Art and crafts in holiday rentals

Add a touch of colour and originality to your holiday rental.

  • How to create a cultural connection with the guest.
  • Explore the local arts and crafts market.
  • Which works of art are best suited to your holiday rental.
  • Arts and crafts for country rental homes.
  • Arts and crafts for beach holiday rentals.
  • Interactive experiences for your guests.
Arte e artigianato in proprietà per le vacanze

December 2023

One of the keys to providing unforgettable experiences is to add a touch of authenticity to your property by incorporating local art and craft, transforming it into a unique and impressive space. Exploring the cultural richness of the surroundings can help advertise your holiday home effectively, allowing each room to tell its own stories through artistic pieces.

How to create a cultural connection with guests

On mostholiday rental portals, there are creative communities formed by hosts specialising in various artistic areas, such as film, visual arts, architecture, design, music, or photography. These features also influence guests, where holiday rentals that incorporate art and craft stimulate the imagination of travellers.

It’s crucial to create a cultural connection with your property, and to achieve this, consider the following tips:

  • Reflect the local identity: capture the essence of the region by reflecting its local identity. For example, if your property is in a coastal or mountain destination, visit local markets and craft shops to acquire indigenous products.
  • Incorporate Historical Elements: integrating historical elements will foster emotional connection and guest interest.
  • Purchase local products with purpose: when acquiring local products, aim to create a welcoming atmosphere. The selected pieces should emotionally impact guests positively and not go unnoticed.

These steps will help ensure that your listing on a holiday rental website not only portrays your property as a place of accommodation but also as a space that enriches the guest experience, connecting them with the culture and authenticity of the local environment.

Explore the local art and craft market

To achieve this distinguished cultural identity, it is necessary to explore the local art and craft market to find authentic designs and incorporate them into the interior or exterior design of your property. Here are some suggestions to make the most of the opportunities provided by the artisanal market:

  • Pre-research: before going to the local market, research the distinctive characteristics of the art and craft of the area, identifying trends and styles that can be seamlessly integrated into renting out your holiday home.
  • Visit markets and fairs: explore local markets, craft fairs, and cultural events where local artists and craftsmen exhibit their creations. We recommend examining available options and engaging in conversations with artists to understand the meaning behind their works.
  • Local collaborations: consider the possibility of establishing collaborations to obtain custom pieces; this not only adds authenticity but also provides direct support to the local artistic community.
  • Theme-focused selection: define a theme or concept for your property’s design and look for pieces that align with that vision.

What artworks are suitable for your holiday rental

It’s essential that the selected works contribute coherence and harmony to the property, representing the image you want to convey with your holiday rental. To achieve this, consider the following suggestions:

  • Artistic media: explore a variety of artistic media, such as paintings, sculptures, textiles, and ceramics. Diversity in types of art can foster visual interest, and playing with textures helps create sensory experiences.
  • Representative pieces: look for pieces that represent the culture so that guests can learn about the local history.
  • Modern and traditional balance: find a balance between modern and traditional pieces to create a timeless and appealing design.
  • Craft integration: think about how the pieces will integrate into specific spaces, such as common rooms, bedrooms, or outdoor areas. Consider the location to create a greater visual impact.
  • Maintenance: when choosing art and craft, consider ease of maintenance to ensure that the pieces remain in good condition over time. We recommend opting for materials that suit the environment and intended use.

Art and craft according to the property type

Art and crafts for countryside holiday homes

Amidst the serenity of the countryside, artisanal designs can add a welcoming touch that enhances the experience, but do you know how to make this a reality?

In rural areas, explore markets and fairs where artists and craftsmen offer unique creations. From paintings that capture the beauty of the landscape to sculptures that reflect cultural essence, the key is to look for pieces that match the authenticity of the surroundings.

Additionally, you can follow these steps:

  1. Collaborate with artisans: it’s a direct connection that not only brings originality but also highlights the importance of supporting local creativity. In some cases, you could even offer workshops with the artists on your property so that your guests can participate in their art. Now, that’s how you stand out!
  2. Themes reflecting nature: it’s crucial to select fabrics and materials that evoke the tranquillity of the countryside, sculptures that capture local fauna, and other pieces that integrate to make your property a harmonious and serene space.

Art and crafts for beach holiday rentals

At the beach, marine inspiration in art pieces is essential. First, explore historic centres to find markets where you can discover treasures inspired by the ocean, such as sculptures with marine motifs or paintings that capture the magic of the waves. These can be charming designs for your property.

Each selected piece should complement the serenity of the coastal environment. Here are our recommendations:

  1. Opt for a colour palette that reflects the coast in shades of blue, turquoise, and sand. Artworks or handmade pieces should complement these tones, creating a visual harmony that merges with the nature of the surroundings.
  2. Buy lamps made with fishing nets or furniture with driftwood details. These pieces add a charming nautical touch.
  3. Add sand or wood sculptures that capture the relaxed essence of the beach. You can include these artistic pieces in outdoor areas to keep the interior clean.
  4. Murals illustrating marine life or coastal narratives can transform walls and create an unforgettable connection with the environment. We suggest featuring these designs in bedrooms and rooms with minimalist styles.
  5. Nature-inspired ceramics, such as moulded shells or plates with marine motifs, add a delicate touch to the dining experience.
  6. Create creative outdoor corners with garden sculptures, handwoven hammocks, and other elements that reflect beach life.
  7. It’s necessary to select art and craft that can withstand the conditions of the coastal environment.

Interactive experiences for your guests

Your vision as a host or holiday rental manager should go beyond creating simple resting spaces; you should strive to offer memorable experiences that blend the beauty of art and craft with comfort. By creating workshops and classes, you provide your guests with the opportunity to actively participate in artistic creation in support of the local artisan community.

Additionally, you can make your guests connect with the artistic world by offering local art routes and immersion in cultural events driven by collaborations with local artists. If you manage to create such an experience, we recommend having pieces from the artists who conduct the guided walks to transform your rental spaces into ever-evolving canvases, offering a complete artistic immersion experience.

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