Make your holiday rental pet-friendly

How to make your property comfy for guests... and their furry friends!

  • Preparation of your pet-friendly property.
  • Cleaning and maintenance.
  • Safety in pet-friendly properties.
  • Pet-friendly marketing strategies.
  • How to adapt your holiday rental to welcome pets.
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December 2023

Our pets are more than just companions; they’ve become cherished family members. Travelling with them is a growing trend, and if you own a holiday rental, this is an opportunity. Let’s explore how to transform your property into a pet-friendly haven, providing guests and their pets with the best experience possible to stand out in a constantly growing market.

Making your property pet-friendly

Turning your holiday rental into a pet-friendly space involves not only welcoming guests with pets but also creating an environment where both families and their furry friends feel comfortable and welcome. Preparation is key to delivering an exceptional experience to all who visit your property. Here’s a list of key aspects to consider:

Clear policies and rules:

  • Establish pet admission policies defining the maximum number of pets allowed, types of animals, and any restrictions in terms of size or breed.
  • Define pet behaviour rules, such as keeping animals on a leash in common areas or the prohibition of animals on beds and sofas.

Cleaning and maintenance:

  • Implement a rigorous cleaning program to ensure your property is free of allergens and pet hair.
  • Consider using washable covers on sofas and chairs to facilitate cleaning.

Property safety:

  • Provide emergency information for local veterinarians in case of accidents or health issues.

Pet welcome kits:

  • Offer a welcome kit for pets that includes waste disposal bags and a list of nearby activities and places ideal for pet walks, such as parks, beaches, or hiking trails.

Fees for pets:

  • Consider setting an additional fee per pet to cover cleaning costs and potential damages.

Specific promotions:

  • Highlight in your ads and descriptions that your property is pet-friendly. Use images that demonstrate the property’s friendliness with pets.

Local information and regulations: 

  • Research local regulations related to pets, such as leash laws or areas where dogs are allowed off-leash.

Guest communication:

  • Establish open communication with guests before their arrival to clarify any questions or concerns related to their pets.

Flexible cancellation policies: 

  • Offer flexible cancellation policies to attract travellers with pets, as they may often face unexpected plan changes due to their pets.

Pet-specific amenities:

When travelling with our beloved pets, choosing accommodation that not only welcomes them but also makes them feel special is crucial. Therefore, holiday rentals need to offer:

  • Food and water bowls: facilitate pet feeding by guests.
  • Pet beds or pillows: provide specific beds or pillows for pets to rest comfortably.
  • Toys and treats: include a selection of toys and treats to keep pets entertained and reward their good behaviour.
  • Designated relief area: create an area for animals to do their business, either outdoors (for example, for dogs) or inside the house (more suitable for cats). Provide waste disposal bags and ensure the area is well-lit.

Cleaning and maintenance:

When it comes to pet-friendly rentals, cleanliness and maintenance are essential aspects to ensure both guests and their beloved pets enjoy a comfortable and worry-free stay. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Rigorous cleaning program: implement a thorough cleaning program focusing on areas prone to pet hair and allergen accumulation. Use appropriate cleaners to remove pet stains and odours.
  • Washable covers: use washable covers on sofas and chairs to facilitate cleaning and keep furniture in good condition.

Pet-friendly property safety:

Ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for guests and their beloved pets is indispensable, so pay special attention to:

  • Secure fences and gates: if your property has outdoor areas, make sure they are fenced to prevent pets from escaping.
  • Elimination of hazards: identify and eliminate any potential hazards for pets, such as toxic plants or other elements that may endanger the safety of the pet.

Pet-friendly marketing strategies:

Some promotion strategies for your pet-friendly property can be:

  • Highlighting “Pet-Friendly” in ads: clearly mention that your property is pet-friendly in the ad description. Use images of pets on the property if possible.
  • Share guest testimonials with pets: if you’ve had previous guests with pets, request testimonials and share their experiences in your ads. This will build trust among pet-travelling guests.
  • Offer photos of pet amenities: display images of specific pet amenities on your property, such as food bowls, dog beds, and designated resting areas.
  • Post on social media: post photos of pets enjoying your property.
  • Ads on pet-specific platforms: post ads on platforms specialized in pet travel, such as “BringFido” or “TripsWithPets.” Additionally, Holidu allows you to highlight the pet-friendly features in your ads.
  • Promotion at pet events: participate in local pet events or fairs to promote your property as pet-friendly.
  • Regularly review and update your ads: keep your ads updated with accurate information and high-quality photos showcasing pet amenities.

By implementing these marketing strategies, you’ll not only attract more guests with pets, but you’ll also stand out in a growing market of travellers who value the convenience of travelling with their furry companions.

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