Hidden Gems for Gran Canaria

In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Gran Canaria


Gran Canaria is one of the few places where you can chill by the beach in the morning and then visit the desert terrain in the afternoon. This beautiful island is known as the “continent in miniature” thanks to its variety of landscapes and things to do all over the island. Here you will be delighted with incredible hiking adventures, wonderful beaches, picturesque cities and pleasantly warm weather almost all year round.

In our travel guide, you will find great things to do in Gran Canaria

1. Hidden Gem Gran Canaria: Amelie Green

There is no need to say goodbye to your diet while traveling when you have amazing restaurants such as Amelie Green. Their main goal is to serve delicious healthy food to anyone visiting. And oh boy, do they deliver! Its menu offers many types of toast made with homemade bread like their amazing salmon avocado toast with lettuce. However, it does not stop there. They serve bowls, healthy pancakes, juices and of course, refreshing smoothies. This hidden gem is located near Playa de Las Canteras, right at Las Palmas, and it is perfect for breakfast, brunch or when you just want to eat yummy nutritious dishes.

Amelie Green Gran Canaria

Amelie Green / © Instagram: amelie.green.healthyrealfood

2. Hidden Gem Gran Canaria: Bachaco Poke Bowl

It is impossible to visit this hidden gem without falling in love with its amazing food and vibes. At Bachaco you can find amazing poke bowls with the freshest ingredients, or just be the artist yourself and create one of your dreams. Delicious entrees, wraps and other dishes are also available to indulge in like Venezuelan tequenos, their classic trio of hummus or their Neptune salad with crab, shrimp, salmon and wakame. For dessert, make sure to order their oreo cheesecake, which will blow your mind. This place is located in Barrio de Triana in Las Palmas, and it is never a bad choice for a healthy tasty meal anytime of the day.

Bachaco Poke Bowl Gran Canaria

Bachaco Poke Bowl / © Instagram: bachacopokebowl

3. Hidden Gem Gran Canaria: Tobas de Colores Barranco de Las Vacas

There is no way you can forget to visit this place when coming to Gran Canaria. Often overlooked, Barranco de las Vacas will impress you with its beautiful colored layers of rock. This stunning formation was caused by thousands of years of erosion and other natural processes. And what a great wait it was! Although small in size, this canyon is excellent if you are looking for incredible pictures or just to appreciate what nature has to offer. The best time to visit is between 13:30 and 15:30, where the sunlight enters exactly through this little canyon and reveals all its colors. It is located in Aguimes so it is better reached by car.

Barranco De Las Vacas Gran Canaria

Barranco De Las Vacas / © Instagram: hola_viajes

4. Hidden Gem Gran Canaria: El Bufadero De La Garita

For all of those who want to be left in awe by what mother nature has to offer, El Bufadero De La Garita is the ideal place to visit. This rock formation by the coast of La Garita is hypnotizing in every way. Thanks to its shape, it can produce, together with the ocean, small waterfalls and spout water through its holes just like a steam engine. Its most notorious feature is the hissing sound it makes, hence its name “Bufadero”, which will relax you and make it a great spot for meditating and thinking about life. It is better to come when it is windy and the tide is high to see it at its finest. If you are lucky you may even see a rainbow appearing right in front of your eyes.

Bufadero De La Garita Gran Canaria

El Bufadero De La Garita / © Instagram: stereocallo

5. Hidden Gem Gran Canaria: Cactualdea Park

Going to Cactualdea Park may actually be the most unique adventure you will have at Gran Canaria. Its theme, you ask? Full on cactus galore! This is a beautiful and colorful place to admire almost every type of cactus species imaginable. It stands as the largest cactus park in all of Europe, so you know they are the real deal. Here there are cacti that stretch from maybe a few centimeters to 6 meters tall! You’ll be walking for hours inside and also get to see colorful peacocks roaming around. When visiting dont forget to order their delicious cactus & banana smoothie for a complete cactus experience.

Cactualdea Park Gran Canaria

Cactualdea Park / © Instagram: small.insight

6. Hidden Gem Gran Canaria: Los Azulejos De Veneguera

Along the road CG-200 in Gran Canaria you can find this beautiful hidden gem. Similar in colors to the rainbow mountain in Peru, Los Azulejos de Veneguera are rock formations caused by chemical reactions of volcanic origin, which produced its signature colorful look. It is a fascinating place to drive by and in every direction see blues, reds and greens on the rocks. There is also plenty of space to stop and take amazing Instagram pictures. If you are in the mood for some hiking, you can follow the trails on the road to get to the puddles and have even better astounding views of the area.

Los Azulejos De Veneguera Gran Canaria

Los Azulejos De Veneguera / © Instagram: karmenmarkov

7. Hidden Gem Gran Canaria: Mercado de Vegueta

An excellent place to try regional food or support local businesses is in Mercado de Vegueta. Inaugurated in 1856, this historical market is located right in the heart of the old town in Las Palmas. Here, many types of fresh products are offered from Monday to Thursday; exotic and colorful fruits, a wide variety of spices, meats, fish and much more. What makes this spot special and worth a visit is the attention to detail they put in presenting their products and the possibility to try some of the food. This hidden gem is unskippable for anyone looking for a more local experience while visiting Gran Canaria.

Mercado De Vegueta Gran Canaria

Mercado de Vegueta / © Instagram: rafael_sacristan

8. Hidden Gem Gran Canaria: Pico De Las Nieves

With 1,949 meters above sea level and fantastic views, Pico De Las Nieves is an essential stop to marvel at the whole island from above. Being the highest point in Gran Canaria, many places can be spotted from up there like Roque Nublo, or even Tenerife in the horizon. It is possible to get there either by car or even better by foot. The hike to the peak is a worthwhile trip to connect with nature and admire the beautiful vegetation. Pico De Las Nieves was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, so you know that something special will await you when you visit this place.

Pico De Las Nieves Gran Canaria

Pico De Las Nieves / © Instagram: stormraker

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