Photographing your holiday rental: tips and recommendations

Things to consider when taking photos of your property

  • The importance of attractive images.
  • Tips on composition and natural light.
  • When is the ideal time to hire a photographer for your holiday rentals?
  • Holidu’s professional photography service.
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December 2023

In the dynamic realm of holiday rentals, every picture is an opportunity to tell a captivating story, and the first step to wooing your future guests is through a mesmerising visual journey. Photographs are the gateways to future experiences, and in this article, we’ll delve into the importance of taking good photos and capturing the authentic essence of your rental property. Get ready to transform your images and boost your bookings by discovering the art of photography, turning your property into the dream destination everyone desires.

The importance of having appealing images

In the competitive world of holiday rentals, the first impression plays a crucial role, with images serving as the initial visual contact point that triggers the decision-making process. This aspect becomes a deciding factor as it involves the following:

  • Direct impact on the guest: Images should be seen as storytellers capturing the unique essence of your property. Carefully analyse each photograph to select those that immediately spark interest, contributing to swift and confident decision-making when making a reservation.
  • Alignment of images with guest expectations: Images set expectations before guests’ arrival; therefore, they should be truthful and enticing, contributing to a positive experience rather than providing a deceptive representation. It is crucial to ensure that the photographs accurately reflect what guests will find upon arrival, promoting an authentic and satisfying experience.

This is why with Holidu, you can obtain a complimentary professional photography service when listing your property, obtaining high-quality images to increase visibility and differentiate your property from the competition, attracting a greater number of potential guests.

Composition and natural lighting tips

The world of professional photography is extensive and can often be daunting for non-experts. However, if you decide to take photos for your property listings, there are several factors to consider for capturing perfect images of your property. One of these factors is light, especially natural light, which can contribute to transforming and enhancing the atmosphere of your rental property. Here are some suggestions to make the most of natural light:

  • Analyse the orientation: Observe your property’s orientation. North-facing windows tend to receive softer and more constant light, while south-facing ones offer more intense light. Capitalise on these differences according to your preferences.
  • Clean dust from windows obstructing light: Ensure that windows are clean and unobstructed to allow maximum light entry. Lightweight curtains and blinds can control the amount of light as needed.
  • Use light colours and materials: Utilise light colours on walls and furniture to reflect light and make the space appear brighter and airier. Reflective materials can also help disperse light throughout the room.
  • Strategic mirrors: Place mirrors in strategic locations to reflect light and give the room a sense of spaciousness. A mirror facing a window can double the amount of light in the room.
  • Introduce plants and natural elements: Bring in plants and natural elements. In addition to adding a decorative touch, plants can improve air quality and create a connection with nature.
  • Lighting design: Combining natural light with well-designed artificial lighting is an amazing idea. Use warm LED lights to maintain a cosy atmosphere during hours of less natural light.
  • Outdoor spaces: Outdoor spaces such as terraces, balconies, or pools can be charming extensions of your property that allow a direct connection with natural light.
  • Create resting areas: Design specific areas to make the most of natural light. A cosy corner with comfortable seating near a window can be an ideal spot for reading or relaxation.
  • Experiment with curtains and textiles: Play with curtains and textiles to control the amount of light entering and soften this feature as needed. Translucent fabrics can be an excellent choice.

When is the ideal time to hire a photographer for your holiday rentals?

Having a professional photographer for holiday rental ads is a strategic decision that can make a difference in the perception and attraction of potential guests. Holidu provides you with a professional photographer for free when you list your property. However, here are some situations in which it would be ideal to consider hiring a professional photographer after listing your property:

  • After significant renovations or improvements: If you have made significant renovations or improvements to your property, such as installing new furniture, an updated kitchen, or a complete remodel, this would be a good time to update the photos.
  • In specific seasons: If your property undergoes significant seasonal changes in its surroundings or decor, consider scheduling photo sessions.
  • When current photos do not reflect reality: If the current images do not accurately represent the current appearance of the property, it is crucial to update them. Guest expectations must align.
  • When changing marketing strategy: If you adjust your marketing strategy or want to target your rental to a new target market, high-quality images can be a powerful tool to attract attention and stand out.
  • When you need to refresh the ad’s appearance: If you notice a decrease in booking rates or receive feedback on the visual presentation, it may be necessary to refresh the photographs.

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