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Don´t pay attention to Brussels’ outdated reputation – being a boring and faceless center of EU bureaucracy – it is not! We can assure you that the city is a great metropolis with stunning architecture, trendy restaurants and interesting museums. Stay tuned for our tips! In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Brussels.

1. Hidden Gem Brussels: Les Filles Café

Best brunch in Brussels! On Saturdays and Sundays, ,Les Filles offers a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet with seasonal and homemade food. The “homey” feel is extra special because you share the table! You sit at large, wooden tables with your friends, and strangers who become friends. So, even if you go there alone, you may find yourself having good conversations with new people. All in all: a great “feel-at-home” atmosphere, amazing food, all for a reasonable price.

Les Filles Café

Les Filles Café / © Instagram: clementineclaeys

2. Hidden Gem Brussels: Streetart

Go and explore the wonderful street art that Brussels has to offer! There is a collection of huge murals spread throughout the city, most of which can be found along what’s known as the “Comic Strip Route.” There you’lll find some of the most famous characters in comic book history. There are currently over 50 comic murals in and around downtown Brussels. Additionally,you’ll find other quirky,open-minded art pieces about gender equality and other interesting, hot topics. A man called Bonom is the most famous street artist in Brussels; he turns grey and boring walls into fantastic, colorful and whimsical art pieces just overnight.


Streetart / © Instagram: zabibabine

3. Hidden Gem Brussels: Agave Boutique

Bit of a different shopping recommendation: This small plant shop – rather, this little green oasis – is amazing. In addition to its big variety of indoor plants, the store sells everything you need to take good care of your plants at home: plant-hangers, woven accessories, instructional books and many other sweet, nature-created gifts for your loved ones at home. When you enter the shop, you get the sense that you’re in a garden-like living room, and you want to spend a couple of hours here. Just go there and get inspired! Closest metro station: Porte de Namur

Agave Boutique

Agave Boutique / © Instagram: agave_boutique

4. Hidden Gem Brussels: Play Label Rooftop

This summer rooftop terrace is located on the 4th floor of a bowling alley. On weekends, you can enjoy tapping your feet (or dancing!) to a live DJ while sipping your beer or wine. If you are lucky, and it´s not that crowded, you can relax in comfy deck chairs and enjoy the view. Later in the day, the full bar opens and the place gives off a much hipper vibe. Remember that the bar is only open during summertime!

Play Label Rooftop

Play Label Rooftop / © Instagram: mabelleannecy

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