Implementing contactless check in and check out processes for your holiday rentals

Increase the security and convenience of your holiday rental with smart locks

  • Advantages of using smart locks in holiday rentals.
  • Suggestions for keyless check-in.
  • What types of technological locks are there?
  • Contactless check-out processes.
entrées sécurisées sans contact

December 2023

Holiday rental guests seek safety and convenience in their travels, so it’s crucial to focus on discovering how to provide a keyless entry experience that ensures hassle-free check-in and check-out processes at your property. In recent years, locks have evolved into the technological era, becoming a popular and significant service for hosts or managers who want to offer a more comfortable and speedy service to their guests.

These services are ideal for those who cannot provide a personalised welcome due to work constraints or time limitations. Currently, internet-connected smart locks provide an efficient solution for managing properties effectively. Let’s explore the advantages of leveraging this technology to provide a secure and efficient accommodation experience.

Advantages of using smart locks in holiday rentals

Smart locks have revolutionised security and accessibility management in the world of holiday rentals. This innovative lock concept not only brings functionality and convenience but also transforms the experience for both managers and guests by offering the option for contactless check-ins and check-outs. A contactless check-in involves providing a guest check-in process at the property without the need for a personal meeting with the host. This practice not only adds convenience but also provides an exceptional opportunity to stand out and differentiate. Let’s delve into the numerous advantages these smart locks offer.

  • Security Technology: These devices incorporate advanced software that enhances security in smart properties, using biometric data such as facial recognition or fingerprints. On your part, ensure privacy and data protection by employing state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Receive instant notifications to keep you informed about activity on your property, allowing you to manage access codes and maintain precise control.
  • Generate Access Codes: Provide guests with autonomy to access the property without delays by sharing process details before contactless entry, ensuring a seamless experience.

By adopting contactless check-in practices, you will differentiate yourself in the market and stand out as a host prioritising the comfort of your guests, demonstrating attention and proactivity by providing flexible and modern options for the arrival process when renting your holiday home.

Suggestions for keyless entries

Choosing electronic locks is the smart choice to enhance security and convenience in the entry process when renting out your vacation home. Here are some suggestions:

  • Electronic Locks: Install systems that allow guests to access through codes or encrypted cards. Opt for an advanced encryption system to ensure the security of access cards and codes.
  • Mobile Applications: Offer guests the option to unlock doors through mobile applications, providing an easy-to-use and hassle-free guide. Highlight this method, allowing guests to access quickly and securely directly from their mobile devices.
  • Holiday Rentals Websites: Emphasise the convenience of keyless entries when advertising your holiday home on platforms like Holidu. Use photos showcasing electronic lock technology and be sure to include keywords highlighting the intelligence and modernity of your property.
  • Integration with Booking Platforms: Ensure electronic locks are integrated with booking platforms, facilitating coordination of access codes with guest stay dates. Guarantee a smooth experience from booking to check-out, eliminating possible obstacles in the process.

What other types of technological locks are there?

Smart key technology has revolutionised how guests access vacation rental properties, providing a very secure and convenient method. Here’s how it works and the most popular types of technological locks on the market.

Most popular technological locks:

  • Wi-Fi Locks: Allow remote unlocking with access for both guests and hosts, offering a modern and easily manageable option.
  • Digital Keypad: Allows entry through a code that includes numbers, letters, and symbols, standing out in the market for its affordable cost and simplicity of use.
  • Remote Locks: Operates using a pin, i.e., the insertion of a numerical code. Mainly used by hosts to lock and unlock doors remotely.

Advantages of this technology:

  • Eliminates the need for physical keys, avoiding associated problems like loss or duplication.
  • Offers the possibility of generating single-use virtual keys for added security.
  • Allows hosts to manage property access remotely, providing greater control and flexibility.
  • With different types of locks on the market, they adapt to the specific preferences and needs of each property and host.

Contactless checkout processes

Ensuring a contactless check-out process is important to provide your guests with a stress-free experience and, at the same time, allows the incorporation of technology that can make this transition smoother. Let’s explore some specific recommendations for integrating technological locks into this process:

  • Online Check-Out: Allow guests to complete check-out through online platforms to avoid unnecessary interactions. You can choose to send automatic reminders to guests near the departure time, encouraging them to complete the process efficiently.
  • Code Configuration: Use temporary access codes that deactivate automatically after check-out.
  • Personalised Support: Provide detailed instructions on the check-out process and the use of technological locks in reservation documents, offering remote support in case of issues with the lock, allowing you to provide assistance without the need for physical presence.

By incorporating technological locks into these processes, you will not only improve efficiency but also stand out for offering a contactless stay, something increasingly valued by guests.

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