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Find great things to do in Copenhagen


Copenhagen presents itself in typical Scandinavian fashion: Cool cafés, clean-cut designs and bikes everywhere. Dive into the world of thrift shops and enjoy this colorful city. In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Copenhagen.

1. Hidden Gem Copenhagen: 42 Raw Cafe

This cafe is one of the best places to go for coffee, breakfast or lunch while shopping in the city centre as it´s located on a street with lots of nice shops. “Regular” coffee is so yesterday – get yourself a golden milk, pink latte or matcha latte, all of which arrived here quite a long time ago. Here at 42 Raw, gluten-free and vegans will also have plenty of choices!

42 Raw Cafe

42 Raw Cafe / © Instagram: myriamrcd

2. Hidden Gem Copenhagen: La Banchina

If you stay longer than just a weekend, this place is definitely a must-see. It is a true oasis a little bit outside of the city center. La Banchina is a 16-seat restaurant and wine bar with an on-site sauna. The owner renovated the abandoned wooden building, which was once used as a ferry boat waiting room for workers from the former shipyards. The place is super tiny inside, but outside it is magical. The sauna is open every day and can´t be booked in advance. So just stop by! La Banchina offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything they serve is natural, organic, biodynamic and locally sourced. Here they stick to the motto: farm to table.

La Banchina

La Banchina / © Instagram: luismartinmendoza

3. Hidden Gem Copenhagen: Streetfood Market Reffen

Having opened in 2018, this brand new space is dedicated to events, delicious food and cultural activities. It is a food market, which is located close to the waterfront in Copenhagen’s upcoming, urban neighborhood Refshaleøe. Currently there are around 50 food stalls at Reffen and most of them are inspired by international cuisine. They include Thrilla in Manilla, serving Filipino barbecue; The Real Greek, serving souvlaki and gyros; and Dosa Corner, serving South Indian dosas. What is also special about this food market is that all of the stalls have to adhere to the sustainable concept of “Reduce and Reuse”: use compostable food services, reduce food waste, use organic, free-range and local ingredients whenever possible. Plan a bit more time for visiting Reffen – with such an incredible atmosphere, you might want to spend a couple of hours exploring, relaxing and eating yourself into a food coma.


Street Food Hall / © Instagram: jangegardtove

4. Hidden Gem Copenhagen: Gemyse

Surrounded by greenery, beautiful flowers and vegetables, this is a truly idyllic refuge in the busy center of Copenhagen. Eating in the greenhouse is for sure a special event. Regarding the name (which means veggies) and the greenhouse it’s not hard to tell that organic greens are a big part of restaurant Gemyse’s menu. Quality and excellent taste is guaranteed for every plate. As they work with the most fresh and local produce, their menu changes almost every day. Please be aware that Gemyse is located in the center of the Tivoli Gardens, and you will have to pay an entrance fee to make it to the restaurant. So combine both experiences and explore the beautiful Tivoli Gardens before 🙂


Gemyse / © Instagram: mason_rose

5. Hidden Gem Copenhagen: Christiania

Freetown Christiania is a mix of homemade houses, workshops, art galleries, music venues, cheap organic eateries and beautiful natural surroundings. During the summer you’ll find free live concerts on Sundays. It was once founded by a group of hippies and is now like its own little town within Copenhagen.


Christiania / © Instagram: latete_enlair

6. Hidden Gem Copenhagen: CUB Coffee

If you are looking for a good coffee in Copenhagen, you should not miss this place. CUB, or also called Copenhagen Underground Brewers, won´t let you down. The cafe is located in the basement with a clean but cozy interior. With a cup of coffee, you can hang out in their cosy chairs or tables fitted with fleeces for extra warmth and enjoy the Danish atmosphere. Besides espresso-based drinks, you can also choose filter brews like pour over, aeropress and french press. Enjoy a world class cappuccino with great latte art.

CUB Coffee

CUB Coffee / © Instagram: copenhagenplaces

7. Hidden Gem Copenhagen: Rent a bike

Copenhagen is really a city you should explore by bike. As it´s super easy to use we recommend to renting a bike with “Donkey republic.” You can rent a bike there for about 12 Euro for the whole day and you can book it easily via an app.

Rent a bike

Rent a bike / © Instagram: enlightenedbybravery

8. Hidden Gem Copenhagen: Flavour Bastards

If there is one aspect where this restaurant doesn’t disappoint, it’s in the variety of flavours you’ll encounter when stopping by for a brunch or dinner. That says a lot, especially when the dishes from the salty to the sweet are all vegan! Most importantly they are all delicious and do not disappoint. Their amazing gnocchi in a pumpkin-based & truffle creamy sauce is just one of their incredible stand out courses. Their sweets like waffles, mousse and cheesecakes are simply phenomenal. Located near the Dronning Louises Bro, Flavour Bastards will for sure become your favorite vegan restaurant.

Flavour Bastards

Flavour Bastards / © Instagram: flavour_bastards

9. Hidden Gem Copenhagen: The Union Kitchen

The Union Kitchen is always an awesome place for anyone looking for great vibes and amazing food. The restaurant is located near Nyhavn and it’s open literally all day long! You can come here to start your day ordering a delicious eggs benedict and a cappuccino with a quote of the day inscribed on its foam. Or why not come for lunch or dinner to try a mind-blowing Halloumi burger. The restaurant has its unique style and it is possible to eat inside the restaurant or in the sidewalk eating area when you are in need of some sunlight.

The Union Kitchen

The Union Kitchen / © Instagram: theunionkitchen

10. Hidden Gem Copenhagen: Ancestrale

It doesn’t matter which city you are visiting, wine tasting is always an awesome experience. Ancestrale wine bar is just the perfect spot to have a wonderful time with your friends or your partner. The selection of wines offered in this hidden gem is wide and delicious. Many of them are from the region so you’ll get to taste and experience local exquisite wines. The food is also outstanding. The selection of dishes is small but the quality of each is ten out of ten. With its extremely cozy atmosphere, this wine bar and restaurant is easily a great choice for a great evening in Copenhagen.


Ancestrale / © Instagram: ancestrale_cph

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