapting your holiday rental to the chosen theme

Adapting your property to a themed trip is essential to provide guests with an exceptional experience. Here are some tips to ensure your property is ready to meet the needs of retreat participants:

  • Themed Amenities: Tailor the property’s amenities to the theme. If your retreat is focused on wellness, consider including a relaxation room, jacuzzi, or sauna. For culinary retreats, make sure the kitchen is well-equipped and suitable for cooking classes.
  • Themed Decoration: The property’s decoration should reflect the retreat’s theme. Use colours, furniture, and decorative details related to the themed approach.
  • Specialised Equipment: Provide specialised equipment. For example, for art retreats, offer easels and quality art supplies. For yoga retreats, ensure you have mats, blocks, and belts.
  • Rest Areas: Create cosy rest areas for participants to relax between activities. Include comfortable sofas, chairs, and pillows.
  • Outdoor Space: If your property has outdoor spaces like gardens, adapt them to the theme. You can offer areas prepared for meditation or outdoor dining.
  • Safety: Ensure that the property is safe and meets safety standards. This is essential, especially if you offer activities that require supervision.
  • Additional Supplies and Services: Offer additional services related to the theme, such as instructors, chefs, or therapists, as appropriate. Ensure they have adequate space and amenities to work.
  • Information and Guidance: Provide useful information about activities and options related to the theme in the surrounding area. This will help participants make the most of their experience.

Marketing and promotion

Marketing and promotion are crucial for attracting guests to your themed holiday rentals. Here are the key strategies to promote your themed holiday rentals:

1. Website and rental listing:

  • Create a listing related to the property’s themed services. Highlight features and amenities related to the theme, as well as the experiences offered.
  • If your listing is available on holiday rental platforms like Holidu, update the property description to reflect its themed approach. Use relevant keywords to improve visibility in searches.

2. Social media:

  • Use your social media profiles to promote your rental by sharing attractive photos, inspiring stories, and announcements about available dates.
  • Create theme-related content, such as yoga tips or recipes if your focus is on wellness, and share interesting posts that engage your audience.

3. Content marketing:

  • Write blogs or articles on your website addressing topics related to your property’s themed approach. This will attract an audience interested in that theme and improve your position in search engines.

4. Influencer collaborations:

  • Seek collaborations with influencers aligned with your themed approach. They can promote your property to their followers, significantly increasing your visibility and, therefore, your income.

5. Testimonials and reviews:

  • Request testimonials and reviews from guests who have enjoyed your themed retreats. These positive experiences will help build trust with future guests.

6. Online advertising:

  • Use online advertising, such as Google Ads or social media ads, to reach a wider audience. You can target your ads to reach people interested in your theme.

7. Email marketing:

  • Build an email list and send newsletters to your subscribers with special offers, news, and events related to your themed retreats. This can be a great way to increase bookings.

8. Virtual events:

  • Organise virtual events or webinars related to your themed approach. This will help establish your authority in the field and attract new guests interested in your theme.

9. Special offers:

  • Offer special deals or packages related to your themed approach to attract more interested guests.


Make sure to use high-quality photos that showcase the theme-related features of your property, effectively communicating why your holiday rental is the perfect place for that unique experience. With a solid marketing strategy, you can attract an audience passionate about your themed approach and maximise the occupancy of your holiday rental.

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