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Great pub culture is not the only reason to visit Dublin. There are so many culinary highlights and cultural must-sees to explore. In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Dublin.

1. Hidden Gem Dublin: Temple Bar Food Market

Right in the heart of Dublin’s cultural quarter, this foodie paradise is held every Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. The market is perfect for a fresh juice and warm pastry combo breakfast, or even for gourmet grocery shopping. Don´t miss an opportunity to buy some farmhouse cheese, as the cheese selection is amazing.

Temple Bar Food Market

Temple Bar Food Markt / © Instagram: claudispa

2. Hidden Gem Dublin: Trinity College Library

This library is the biggest library in all of Ireland and home to the famous “Book of Kells” (a 9th century illuminated Gospel manuscript). The atmosphere is amazing, especially in the magnificent Long Room (the main chamber). It houses 200,000 of the library’s oldest books within its oak bookcases – almost feels like being in a Harry Potter movie. Visiting the Trinity College, and especially its library, is definitely a must-do when you visit Dublin.

Trinity College Library

Trinity College Library / © Instagram: timdou

3. Hidden Gem Dublin: Pog Cafe

The Pog Cafe combines both health and indulgence in one. It offers breakfast dishes, like pancakes, porridge and cakes, and they are all gluten-free, low in sugar and full of ingredients our bodies need – without compromising taste, of course! The best part is that you can get breakfast all day long! Don´t miss the vegan banana bread with coconut yogurt and blueberry maple compote – it´s delicious. The cafe is just off of O´Connell Bridge.

Pog Cafe

Pog Café / © Instagram: _maisesu_

4. Hidden Gem Dublin: Powerscourt Townhouse Centre

The Powerscourt Townhouse is a shopping center housed in a stunning Georgian building and is just a short stroll from Grafton Street. There, you can find over 40 shops, restaurants, cafes and galleries. Our recommendation is to take a little coffee break in the organic “The Pepper Pot” cafe. The atmosphere in Powerscourt is simply amazing!

Powerscourt Townhouse Centre

Powerscourt Townhouse Centre / © Instagram: andrea_cgn

5. Hidden Gem Dublin: Ballycorus Lead Mines

The Ballycorus Lead Mines stopped its operations around 1913 after more than a century after its inauguration and became one of the best hiking spots in all of Dublin. Located at the top of Carrickgollogan Hill, you will be in awe of the fantastic view of the city and the beautiful surrounding nature. The hike is really romantic, especially if you come for the sunset with your partner. When you arrive at the top, you’ll get to see the famous flue chimney, where you can enter and climb up some of its stairs! This hidden gem is just under an hour drive away from the city.

Ballycorus Lead Mines

Ballycorus Lead Mines / © Instagram: diogopietschphotography

6. Hidden Gem Dublin: Eathos

A great way to start your day in the beautiful city of Dublin is by visiting this wonderful hidden gem for breakfast. They are famous for their delicious porridge and mind blowing homemade cakes. Eathos’ presentation of their dishes is always on point and its service is extremely friendly creating a great atmosphere to be in. They also have a little garden in the back where you can sit and enjoy their amazing carrot cake, or maybe their chorizo with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.


Eathos / © Instagram: eathosdublin

7. Hidden Gem Dublin: Network

Network Cafe is hands down one of the best coffee places you can go when you are visiting Dublin. Everything is prepared with great care and professionalism, from their delicious coffee selection to their incredible dishes. Among their standouts are an amazing almond croissant or their tasty “Notions on Toast” dish. On top of this toast, they put tasty ingredients like kale, avocado, fried egg and ginger. The atmosphere is filled with great vibes as well! You’ll listen to awesome chill music while being attended to by Network’s super friendly staff.


Network / © Instagram: network.cafe

8. Hidden Gem Dublin: Howth Cliff Walk

Walking through the cliffs of Howth’s village is a breathtaking experience. During your walk you’ll be greeted with fantastic scenery of the deep blue ocean in the distance, and surrounded by greens or colorful flowers depending on the season. While walking you may manage to spot some dolphins and seals swimming around! When you arrive at the cliffs you have 4 different routes to choose from, each with unique views and difficulty. It will take you around 4 hours to walk the whole cliff. It is a 30 min ride by bus from the city of Dublin, but is worth every second of your day!

Howth Cliff Walk

Howth Cliff Walk / © Instagram: s_sylva

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