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  • Create your game room in the perfect environment.
  • “Starter Pack for a perfect classic game room.
  • Essential elements for a modern and technological arcade.
  • Advertise your arcade on web portals.


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December 2023

The key to standing out among the competition and securing frequent bookings lies in the unique services you offer when advertising your holiday rental. This distinctiveness can impress guests, sparking the desire to return for each of their holiday getaways. Setting up a game or leisure room in your property enhances your guests’ experience, turning it into a genuine entertainment hub full of fun and unique moments for your visitors.

While the idea of limitless fun may be tempting, it’s essential to identify ideal spaces and consider essential elements to ensure the success of this concept in your property. Let’s explore together how to provide an entertainment experience that combines the thrill of technological games with the timelessness of classics, ensuring that every guest enjoys an exceptional stay.

Create your games room in the perfect environment

It’s crucial to clearly define the available space when creating a games room at home that appeals to all guests. To turn it into a genuine entertainment hub, we suggest following these steps:

  1. Consider people of all ages, incorporating elements that appeal to both children and adults.
  2. Keep games and activities updated to offer an exciting and current experience.
  3. Use strategic lighting to create a welcoming and conducive atmosphere.
  4. Add decorative elements to give a special touch to the games room environment. A good idea might be to use video game posters or murals with a similar theme.
  5. Provide specific usage guides so guests can make the most of the games room and enjoy the experience.

“Starter Pack” for a perfect classic games room

In your property’s games room, there should be both modern and technological alternatives, as well as more classic and traditional options. Regarding the latter, here are some examples of the most popular choices:

  • Billiard or pool table: a timeless classic that provides hours of fun and entertainment. You can place the pool table in a living room or a central common area, turning it into an elegant and fun focal point. Ensure there’s enough space for players to move comfortably.
  • Ping pong table: ideal for exciting challenges and competitions among guests. The ping pong table is a classic that should not be missing from your game space.
  • Board games: include a varied selection for all ages and tastes, ensuring fun for everyone. Examples could be Monopoly, Scrabble, or Wordfeud. You can leave these games in social areas where guests can enjoy quick matches, or offer a shelf for better organisation.
  • Outdoor spaces: additionally, if your property has a garden or outdoor spaces, consider leaving a football or basketball for both adults and children to have fun outside your property.

For classic games, it’s essential to ensure that each piece of equipment is entirely safe and meets quality standards.

Essentials for a modern and tech-filled games room

In addition to traditional alternatives, we recommend equipping your game space with the latest entertainment technology. Follow these recommendations to create the perfect space for video game and tech enthusiasts:

  • Video game consoles: make the latest gaming consoles, such as PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo, available to guests to attract a broad audience. Also, consider providing a selection of popular games for each console, like Fifa 2024, Fortnite, or Mario Kart, among others.
  • Screens and sounds: consider installing a high-definition TV, preferably of a large size for a sensational experience. Accompany it with a quality sound system to immerse players in the action.
  • Arcade machine: technological entertainment is not limited to video games alone; you can also install an arcade-style machine with multiple installed games. It doesn’t have to be like those from the ’80s; there are modern alternatives that retain the essence and retro spirit of the era, offering a greater variety of games.

Advertise your holiday rental with a games room on online portals

If you have your property listed on holiday rental portals like Holidu, include in the ad description that your property has this type of entertainment equipment to attract the maximum number of guests interested in the field. To successfully position yourself and generate more bookings, follow these steps:

  • Detail the games and devices available in the games room in your ad.
  • Highlight the unique features of the equipment that may attract guests, whether classic or technological.
  • Use specific keywords related to games in the ad description to improve positioning.
  • Request positive feedback to generate interest from other potential guests.

Implement these tips to encourage bookings for your property. This way, you’ll not only enhance visibility when renting out your holiday flat but also attract guests seeking a unique and fun experience.

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