Hidden Gems for Cadiz Province

In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Cadiz Province


Packed with rich culture, incredible beaches and excellent food, the Province of Cadiz is no doubt an unmissable destination for any type of traveler. It is located in the south west of Andalucia and it’s surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to its incredible location you will always be greeted by fascinating landscapes and beautiful sunsets. Visiting Cadiz is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the right amount of relaxation and longing for picturesque and historical cities.

In our travel guide, you will find great things to do in Cadiz Province

1. Hidden Gem Cadiz: Mojama Beach

There is no way you can miss this hidden gem when visiting Cadiz. Although it can be mistaken by its name for a beach, at Mojama you will be delighted by a cool and cozy atmosphere, a gorgeous view of the ocean and mouth watering food. This chiringuito specializes in tuna dishes, so if you are a tuna lover, this place will be hard to say no to. You can order a delicious tuna ceviche or their signature trio of tuna. Here, you can also relax and have a great time due to its great cocktail offering and live music in the evenings. The sunsets at Mojama are also a must-see thanks to its incredible location near Playa Sancti Petri, so be sure to check them out!

Mojama Beach Cadiz Province

Mojama Beach / © Instagram: mojamabeach

2. Hidden Gem Cadiz: Playa Los Caños de Meca

With a length of almost 3 km, Playa Los Caños de Meca is the perfect beach if you want to give your surfing skills a try. Known for its windy nature and great waves, many people come to practice sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing. However, don’t worry if you don’t know your way with watersports, because this beach will grab your attention thanks to its beautiful fine golden sand and turquoise waters. It is an awesome place to connect with nature too, thanks to its natural water jets or spouts where you can bathe. Make sure to visit Trafalgar Lighthouse nearby and stay for the sunset because the view will amaze you.

Playa Los Caños de Meca Cadiz Province

Playa Los Caños de Meca / © Instagram: elcaosdenadia

3. Hidden Gem Cadiz: La Vaca Atada

For an excellent breakfast or brunch in Cadiz, you should look no further than La Vaca Atada. This spot is much more than a bakery or a coffee shop. Here you can find a wide variety of delicious sweets, salty dishes, amazing smoothies, coffee, and more. A must when visiting this place is to order any of their phenomenal Argentine empanadas, filled with flavorful ingredients. You can also try out any of their artisanal beers or take home their great dulce de leche or their tasty jam. Located at the heart of the old town in Cadiz, this cozy restaurant is an unmissable stop the next time you are in the city.

La Vaca Atada Cadiz Province

La Vaca Atada / © Instagram: vaca_atada

4. Hidden Gem Cadiz: Arrebol Cadiz

When everyone going to Arrebol agrees that it is a hidden gem, you know you are in for a treat. This spot, located near Mercado Central de Cadiz, serves incredible Spanish/Japanese fusion food. Although the amount of dishes they offer is low compared with other restaurants, they make up for it by providing top notch quality. You can start by ordering their famous starters like pringa gyoza or their homemade bao made with kimchi and a delicious tortilla shrimp cream. Then spoil yourself with their amazing seafood dish offering or with a tasty “Burger 100% DO Cadiz” prepared with certified retinto veal. If that wasn’t enough, they also offer a weekly healthy menu with all the nutrients you need in a meal designed by none other than a famous Spanish sports nutritionist.

Arrebol Cadiz

Arrebol Cadiz / © Instagram: arrebolcadiz

5. Hidden Gem Cadiz: Papaya Beach Bar

If you want to be one of the first to try out a place before it blows up in popularity, you need to go to Papaya Beach Bar. This new hidden gem is located in the heart of Tarifa and just oozes incredible vibes and fun. It has a really colorful and tropical aesthetic and a cozy terrace in the sun. You also won’t be disappointed by its top service and most importantly its menu. They offer many dishes for anyone looking for a tasty breakfast, like a Tahiti toast with banana and honey. Or classic munchies like nachos with guacamole together with delicious cocktails to have a great time with your friends in the evening.

Papaya Beach Bar Cadiz Province

Papaya Beach Bar / © Instagram: papaya_beach_bar_tarifa

6. Hidden Gem Cadiz: Piscinas Naturales de Bolonia

Just a 30 min walk away from Playa de Bolonia you can find this beautiful natural formation by the seashore. This secluded place is perfect if you are looking for full on relaxation by the beach. The natural pools of Bolonia are astounding. Their waters are turquoise and a bit warmer than usual thanks to the dam of water created by the rocks. This creates the sensation that you are in a jacuzzi by the sea! Additionally, you can make a natural spa out of it, by using the mud of the beach on your body and then bathing to have your skin as soft as a baby’s.

Piscinas Naturales De Bolonia Cadiz Province

Piscinas Naturales De Bolonia / © Instagram: r.o.b.b.i.e76

7. Hidden Gem Cadiz: Playa de Atlanterra

An often forgotten beach when visiting Cadiz, Playa Atlanterra is one that is definitely worth your time. Not only does it have many chiringuitos, bars, and restaurants nearby, it is also a magnificent place to just sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful ocean. The beach has a low tide and the water is crystal clear making it phenomenal for a great swim. You can also go for a run along the beach thanks to its 3 km stretch of fine sand. During the high season, the beach doesn’t get really crowded. When you are in the need of just escaping the world and chill, this spot will have your back!

Playa De Atlanterra Cadiz Province

Playa de Atlanterra / © Instagram: victortrekking

8. Hidden Gem Cadiz: Musalima Bar

Musalima Bar just rocks in everything they do. The place has an incredible attention to detail to their decor and how they present their food and drinks. You’ll be left astonished by the amount of creativity and originality that they put into their unique delicious cocktails. Foodwise, this spot offers a lot of variety in its selection. They offer classic Peruvian food like many types of ceviche with a house spin, great tapas, amazing poke bowls and much more. The restaurant is located in the old town in Cadiz, and right in front of Musalima lies Playa de La Victoria. This creates a beautiful ocean view for you to enjoy while eating phenomenal dishes.

Musalima Bar Cadiz Province

Musalima Bar / © Instagram: musalima_bar

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