These are the Most Royal-Obsessed Cities in the UK

Whether you love it or hate it…


With the Coronation of Charles III and Camilla coming up, Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals, decided to investigate the cities that take to the internet in order to keep up with the British royals. After analysing the average number of monthly Google searches for Royal-related search terms in the past 12 months, the cities were ranked based on the highest number of searches in proportion to population. Be it out of admiration or not, these cities are the most royal-obsessed in the UK!

Read on to discover how the ranking results looked in May 2022!


To compile this ranking, Google Keyword Planner was used to collect the average number of searches of people in each city in the year 2021 for the following keywords: ‘royal family’, ‘queen elizabeth’, ‘prince philip’, ‘prince harry’, ‘meghan markle’, ‘duchess of cambridge’ ‘prince william’, ‘prince charles’ and ‘princess margaret’. The search volume for each of these keywords was then added together and divided by the population, which was then multiplied by 10,000 to get the average number of total searches per every 10,000 people in the city.

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