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Holidays in Ibiza mean beautiful beaches, vibrant markets and a really relaxed way of life. Dive in and enjoy! In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Ibiza.

1. Hidden Gem Ibiza: Keto Kitchen

The latest addition to the healthy scene of the island. Inspired by the ketogenic diet, Keto Kitchen Ibiza is a completely sugar free,low carb restaurant located in the heart of beautiful Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza. The café serves fresh, organic and vegetarian dishes that fit perfectly into the low-carb, sugar-free lifestyle, paired with amazing drinks and coffee. Their cake and cookies are also amazing! How about double chocolate pancakes with raw cacao, coconut cream and chocolate ganache topped with fresh raspberries? With the super stylish interior and the great atmosphere, you will want to spend the whole day here and snack all day long.

Keto Kitchen

Keto Kitchen / © Instagram: simoneorsinger

2. Hidden Gem Ibiza: Hippy Market

It’s impossible to avoid going to one of the markets in Ibiza. Las Dalias is bohemian, colorful and eccentric. You can find over 200 stalls here with clothing, bags, jewellery, food and restaurants. Because it´s only open on Saturdays, expect it to get very busy. Make sure to go there early to get a parking space and avoid the crowds.

Las Dalias

Las Dalias / © Instagram: gabygoossens

3. Hidden Gem Ibiza: Amante Bar

The bar is a good spot for a little chill out session. The Amante is surrounded by mountains and palm trees with a stunning view of the sea. It´s ideal for a cozy dinner made up of Mediterranean cuisine. Our secret tip: Book a morning yoga session here and have a lovely breakfast after you’ve burned some calories. There is no better way to start the day!

Amante Bar

Amante Bar / © Instagram: camisscsoares

4. Hidden Gem Ibiza: Santa Punta Fine Dining

Located on the furthest point of Talamanca Bay, only five minutes from bustling Ibiza Town, you will find the extraordinary restaurant Santa Punta. Sa Punta offers three dining experiences: The flagship restaurant, Sa Punta, serves Mediterranean food; Ginger offers an Asian fusion-inspired menu; and Patchwork serves Lebanese food. All have a unique theme and culinary experience. Every restaurant has a beautiful view of the ocean, but if you are looking for a rooftop experience, check out Patchwork. In terms of interior design, the Sa Punta restaurant is a bit more clean in line with fine dining aesthetics, while Patchwork and Ginger are more colorful with cozy furnishings.

Santa Punta Fine Dining

Santa Punta Fine Dining / © Instagram: charliecope1

5. Hidden Gem Ibiza: Sluiz

In 2006 a crazy Dutch couple decided to start a tiny, intimate shop on the road to Sant Josep called Sluiz Ibiza. Due to the success of the first store, a second store opened in Santa Gertrudis. It became one of the most inspiring, beloved and larged concept stores in Europe! This place is a boho shopping heaven. Beyond a wide selection of home decor and accessories, Sluiz also offers a whole clothing section. You can spend hours here exploring every corner. If you are tired of all the shopping and need a rest, you can relax and enjoy the ‘fusion’ based menu in the bar/restaurant on the patio.


Sluiz / © Instagram: im.design

6. Hidden Gem Ibiza: Cala Salada

This beach is very small but beautiful. The water is super clear, and you can jump from surrounding cliffs and see curious fish swimming around you. It´s ideal for a whole beach day. It´s about 3 km away from San Antonio.

Cala Salada

Cala Salada / © Instagram: stefanutiularisa

7. Hidden Gem Ibiza: Wild Beets Cafe

A paradise for vegans! The Wild Beets Cafe offers super delicious healthy meals, fitting with its raw and planted-based themes. They use fresh, seasonal and organic ingredients. When you go there for lunch, make sure to leave space in your tummy for dessert – the raw food cake is a “must eat.” Where: Santa Gertrudis

Wild Beets Cafe

Wild Beets Cafe / © Instagram: formulafarah

8. Hidden Gem Ibiza: Sunday Hippie Market

The San Juan Market takes place every Sunday throughout the year in the centre of the picturesque village of Sant Joan de Labritja in Catalan. Expect a great market atmosphere with some of the true, old school hippies from Ibiza, as well as live music, and plenty of stalls with all kinds of products ranging from artisan fabrics to agricultural, organic, agricultural produce. The market is surrounded by San Juan’s beautiful, whitewashed church and some of Ibiza’s finest “green cafes”. There is always live entertainment during the day which creates a fantastic atmosphere. The market closes in the late afternoon so try to be early to enjoy the whole experience.

Sunday Hippie Market

Sunday Hippie Market / © Instagram: susawilhelm

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