Hidden Gems for Lake Como

In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Lake Como


Located in the region of Lombardy, Lake Como is one of the most beautiful places that Italy has to offer. It is surrounded by many wonderful and colorful cities such as Bellagio and Varenna, and a gorgeous natural landscape. Italy’s third largest lake is home to many delightful villas, gardens as well as a fantastic offering of great restaurants for you to enjoy. Its combination of both modern and traditional Italian architecture will make you want to come back every year.


In our travel guide, you will find great things to do in Lake Como!

1. Hidden Gem Lake Como: The Brothers Cafe

For an excellent restaurant choice, anytime of the day on Lago di Como look no further than The Brothers Cafe. With its vintage style decor, this hidden gem offers a classic Italian breakfast with a wonderful selection of delicious pastries. In the evening you can stop by at their bar to taste many of their original and great looking cocktails while eating one of their tasty pinsas. This spot is located right in the heart of Como, so there is no way you can miss it. It also overlooks Piazza Volta and has tables outside for you to enjoy the sun while relishing their food and the great atmosphere.

The Brothers Cafe Lake Como

The Brothers Cafe / © Instagram: thebrotherscafecomo

2. Hidden Gem Lake Como: La Cava Dei Sapori

On the outskirts of the city of Como, it is possible to find this phenomenal hidden gem. La Cava Dei Sapori is an exceptional restaurant due to the care and attention to detail they put into creating their amazing dishes. Every four months they rotate their menu due to the seasonality of their incredible fresh ingredients. You can normally expect to find out-of-this-world Neapolitan style pizzas, like the classic Margherita or their award winning pizza called “Campana Slow” with two types of tomatoes and mozzarella di bufala. For wine lovers, they also have a great selection of regional wines for you to try with their amazing food.

La Cava Dei Sapori Lake Como

La Cava Dei Sapori / © Instagram: la_cava_dei_sapori

3. Hidden Gem Lake Como: Da Luciano – Bottega e Caffe’

You know this hidden gem is worth a visit when none other than George Clooney comes here to eat. Da Luciano is a small traditional restaurant located in the municipality of Laglio. It has a beautiful terrace that has a fabulous view of Lake Como making it an excellent place for tranquil dining. This is the best spot for anyone looking for delicious appetizers like cheeses from the region, tartare and tasty hams, accompanied by a classic Aperol Spritz. After finishing your dishes you can go to their ice cream cart and ask for any of their amazing gelati, but try their pistachio gelato because it will blow your mind.

Da Luciano - Bottega e Caffe’ Lake Como

Da Luciano – Bottega e Caffe’ / © Instagram: dalucianolaglio

4. Hidden Gem Lake Como: Figli Dei Fiori

Figli Dei Fiori is a restaurant that will deliver you one of the best experiences while visiting Lake Como. For starters, the interior design of the establishment is gorgeous. You will be surrounded by plants and flowers, which will elevate your visit here. Then, comes the amazing food. You have the option to choose between a bistrot or osteria oriented menu. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, because every dish is prepared with the freshest ingredients and with an incredible attention to detail. The taste you ask? Your palate will be exploding with tasty flavors. This wonderful place is just three blocks away from the center of Como.

Figli Dei Fiori Lake Como

Figli Dei Fiori / © Instagram: figlideifioribistrot

5. Hidden Gem Lake Como: Lido Di Lenno

At the municipality of Lenno you can find this excellent restaurant right at the shore of Lago di Como. Here you have many different options to choose from on how you wish to enjoy the fantastic view. They have a beautiful beach bar where you can rent beds and eat while relaxing on the sand and sunbathing. Or sit in its varanda and order tasty dishes such as their signature raviolo with confit tomato. This spot also has a wide variety of local wines to pick as well as many cocktails to refresh you in those warm summer days. Lido di Lenno is also sought out for weddings due to its beautiful location, so be careful coming here because you may want to do yours here as well!

Lido Di Lenno Lake Como

Lido Di Lenno / © Instagram: lidodilenno

6. Hidden Gem Lake Como: Monte Grona

When visiting Lago di Como normally one goes to top restaurants or looks for great spots to enjoy the lake. However, the hike to Monte Grona adds another dimension of enjoyment to your visit. This excursion will take you around two hours to get to the top. Right at the peak you will be greeted with an amazing view of the whole area. Not only will you see the whole lake, but also spot Bellagio and Lago di Lugano in the distance. Hiking this mountain of around 1,736 meters above sea level is an unmissable hidden gem that will also make sure you stay healthy while traveling.

Monte Grona Lake Como

Monte Grona / © Instagram: gabrieleconsonni

7. Hidden Gem Lake Como: Orrido Di Nesso

While visiting this hidden gem you will not only get to see an impressive waterfall, but get to experience the picturesque city of Nesso right in Lago Di Como. Orrido Di Nesso arises from two rivers which form a stunning cascade that falls into a deep gorge. This natural formation has impressed the likes of Leonardo da Vinci in the past. But, it gets even better! You can appreciate the beauty from the top of the city or go down and stand on the beautiful Civera bridge. This bridge of Roman foundation will also give you an amazing view of the lake for you to admire. When in the mood for some bathing in the lake, just walk a bit more down the stairs and voila!

Nesso Lake Como

Nesso / © Instagram: alxgone

8. Hidden Gem Lake Como: Passeggiata degli Innamorati di Varenna

This charming walkway in the city of Varenna is a phenomenal place to visit together with your significant other. Stretching from the city’s peer to its center for a couple of hundred meters, you will be astonished by the breathtaking view of the lake and the mountain this spot offers. The walk along the shore will be surrounded by red flowers and green leaves, creating a really romantic atmosphere and an awesome place for pictures. You’ll also get to see ducks and swans as you pass by. Although there is no bad time of the day to wander through this passage, if you go during the sunset with your partner, they will surely love you afterward even more!

Varenna Passeggiata Degli Innamorati Lake Como

Passeggiata degli Innamorati di Varenna / © Instagram: prove

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