Hidden Gems for Bristol

Find great things to do in Bristol


Not everything is about London; Bristol is definitely worth a trip! Why? We’ll give you four good reasons. In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Bristol.

1. Hidden Gem Bristol: St. Nicholas Market

It´s a great place to wander, do a little bit of shopping and eat something. You can find everything here from clothes, little gifts, books and food. Most of the stands are in a hall so don’t worry if it starts raining. St. Nicks is open from Monday to Saturday! There are also plenty of pubs around the hall so you can grab a traditional cider after your visit.

St. Nicholas Market

St. Nicholas Markt / © Instagram: leafuis

2. Hidden Gem Bristol: The Lido

Swimming pool, restaurant and cafe in one. If you spend a little bit more time in Bristol this is a nice place to relax. You can enjoy some time at the pool, have a little massage or facial and a beautiful dinner in the restaurant after that. The menu takes inspiration from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine and is absolutely delicious.

The Lido

The Lido / © Instagram: hmar

3. Hidden Gem Bristol: Ahh Toots

Every city trip should include a delicious coffee and cake break. At Ahh Toots you will probably find the best cakes in whole Bristol. Their mission is it to make every cake exciting and extraordinary. The don´t only look incredible from the outside also the inside is beautiful. How about a banana and salted caramel slice or do you fancy a mixture of pear and cardamom topped with flowers and glitter? Hard to decide! Where: St. Nicholas Market.

Ahh Toots

Ahh Toots / © Instagram: ahhtoots

4. Hidden Gem Bristol: The Stable

This “restaurant” is specialized on pizza, pies and ciders. Or better: an award-winning pizza, 50 options of cider and a big choice of pie flavours. The Stable is located at the Harbourside of Bristol and is famous for his cider tasting board. You can sit close to water while drinking your tasting board with 5 different ciders for 7,50 pounds.

The Stable

The Stable / © Instagram: valentinabizzarra

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