Get your holiday home ready for spring

Tips to spruce up your rental for the spring season


February 2023

As the season change approaches, it’s crucial to be prepared, especially if you have a property for rent or manage holiday rentals. In some communities, spring marks the beginning of the peak season, making it the perfect time to refresh and carry out necessary maintenance. From a detailed roof inspection to avoid moisture issues, to taking care of outdoor areas with gardens or private pools. Every detail matters!

The arrival of spring not only brings a change in weather but also an increased influx of guests renting your holiday home. To ensure a positive experience for tenants and maximise your success as a host, follow these tips to leave your apartment in its best condition. Get ready to welcome the peak season optimally by taking care of your home and optimising your bookings!

Learn how to prepare your property for spring

Thorough cleaning:

Kick off the season with a thorough cleaning, going over all those spaces where it’s not usual to clean daily, making the property look and smell fresh. Take the time to wash windows to allow natural light to flood every corner, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Similarly, dust off tables, chairs, decorative objects, and shelves. Also, pay extra attention to less visible areas, such as the tops and bottoms, closets, or under the beds.

Renovations and maintenance:

  • Inspect the tiles for potential moisture issues or damage and fix any loose ones to prevent leaks during the first spring rains.
  • Pay attention to outdoor areas, such as gardens, terraces, and private pools. Look for possible damages that could cause harm to guests, such as damaged tiles, broken glass, or worn-out non-slip surfaces in the pool area.
  • Clean chairs and make necessary repairs to ensure the proper condition of common areas where guests may spend many moments, and it’s essential for them to feel comfortable.
  • If you have a garden, trim the grass, shrubs, or trees; and add new decorative plants to add colour.


  • Take advantage of the charm of spring flowers; place bouquets in vases to add colour, this simple action will instantly decorate and transform your space.
  • Change sheets, sofa textiles, curtains, and towels to spring shades. Experiment with vibrant colours like green, yellow, red, or pink to reflect light. When renewing sheets, sofa covers, and curtains, choose lighter and fresher fabrics.
  • Swap thick blankets and Nordic cushions for cotton models, replace wool rugs with jute, and adapt bedding to linen, as it helps provide a refreshing feeling for warmer days.
  • Opt for rugs and walls that match the furniture and objects in the rooms. 
  • Add paintings to the walls that capture the vitality of spring; these can be of plants, wildflowers, and animals.
  • Introduce floral scents like cinnamon, sunflower, rose, jasmine, or lavender in your home. Candles, diffusers, or natural flowers will contribute to creating a unique sensory experience.
  • Organise the outdoor table and chairs, provide a parasol, and add a barbecue area for your guests to enjoy outdoor meals. 
  • Reorganise spaces with furniture facing the sun coming through the windows, mirrors that reflect daylight, and in bedrooms, position beds facing panoramic views.

Updates on holiday rental pages:

  • Take advantage of the season to capture new photographs that reflect the light and freshness of spring with attractive images and descriptions highlighting the improvements made.
  • Consider adjusting rates, being competitive in the market without sacrificing profitability.
  • Maintain quick and effective communication with potential guests. Prompt responses build trust and increase booking chances.
  • Provide your guests with a guide to specific local spring activities, such as festivals, outdoor markets, scenic hiking trails, or cultural events.
  • Consider offering special deals for longer stays during spring.

Suggestions to enhance guests’ spring experience


  • Remove leaves, branches, or other debris that may have accumulated on the water surface during winter.
  • Vacuum the bottom to eliminate any dirt or sediment accumulated at the pool’s base. To successfully accomplish this pool cleaning, we recommend using a flocculant hours before.
  • An efficient filtration system is crucial to maintain crystal-clear water, so change or properly maintain them frequently.
  • Check that the water level is at the correct point.
  • Adjust chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels according to instructions to keep the water safe and healthy.
  • Apply an algae treatment to prevent their growth.
  • If your pool isn’t used constantly, consider equipping it with a cover or fencing system to protect it from falling leaves and other environmental debris.
  • If your pool has a heating system, perform a check to ensure it’s in optimal condition.
  • Create a regular maintenance schedule for spring and summer. This will help you not forget any cleaning and control tasks, providing the best experience for your guests.


  • Remove dry leaves, branches, and any debris accumulated during winter. This will facilitate the growth of new plants and soil aeration.
  • Empty and clean pots and planters. It’s recommended to replace the old substrate with fresh soil and nutrients to ensure proper plant development.
  • Perform scarification to remove excess thatch and allow better water and nutrient absorption. Additionally, fertilise the lawn to promote its greenness and density.
  • Eliminate weeds that may have grown during winter. Good weed control ensures that the plants we want to showcase and grow are at their best.
  • Check that the irrigation system is in good condition and make necessary repairs. 
  • Inspect trees and shrubs, remove dry branches, apply fertiliser, and ensure they are free of pests.
  • Clean patios, paths, and other hard surfaces. Removing accumulated dirt in these spaces ensures the garden is completely walkable and looks incredibly well-maintained.
  • Integrate plants that attract pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. This not only benefits your garden but also contributes to the balance of the ecosystem.

At the end of the stays, we recommend asking your guests to share their spring experiences on the holiday rental portal where the listing is, hopefully on Holidu. Also, never forget to ask for any additional suggestions and always be open to improving the service.

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